Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 124: Little Miracle, Big Comedian

I had NO DESIRE to go to work today. I wasn't feeling great to start but Mondays are just not my favorite day. It took me a while to get out of bed but I managed. Then when I got to work I was really distracted and blue till about 11am. I went into the bathroom and said a prayer, asking Heavenly Father to help me through my day. When I got back to my desk I felt refreshed and encouraged. My day improved (so did my health) and before I new it the day was over and I was headed home.
So thankful for these types of quickly responded to blessings. :)

I just overheard Clinton talking with his mom about a patient he had who accidentally hit himself in the shin with a hammer. He didn't break anything but had a hard calcification under the skin (pretty painful).
Anyway, Clinton, in his best bedside manner said to the patient, "You know, there's been a lot of research about this actually and they say you really shouldn't be hitting yourself with hammers."
And then he started laughing.
His mom asked what the patient said and apparently he wasn't too impressed. lol

Day 123: Color Me Grateful

Had my first official day as the relief society pianist and it went rather well. I flubbed here and there but no one cared and neither did I!
I told Clinton that I can definitely tell my playing has improved but the best part is that my confidence has improved too! I no longer panic when I mess up and my nerves are much less noticeable. I am so thankful for my new calling and the practice it forces me to do. I almost feel like I can say I play the piano well!

I tried to paint my toenails a cheery orange but for some reason the paint was really thick so it went on very gloppy. Obviously it looked terrible ("fortunately" I only pained one foot) so I tried to take it off but the color stained my skin and nails. Well, anyway, I wore peeptoe shoes to church and I had to constantly think about how my feet were positioned to cover my gaingly looking left foot. My toes looked/look like they've been fighting some sort of deathly fungus. I sure hope the color rubs off soon—I'd really like to wear my sandals soon! Lol

Day 122: Food, Movie and Shopping

Clinton and I used Saturday as a chance to see a few things we haven't seen before; like the Saskatoon Farm and Maleficent.
The Saskatoon Farm is a great big nursery and tourist trap. They have cute little shops with all sorts of nick-knacks to ooh and ahh over. The best part...the baked goods. We ordered an oatmeal Saskatoon chocolate chip cookie and a Saskatoon berry tart. Both were delicious but the tart won us both over.
Next we went to Maleficent and I really liked it! Clinton thought it was pretty good (so that means that most people will probably really like it!). It was reminiscent of Wicked and maybe that's why I liked it so much. Anyway, I recommend it, especially of you want to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :)
Great day with my HB!

Clinton and I went to CrossIron Mills to see Maleficent cause it's a giant mall and we figured we could kill two birds with one stone. Little did I know that Clinton would shop me out.
I sat on a bench waiting for him to finish trying on pants for over 30 minutes. Ha! And I'm the one who goes clothes shopping the most?! Lol

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Day 121: T.G.I. ...Can't Hear You

Friday afternoon was one of THE LONGEST afternoons at work. I was busy and all, but the hours just dragged. Anxious to get home and be free to do what I want for a couple days, I couldn't help but watch the clock. Sure enough time slowly passed, but pass it did and once 430 came I shot outta there like an absolute rocket!
I am thankful for Fridays, and especially Fridays after 430pm. I love having time to myself and my little family. We didn't have any major plans but I still look forward to the time we get to spend together--free from work and other responsibilities.

Perhaps you'll not find this as funny as I did, but I overheard my boss answer his phone and this is how it went.
He: Hello?
He: Can't hear you.
Me: (laughing)
He: What?
Me: Uh...did you really just hang up on them like that?
He: What was I supposed to say?
Me: Most people say, "I'm sorry, but I can't hear you. Can you try calling me back? I'm going to hang up now."
He: Oh, I just have no patience for calls like that.
I had the giggles so bad after that. The way he said, "Can't hear you." was just so blunt that it struck me absolutely funny. lol

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 120: All in a Day's Drive

I work outside the city limits in a sort of industrial area. The roads are perfectly straight and surrounded by fields, yet for some reason, the speed limit is 50/kph (30/mph). Nobody observes this speed and you'll usually coast along going about 80kph (50mph).
Well, I had to leave work for a doctors appointment and began my usual clip down the road of 80kph...that is until I saw the flashing lights and someone pulled over up the road a little ways.
That poor ticketed sap could have been me, but fortunately I left work just a tidbit late. I am so thankful I saw the warning today so I avoid a ticket in the future.

Clinton was cut off by a school bus today. In frustration he looked up at the back of the bus to give it a good harrumph and was caught off guard by the scene before him.
He said he looked up and, out of that big window they have in the backs of busses, he saw a shorts-covered crotch plastered against the window; the legs in a V-shape up in the air.
He said all he could do was laugh and think, "What the heck is going on in THAT bus?!" Lol

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day119: Comfort and Chuckles

I was talking to a friend of mine today about fear and how it seems there's always someone put in your life who's been through something similar to help you through it.
We both agreed that it's typically not fate that brings people together, but a watchful and mindful Father in Heaven.
I am thankful for the people who have been placed in my life at various times when I needed help or reassurance or a good laugh or cry. And I'm most especially thankful for a loving god who sent them to me.

Yesterday I mentioned to Clinton that we never gave Peter a middle name.
He: Sure we did.
Me: No, it's just Peter Logan.
He: Let's see, how about Peter Poodle Logan?
Me: (laughing)
He: Or it could be, Peter Hogan Logan.
Me: (laughing)
Both great options, but I think well just stick with no middle name. :)

Day 118: I'm a Genius, If but for a Small Moment

I impressed the crap out of everyone at work today by teaching them a shortcut for printing multiplie files within a folder all at once. People were coming out of their offices to see what I had done and told me stories of all the time they'd wasted opening and printing each file one-by-one "all these years". Ha!
In this Google day and age there is just no excuse for not finding shortcuts. I'm just thankful my laziness was so impressive. Lol

I had to call and inform the other tenants in our building that there is going to be a fire alarm inspection tomorrow. I walked down and told one of the tenants but the renters in the middle suite weren't there so I called them instead. Here's how it went.
She: Hello, this is "name of company"; how can help you?
Me: Hi "name of company". This is, uh...I'm sorry who is this I'm speaking to?....
Uh, maybe next time I should NOT call the person answering the phone by the name of the company. Lol

Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 117: Hibernation and Regurgitation

Clinton fell asleep on the couch last night and didn't come to bed till 2am. I slept like crap till he came. That sweet boy opened up some windows to cool down the room and within about 5 minutes of him climbing into bed I was finally able to fall asleep.
Despite the lack of sleep I did fine staying awake at work and even got a little nap when I came home. to bed I go and I'm making sure Clinton comes with me from the start! :)

I was talking to my mom tonight and she was telling me about their drive home and how my dad had food poisoning and was puking for the first 5 hours of their trip. Anyway, this reminded me of when my parents, Clinton and I went to the Oregon Coast the weekend after we got engaged.
It was February and the sea was choppy but Clinton had never been whale watching so we hopped on a boat and hoped for the best. Well, it was raining so we couldn't stand outside to watch the horizon and avoid seasickness. So, within about 20 minutes my dad was puking off the back of the ship, I was heaving over the side and Clinton was favouring a garbage can inside. Mom was fine though.
And to boot, we didn't even see any whales. What an expensive bout of bulemia that turned out to be. Ha!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Day 116: Messages and Massages

I went to stake conference today; it was a special, Canada-wide broadcast from Salt Lake City. There were two thoughts shared today that stuck out to me and I wanted to put them on my blog.
1. "Choose the path of faith", Anthony D. Perkins
I liked this quote because there are times when things are out of my hands and all I can do is trust God. I have to consciously choose that path of faith because the alternative (worry) doesn't help me get anywhere or understand any better.
2. "Remember who you are...and remember who you oughta be.", Linda K. Burton
I liked this because it makes me realize my potential. I am a child of God and I should act that way. :) Act faithfully, act obediently and act Christlike.

Clinton is creative. For example, when I ask him for a back massage I am always surprised what he uses to accomplish this task. Tonight it was the corner of the remote. In the past it's been things such as pens, his elbows, a cellphone, Peter's bone, or any other blunt object within reach. 
Nothing's quite as nice as strong thumbs, but I gotta give it to him, the corner of the remote was pretty darn effective. Ha!

Day 115: Lost in Pancakes

Clinton took me to IHOP for supper last night. He knows how much I love their pancakes and our trip there was on a total whim. What a lovely surprise!! Thanks, Honey!!

Well, I finished Lost yesterday and I gotta say, the ending had ME lost. I spent the next 20 minutes on trying to figure out what it all meant.
In the end, I think the story ending could have been better but overall I liked the show. I mean, I must have with all the time and laziness I dedicated to it. Lol

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Day 114: Anxiously Lost

There was a day this week when I had a bit of anxiety. Sometimes the anxiety comes for no reason and that usually makes it worse cause then I wonder what I should be nervous about; it's terrible, really.
Anyway, I was driving to work and praying that the feeling would go away or that I'd know what I could do to make it go away. Right then I changed my thoughts to counting my blessings. I started out with how thankful I am for Clinton, for Petey, for family, etc. My commute is about 25 minutes and I got to use that whole time to be thankful instead of anxious.
I am thankful for prayer and answers to prayers. The rest of my day was better and I have now found a great tool for combating those anxious moments!

As many of you know I have been watching Lost on Netflix. Since Clinton was on call last night I decided to use my time wisely and watch all but the final three episodes before bed. 
Let's see, I started out on season 6 episode 7, I believe, and I watched through episode 14. That means I spent about 6 hours on my butt doing nothing. But you know, you can't change what's in the past so—lesson learned...tomorrow I'll only allow myself to watch three episodes and then I'm done! ;0)

Day 113: Grinding

I bought a night guard a week ago after many people recommended I do so. I wasn't aware of any clenching or grinding of my teeth but I didn't know what else to do to combat my TMJ.
Well, I've been using it every night and I can close my jaw all the way again and the pain has decreased rather significantly. To top it off, I woke up Thursday morning to a squeaking sound. It took me a moment to realize the sound was coming from me; I was grinding my teeth (thank goodness I had my guard in). I don't know if I was grinding cause I had my guard in or if it was grinding that made me need the guard in the first place. Either way, it was worth the $35 at Walmart and I'm feeling so much better already!

When I was little I had a really bad teeth grinding problem. It was so bad in fact that my grinding would wake up my sleeping family members in their bedrooms—through closed doors!
I tell ya, it's a miracle I have teeth at all!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 112: Caring For Our Kind

I got up to take Peter for a walk. Clinton got up and said he was going to go get the mail (located at the end of our street). When we got to the mailbox, Clinton grabbed what was in there, as well as Peter's leash, and kept walking with us. :)
It was so nice to walk as a little family. Thanks, HB, for coming with us!

Clinton will use any desperate measure to get Peter to leave my lap and go to him. Tonight's attempt was clips from YouTube of puppies crying.
Peter's ears perked up and his little head couldn't possibly have been crinked farther to the side. He was so concerned. It took a lot of clips and coaxing but Peter finally jumped off my lap and up on Clinton's.
However, once he noticed no puppies were actually on Clinton's lap, he jumped down and came back to me.
I'd definitely say Peter is momma's boy!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 111: A Stroll Down Current and Memory Lane

Work has been very busy this week and I'm loving it! I would so rather be busy than bored and I've been a bit bored lately. I seem to be catching on to things quickly and have avoided any major flubs.
I still love where I am!
Clinton is on his last week of obstetrics and he couldn't be happier to be almost done. He has no desire to deliver babies as his profession and I can't say that I blame him. Next week he'll start his LAST ROTATION of the first year of residency! One year and one month left till he's DONE!!!! 
Keep up the hard work, HB! I'm super proud of you!

I asked Clinton if anything funny happened to him today so I could use it for my blog.
He: Yah.
Me: Ok, what?
He: (in his ultra-sarcastic voice) Remember that one time?!
...That was it! Always the helpful fellow. Lol.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 110: Good Visit vs. Awkward Visits

My parents left to return home this morning. I was very sad to see them go but very happy that they'll be back for a little longer of a visit in July (Stampede here we come!). I can't believe they drove so far for such a short trip, but I'm so glad they did; it was so nice to have them here!
Thanks, Mom and Dad, for coming to see us. I am counting down the weeks till you come back!

My work has a weekly meeting, it's only about 15 minutes long but I think it could easily be replaced by email. This is typically how the meetings go.
Supervisor #1: (stares blankly at the group for a minute) Ok, well, I'll be in the office every day but Friday this week. You can reach me by phone or email whenever.
Supervisor #2: (awkward pause) Things are going well for me, nothing to report.
Payroll girl: (looks bored)
Other girl: Things are going fine, just trying to get caught up.
Me: (nods and tries to look interested and comfortable through the awkwardness)
Supervisor #1: OK, that about wraps it up. Go team.
Maybe it's just me, but I think I prefer email. Ha!

Day 109: A Calling From God and The Sandman

Got my new calling at church today and my prayers have been answered!!!...My new calling is Relief Society Worker! I asked what this meant exactly and I'll be helping here and there with different things but my main role will be to play piano! I am so happy and so relieved!!
The Relief Society president came up to me and told me that she told the bishopric that I had served my time in Young Womens and that I needed to be with grown women. She took them a batch of fresh cookies to make her plea even sweeter and it worked! I have my very first calling in Relief Society and I couldn't be happier!

We had every intention of coming home from church, having some lunch and then heading over to the dog park for a nice walk. However, after all the heavy food Friday night, the road trip to Banff on Saturday and a late night; we all ended up promptly passing out on the couch. I think we were all a little tired. LOL

Day 108: Banff, Lake Louise and The Pitts

We decided to take the parents to Banff for the day. When we first got there it was slightly cold and pretty windy. Within about five minutes the sun came out and the breeze all but stopped. Gorgeous weather in a gorgeous place!
We stopped for some lunch at Earls, got some fudge and other goodies at The Fudgery, did lots of window shopping and then got back in the car and headed over to Lake Louise.
When we got to Lake Louise it was raining and cold. Within about 5 minutes the sun came out and the temp rose to a comfortable level--what luck! The lake was frozen over but it was still beautifully amazing! Wowee!
It was a great day and everything was so lovely!!

Our waitress at Earls was really nice but I couldn't help but stare at the deodorant crumbles clinging for dear life to her tank-topped armpits.
Next time I want crumbles on my salad I'll ask for it directly. (Shudder)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 107: It Took a Bit of Gas, but They Finally Arrived

My parents have safely arrived!! After only two hours of sleep they made it to Calgary around 3 this afternoon. But don't worry, we took them to Brazilian BBQ for supper then walked around Bulk Barn for an hour to combat their sleepiness...ha!
So glad they're here!

My coworker came up to me and told me she wasn't feeling very well; that she'd been sitting on the toilet for a bit thinking something was needing to come out. I asked her if it felt like gas and she wasn't sure so I offered her some Gas-x.
She: Do you have some with you?
Me: Uh, of course! I never leave home without it!
Sure enough, about 20 minutes after taking it she told me her stomach didn't hurt anymore.
God bless you, Gas-x. You're a real gas.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 106: My Parents are Coming!!

My parents are on their way to visit for the weekend!! By this time tomorrow I'll be hanging with my mom and dad! Yay!

I texted my mom to ask what they wanted to do while here (trying to see if they'd be up for more driving or if they wanted to stay in Calgary) and this was her reply:
"We are open to anything ! except for strip clubs...we are burned out on strip clubs!"
Now you all know where I get it from. Ha!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 105: Nap and Crap

I took my lunch break today and had every intention to go for a nice walk, but my nice warm car—with the reclining seats—called out to me louder. I had a nice almost-nap and enjoyed the cool breeze blowing through my toasty car. What a lovely oasis in the middle of my day!

Clinton and I took Petey out for a walk, in this gorgeous weather we're having, and noticed this sign for the first time today.
What's with all the lawyer talk? Keep it simple: "Dog crap must be picked up immediately."
The people who aren't following the rules likely don't have the smarts to understand this sign in the first place! Ha!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 104: Ketching Some Rays

The weather was beee-utiful today so Petey and I got out to enjoy it for a bit. I even took off my sweater and walked around in short sleeves! I LOVE WARM WEATHER!!!!

Clinton was rinsing out an old ketchup bottle to put in the recycling and this is how the conversation went.
He: I remember trying to make a water bottle out of an old ketchup bottle when I was a kid.
Me: Ew, why?
He: The water tasted a lot like ketchup.
Me: I bet it did. Why did you do that?
He: I didn't have a lot of toys back then.
Me: A water bottle isn't really a toy.
He: All I had was my water bottle, some sticks...and a Nintendo.
Me: Uh, a Nintendo is a pretty big toy.
He: Yah, well, I still had to be pretty creative.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Day 103: The #1 and #2s in My Life

Happy Birthday to my H.B.!!! Clinton celebrated his 33rd birthday by sleeping in, mowing the lawn, changing his tires, going for a walk, watching ALF (I bought him the complete series, as well as three more seasons of The Simpsons to add to his growing collection), and eating key lime pie. Doesn't sound like the most exciting birthday to me, but he got to pick all of our doings so he must've enjoyed it!
At any rate, I am so thankful to be married to such a wonderful man and I love that I have at least one day a year to celebrate him. Love you, H.B.!!

TMI WARNING: I told Clinton at one point today that I felt like I needed to go #2. A moment passed and then I said, "Yep, I can definitely feel that I need to go."
And then he started singing, "I feel it in my fingers...."
To which I promptly responded with "Ew." and laughter.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 102: Going for a Walk and the Highest Bidder

Our little family enjoyed a lovely stroll this evening after a really great thunderstorm. The air was a bit crisp, but the company was perfect.
Thank you, Clinton, for suggesting we go for a walk (though Peter's obvious hints were hard to miss); I really loved being with you!

We had a meet-n-greet with the bishop today and he reassured us when we walked in the door that he didn't have any callings to extend to us quite yet. However, he did tell me that apparently a couple different auxiliaries are fighting for me and so far, he's up to a dozen-and-half cookies as bribes for me to be placed in particular positions. Ha! 
So, I'm sure by this time next week I'll know my new calling at church...I'm gunning for Relief Society pianist!! :)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Day 101: Rise and Whine

I had to have some lab work done today as a walk-in. The clinic opened at 7am and was about 10 minutes from my house. I woke up at 6am and was out the door by 630am. Clinton asked why I was leaving so early and I told him I didn't want to have to wait in line all day. Good thing I left early!
When I got there one gentleman was already in line (that made me #2). Right after I got in line another man came. Within 10 minutes there were about 10 people in line, and by 7am that number about doubled.
When I finished my labs 40 minutes later, I came into the waiting room and it was absolutely PACKED!
It stunk a little to get up so early on a Saturday, but getting in-and-out was totally worth it! Plus, I had a great two-hour nap this afternoon, so it's all good. :)

I think (wink, wink) I've mentioned this before, but our landlords do anything but "own" their property. We still have maintenance issues that have yet to be addressed and the things that have been were done very shoddily. We continue to find problems on a regular basis--take today for example.
Clinton went out to get the electric mower to mow our yard. He was outside for a while but I didn't hear the mower. He came back in and grabbed his tools. Again, he was outside for quite some time but I never heard the mower. When he came back in I followed up.
Me: Lemme guess, it's broken?
He: Well, it's starting to work, I think...but yes, it's broken.
Me: Big shocker.
Well, he went back outside to work on it some more and I joined him. First of all, the thing was held together by duct-tape and a couple of the cables were burnt to a crisp and the motor had corrosion on it as well. I asked him if this was going to be fixable and he wasn't sure. He tried a few things and nothing seemed to be working. Finally when he thought it might work, he carefully plugged the mower in.
Drum roll, please....insert random ticking sound...and black smoke from the motor! Ha!
He: Uh, yah, I don't think this thing is going to work.
Me: I don't think so.
LOL, oh man, this rental is a joke!

Day 100: Getting to Know You

I've made it another blogging milestone--100 days! Go me!
I honestly didn't have anything big planned for my 100th post, but I know of couple people at least who are expecting something I've been thinking about what I could write and this is what I've come up with: Thank You.
I know there aren't many of you out there, but I'd like to thank my readers. Knowing that I have people reading my blog makes me accountable to keep writing. And knowing that I need to write makes me take note of what's actually going on in my life. I'm not just living day-to-day and forgetting; I'm personally invested in my life and remembering it. So, thank you!
I'd like to return the favor, if anyone is interested, and open up a couple posts for Q&A. Do you have a topic or question you'd like me to blog about? I'd be interested to see what you're interested in. :)

I was talking to my boss about candy--as you can see I am very focused at work--and we discovered we both really love sour candies. We were comparing favorites and how we usually just chow down until our mouths are totally raw from all the citric acid, and then he said, "Oh man, doesn't sour candy just make you sweat like crazy?!"
Me: Uh, no.
He: (shifty eyes) Yah, me neither.
I really love my job!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Day 99: Fondness

I was asked to give a little blurb about "being creative" at the Relief Society meeting tonight. At first I couldn't really think of anything to talk about--both my sisters got the crafty/creative gene and I was left all thumbs. Well, after a little pondering I got to thinking about my blog and why I created it in the first place. I created it as an opportunity to record and better notice the blessings and humor in my life.
I shared some of my notable posts with the sisters tonight and felt a lot of gratitude that I had taken the time to write things down! I have a terrible memory, but my blog is a pretty fantastic way to remember.
What a blessing to re-read the times I've noticed the Lord's hand in my life and to continue to record those tender mercies every day.

The topic for the RS meeting tonight was "Creating". The idea was that every person is a creator and that if you put your mind to it, you can create anything. Well, to go along with the theme we had a chance to "decorate" cupcakes with marshmallow fondant.
As I have mentioned before, I absolutely suck at pretty much anything skillfully crafty. I knew it was going to be a disaster, and perhaps because of this I didn't try as hard, but I think I'll leave the cake decorating to my sister, Daya.
Pretty bad. Yes, it's ok to laugh.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 98: Oh, What a Relief It Is

Had a nice visit from the Relief Society presidency tonight. They stopped by for a bit to get to know me better and I must say, they were really easy to chat with! I think I like them already! :)

Right before they came I enlisted Clinton's help to finally get our living room in order. There wasn't much to be done but what was done made a real difference.
Anyway, when the presidency got here they commented on how "finished" our house looks even though we just moved in.
Me: Oh, well, there was a big pile of stuff over here, and another over there and I just took it all upstairs before you got here.
They: (laughing) That's awesome. That's totally something we would do!

Day 97: Just Call Me Sherlock

I had a proud moment at work yesterday. There was a problem with one of the receivables and I resolved it all by myself with no help from my trainer! Our accounting system is kinda wonky and our corporate office had some questions, so I tackled the issues and found the solution.
I was pretty impressed with myself! Ha! :)

Clinton worked late last night and I felt like some Wendy's. I pulled into the Wendy's/Tim Horton's drive-thru and noticed only the breakfast menu was showing. When the person asked to take my order I said, "Um...all I see is the breakfast menu."
She: Oh, sorry about that.
Me: That's OK. I want the...I think it's called the Spicy Asian Chicken Salad.
She: Um...that's a Wendy's item. This is Tim Horton's.
Me: Oh. Crap. OK, never mind.
You'd think that at SOME point during my time in the drive-thru I would have noticed I was in the WRONG drive-thru.
Sheesh, Dani.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 96: Bringing Sexy Back in Record Time

I got home today in less than 30 minutes! Traffic usually makes what should be a 20-minute commute about 35 minutes, but not today!! It only took me about 25 minutes and it felt lovely!
To make things even better, the sun was shining and my car was nice and toasty when I got in. Needless to say my drive home was so much more enjoyable today than it has been in a while! :)

My friend, Jenna, sent this to me today and I thought it was too cute (and obviously true) not to share...
And you all thought it was Justin Timberlake who brought back the sexy! Ha!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Day 95: Happy Women's Day

Mother's Day. Two words, when put together, that typically make me cringe.
However, today I have found myself smiling thinking of all the children I've had the chance to mother: my nieces and nephews, my friends' kids, some of the young women I taught, and the random kids I've sat with at church when their mom's just looked desperate for help.
Sometimes I think this holiday should just be called "Women's Day". It would make it a lot easier to enjoy for those like me who have yet to be, but desperately want to be, mothers. But being a woman--I've got that covered! It is part of my nature to nurture and love; to teach and to play; to comfort and to soothe. I'm inherently a mom.
I wanted to give a shout-out to my mom for raising me to be who I am. I know you don't feel like you "measure up" but you do. You are the perfect mom for me!
I also want to thank my sisters (SIL's included) for letting me help "raise" your kids. You have no idea how special your kids are to me and how much being their aunt has blessed my life.
To my friends, thanks for calling me the "Baby Whisperer". I love snuggling your little ones and lulling them to sleep. Doing this makes me feel special and needed.
To the women who have handed me their kids without saying a word, thank you letting me help.
For those with kids I know this day can be hard as well and I hope you can find joy in it. We have a sacred work to do and we cannot do it alone. Thankfully we are surrounded by other women (moms, sisters, friends, aunts, and even the occasional stranger) who can lend us help when we need it.
May we all find a reason to celebrate who we are, cause being a woman is pretty amazing.
To all women I wish you a Happy Women's/Mother's Day.

If you'll excuse the swear word in the title, here are two videos that make me laugh cause they're totally true! To all women, enjoy "'Crap' Girls Say: Episodes 1 and 2".

Day 94: He's Always So Happy

I was in a bit of a mood yesterday and every time my grumpy pants showed themselves, Clinton would say, "Awr you feewing gwumpy again? Awr you Ms. Gwumpy Pants?"
I'd either stare at him or look away as my reply; while inside I was thankful for his positive attitude.
I can't say his baby talk helped or hindered, but I can say I am grateful he didn't let my grumpiness affect his happiness. I really love that about him.

During one of my grumpy bouts, Clinton reminded me of a joke. Now, if you know Clinton, picture his getting-ready-to-tell-a-joke-he-thinks-is-especially-punny face/voice.

He: Two cannibals are eating a clown. One says to the other: "Does this taste funny to you?"

And then he did his I-just-told-a-punny-joke prideful chuckle.
Boy, I love my Clinton!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Day 93: First Week Recap

First week at my new job successfully accomplished. My supervisor pulled me into his office today and asked how things were going for ME! He wanted to make sure I was comfortable and liked what I was doing. I told him I was quite happy and I meant every word.
What a great feeling it is to like what I do AND the people I work with! Yay!!

At one point during our conversation, my supervisor commented how much he enjoyed my positive attitude, that it really made things brighter and happier in the office.
I responded with, "Oh yah? Shut up."
We both laughed (fortunately)!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 92: Call Me Poopular

I had a phone interview for a fairly prestigious position in the Oncology Department at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre here in Calgary. It was kind of weird to hear the interviewer use words I am so very familiar with since working in oncology at MCW. The job sounds rather great but as I was talking with the lady I just kept thinking about my current job and how content I am in it. The pay would be quite a bit more and I'm pretty sure I'd be offered it, but I just don't think I even want to consider leaving where I am. The commute sorta stinks for both jobs but at my current job I already know I really like the people and the work. Plus, it's only for six months anyway.
This call was kind of a blessing in disguise cause I feel like it really put in to perspective what I want and what I have. I want a happy and friendly place to work that keeps me busy and interested...and I have that.

Conversation between Clinton and I while taking Peter for a walk.
(Peter poops and I bend over to pick it up with a garbage bag)
Clinton: Eat it.
Me: What?
He: Eat it. Eat the pooh.
Me: No! You eat it.
He: No thanks.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 91: Chatty Cathy

I don't think I had ever met someone who had never met a Mormon until today. I don't remember what started it exactly but my supervisor asked me if swearing bothered me. I told him I personally didn't do it but unless someone was swearing at me I wasn't going to tell them they couldn't. He said he'd noticed I didn't swear and asked me why.
This started a whole Q&A session about my beliefs. I had already told him the day before that I didn't drink coffee, tea or alcohol and so today he asked me why that was. We talked about temples, prophets, modern revelation, the Word of Wisdom, tithing, fasting and fast offerings, covenants and temple recommend interviews. 
The whole thing was kinda neat cause I've never met someone who truly had no clue about Mormons. I told him I'm an open book and if he ever had a question I would give him honest answers. I don't think he has any interest in the church, per se, but it was just a no-pressure (for him or me) information session and I really enjoyed it!

At another point during the day I had a completely different kind of conversation with a female coworker that involved words like "periods", "cycle", "doing 'business'", "sperm" and "eggs". Lol
Oh how different conversations can be in just a short period of time. Ha!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 90: Brimming Over

Work continues to go well and I still like it there. You have no idea how nice that it is to say! 

When I got home from work I was happily greeted by a very excited Petey Pup. He was so happy to see me. :)
I decided to take him for a walk and during our walk it started to snow like crazy. When we finally got back home he was a riled up from the wetness. He ran around like a crazy person trying to get dry. He jumped up on his blanket on the couch and started rubbing his face all over the blanket. He was moving so fast he had no idea he was about to run himself right off the couch. I couldn't stop him in time, and fortunately it was a slow fall, but sure enough over the edge he went!
He jumped right back up and continued rubbing all over. He was about to fall off again, but this time mama got her knee up to block him just in time.
Silly boy!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Day 89: On the Job

First day at my new job and I already can say that I like it WAY more than my previous job. I've barely scraped the surface of what I'll be doing but accounts receivable and payable, along with office admin stuff is much more my cup o' tea!
Right now I am much happier!!

I don't know why this memory came into my head, but I remembered an instance I had (a long time ago) at a job. My boss brought me into his office and told me that he has administrator rights to all staff computers and can (and does) look at our search history to ensure we are following company policy and not using the internet inappropriately. 
Quickly scrolling through my memory of what I'd looked up on my work computer, I recalled that I had looked up "how to be a better French kisser". Lol.
As recognition crossed my face he smirked and said, "Just wanted to let you know."
It wasn't that looking up tips on French kissing was bad or inappropriate, it was during my lunch break after all, but he wanted to give me the heads up in case I wanted to look up anything...else.
Hahaha! Talk about embarrassing! Fortunately, he and I are still good friends to this day so it's not like it was a bad experience in the end. Lol

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 88: Playing and Doodling

Welp, my first time playing piano at church in about 4 months went rather well. I fumbled here and there but I was calm I don't think that any of my fumbles were notable (no pun intended). I hope to be able to play a lot more; I could really use the practice. :)

There's an episode of The Simpsons where Homer is working with Bart on building a dog house. Homer draws a sketch of his plans and all it is is a simple roof and walls with a sun in the top left corner of the page. He says to Bart, "See, here's the roof, (and pointing to the sun) and this here is the sun!"
Today in Sacrament Meeting Clinton was doodling on the program. As he was showing me his coloring he pointed to the top left corner and said, "And this here is the sun!" and then he promptly started chuckling to himself.
Oh Clinton.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day 87: Hymns and Has

Clinton set up my piano for me the other day and I got to sit down and play for quite a while today. It felt so good! I was practicing hymns and doing so always makes me feel uplifted. Later, while I was cleaning the bathroom, I caught myself singing the words. I love the hymns. Their words are scripture to me and I'm grateful I have them to refer to for comfort and direction.

What happens on a Saturday when four inches of snow falls overnight and keeps falling all day, and your husband is at work? About a five-hour marathon of Lost, that's what.
I think my butt has become a completely flat surface from all the sitting. But hey, I'm really making progress on episodes. Ha!

Day 86: So Long! Farewell!

Enjoyed my last day of freedom on a workday yesterday for the next six months. I lounged around doing nothing and enjoyed every last second of it.
I'll see you again in another six months Freedom, until then I'll think of you fondly.

Clinton and I went to the local Co-Op to find some sweets last night and saw this...
If you have allergies...consider this your warning!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 85: Making a Difference

I called around today scouting out pricing to change out my winter tires with some new summer tires. When I called Walmart a very nice man named, Greg, answered the call. He got the information he needed about my tires, told me of a few options, then when I told him the ones I wanted he pulled them from the shelves, put them in a cart and set them aside for me so that when I got to the store I wouldn't have to wait 30 minutes for someone else to do it.
Above and beyond.
Sure enough, when I got to the tire center there was my cartful of tires.
While the tires were being installed I asked to speak with the store manager. I told him about my interactions with Greg and how impressed I was with his kind actions. He smiled and said, "Yep. Doesn't surprise me. Greg's a great guy."
On my way out of my parking space I heard a little voice, "Danielle!"
I turned and saw, who I assumed was Greg, running my way.
"I see you got your tires. Right after I set them aside for you a gentleman came in wanting the same tires. I gave yours to him and then went right away and got you your set. I put the cart in the tire center and said to the crew, 'These are for a young lady named, Danielle. Don't give these to anyone but her.'''
I again thanked him for being so above-and-beyond helpful. He gave me a real big smile and said he was happy to do it.
Anyway, this just really made my day. There are so many good and kind people in the world. I think it's really important we say "thank you" and take a moment to also notify those people that can make a difference in their lives (supervisor, parent, etc.).
Thank you, Greg. You made a big difference in my day.

I overheard Clinton on the phone with his dad.
Clinton: What'cha up to?...You're demolishing your bathroom?...Is that someway of saying you're taking a giant dump?
Oh, Clinton.

Day 84: Things That Are Warm

Sunshine and warmth! I took two walks today with Peter and we were in heaven! I noticed blooms on the trees and tulips coming through the ground. Spring just might actually be coming...but it'll still be a while yet...though tomorrow will be lovely, the snow and cold weather will be back just in time for the weekend.
At least I get to enjoy the thought of spring for one more day!

Clinton was venting to me a bit tonight about the spelling of Canadian medical terms. He said, "It's frustrating because it's like they're trying to spell things the British way but they want to put their own spin on it. Diarrhea for example, it's a whole mess of vowels. Vowels, not bowels!" Lol
And for your reference here's the spelling: diarrhoea (this is the British spelling used in Canada).

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 83: I Got a New Job and it Makes Me Laugh

This will be news to most of you that I even needed one in the first place, but I have a new job! It's with a different company doing office administration. I don't know all of the specifics yet but I really liked the people I interviewed with and my job duties are more along the lines of what I like to do. I start on Monday and, to boot, the pay is better as well!
The only crappy thing about it is that now it'll be a while till I can get back home to visit my family. Hopefully they'll be lenient and allow me time off this summer but being the newbie I don't want to be asking for a lot of favors. That being said, friends and family are more than welcome to come see me! At any rate, it's not a forever. I just have to remind myself of that.
I am very thankful for this job and I look forward to loving what I do again!

I must be a pretty hot commodity.
I interviewed for this new job yesterday. During my interview I was told they'd be interviewing through the rest of the week. If I hadn't heard from them by Friday, to give them a call.
When I got home from my interview I opened up my email to send them a "thank you" and instead found an email from them telling me I was a top candidate and that I should hear from them more formally by Wednesday.
This morning I got a call from them, offering me the job.
When I texted Clinton to tell him, I just kept laughing to myself. It's crazy how it all happened so fast and it just makes me chuckle to know that people want me that much. Kinda makes me feel special. And I don't know why, but it makes me laugh.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 82: Happy People vs. Unhappy People

There is almost no better sound in the world to me than Clinton's laugh. Whenever he talks with his former missionary companions I get to listen to it for a good hour or so.
Warms the cockles of my little heart.
I am so thankful to be married to such a happy person!

Is it a rule that if you work for the Registry (Canadian DMV) or DMV you have to be cranky and irritable?
Seriously, I got to the Registry before Clinton arrived and told the clerk that he'd be here any minute.
She: Well, we close in 10 minutes so...I can't help if he's late.
Me: He should be here in less than 2 minutes.
She proceeds to take care of my transaction and is finishing up as Clinton approaches.
Me: Here he is!
She: Well, I've just finished with you so he'll have to wait in line.
Me: He's right here.
She: He has to wait in line.
Ok lady, next time I'll bring my red lipstick so I can give you the visual kiss your butt requires to get decent service.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 81: Sharing Kindness and Spit

Went to our new ward at church for the first time today. The people were actually fairly welcoming and even though it has a lot of older people, I think it'll be a good place for us. I'm even playing the piano in Relief Society next week!

Clinton cut up the last of the pineapple and I asked if he could bring me some. He came out with a plate of huge chunks of pineapple on it and said, "These four chunks are yours."
Me: I don't have anywhere to put I supposed to just hold them in my hands, or swallow them whole like a bird?"
He: I'll just eat my pieces first then give you the plate.
He then proceeded to eat his pieces, drooling pineapple juice all over my pieces.
Me: Uh, you're kinda drooling all over my pieces.
He: It's ok.
Yep. I still ate them. What crazy person would pass up fresh pineapple anyway, with or without the drool?

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 80: Snowfallen in Love

Woke up to more snow. Fortunately the temperature was "warm enough" to melt it as soon as it hit the ground so the roads were clear.
Clinton and I used the clear roads to run a few errands and have some McDonald's for lunch. I'm really loving this whole eating dairy freely thing. My two ice creams cones were lovely.
Another nice weekend with my HB!

This morning Clinton, Petey and I were all lounging in bed. I was snuggling the pup and giving him kisses.
Me: Oh, Petey, I could just kiss you all day.
Clinton: I wouldn't do that, that's how I got that lip fungus.
Me: Well, I'm not worried about that cause I'm not kissing his butt!
Clinton: Huh, I see.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Day 79: Toot Sweet

When is having a milkshake a guilt-free indulgence? When you're lactose-intolerant and constipated like you wouldn't believe, that's when! 
Today was one of the very few times in my life that I have been thankful for my intolerance of milk. I haven't yet felt the effects of the dairy, but I'm sure it'll do the trick!
C'mon your worst! Ha!

Clinton was sitting across from Peter and me in the living room. He was trying to see how high in pitch he could whistle and challenged me to do the same thing. At one point we were both straining to go higher and higher, our whistling was pretty much nonstop. Upon hearing all of this Peter's ears were all over the place and his little head kept moving side-to-side. 
Now, good parents would have stopped the torture but Clinton and I just thought it was too funny to stop right away. Eventually we stopped but mostly it was because I realized how ridiculous we must've looked, let alone sounded.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 78: I'll Scratch Your Back if You Massage Mine

I haven't been sleeping well the last couple nights and have woken up in the most contortionist-y ways. Needless to say my neck and shoulders are super tight. Fortunately, Clinton was kind enough to rub my sore muscles and remove the severity of the tension. I'm looking forward to a much better sleep tonight!
Thank, H.B.!!

Our parking pad is located in the back of our property, however the only way to get in is from the front door--unless someone is home to let you in the back slider.
Well, I was taking a nap on the couch when Clinton knocked on the slider door.
Grumpy and groggy, I opened the door and said, "What? Are your legs broken or somethin'?"
He, laughing, "I could ask you the same thing. You just didn't want to get off the couch."
True. I didn't.
Turns out two lazys don't make for a very strong fight.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 77: I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Found

I am thankful for the comfort and peace the Holy Ghost brings. This may come as a surprise (insert sarcasm), but I tend to be a worrier and am easily anxious. Well, when those uncertain times come I am thankful for the companionship I feel from the spirit--reminding me that there is One who knows my concerns and can make things right.

I don't know why I do this to myself, but for some reason when I have a little time on my hands I start a new series on Netflix. 
I have watched 8+ episodes of Lost today. I never saw it when it was on and I'm beginning to see why people were so obsessed with it before. 
Why do I do this? I know my chores and social life suffer and yet I can't help myself! Anyway, better get to bed so I can squeeze one more episode in before sleepy time. Ha!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 76: A Glimpse at the Logans

Work ended early for Clinton today so we had the whole late-afternoon to ourselves! We watched some reruns of a Golden Girls, and Seinfield before heading out to Subway for supper.
When we got home he did some maintenance stuff around the house and let me veg on the couch.
I gotta say, it was a pretty sweet evening. :)

I have been exceptionally bloated for the last week or so. Last night I was slouching on the couch with my shirt pulled up (exposing my belly), my pants unzipped, and a look of utter displeasure across my face. 
Upon seeing this, Clinton quipped, "Always the lady."
Ha! And what a lady! I was far from ladylike and I know my appearance was comical. Now if only my laughing at his comment had caused "things" to shift around enough to "relieve" my bloating--that would have been an even better story!

Day 75: Vitamin D and Laughter, Two of the Best Medicines

It's not going to last unfortunately, but the weather yesterday was absolutely lovely so I took The Boy out for a walk. He was so excited to be outside and was beside himself with joy. How do I know this? Because he pooped two times in a very short period of time. Ha!
Seriously though, the extra dose of vitamin D, the soft breeze, and the happiness I saw on my pup's face were all so enjoyable.
I wish it was summer already. :)

Clinton and I were watching a commercial that had some techno music playing in the background. I looked over to see him doing some weird version of The Robot combined with the conductor of an orchestra, or at least that's what it looked like to me. 
I smiled and said, "Is that supposed to be The Robot? Cause it looks nothing like it."
Right as I said this the music in the commercial stopped and Clinton said, "Oh yah, how's this?" The second he started dancing the music on the commercial started again--like it was planned or something.
I started laughing at the perfect timing and asked him of he'd seen the commercial before and he said he hadn't. It was hilarious.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 74: Easter, Teased Her

Well, I wanted to just take a brief second and publicly thank my saviour, Jesus Christ, for his willingness to die for me so that I can repent and one day return to live with God. 
I have felt the power of His atonement in my life and the peace and comfort it brings. I have been enveloped in His arms during hard times and felt His love when I needed it most. I am thankful that He knows me and cares about me, even the little things are important to Him.
I love Him.

My FIL spent about an hour and a half raking all of the garbage and dog crap left in the backyard from the previous renters. When he came back in he said, "Well that was a crappy job."
Clinton and I laughed at the pun; my MIL said, "Why? Is your back ok?"
Clinton: No, it's a joke.
She: Oh.
Then we all her. ;)

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 73: Good Will, Good Grief

I had an appointment this morning and while I was gone my sweet MIL washed the walls and floorboards in my kitchen, while my FIL moved the old dryer out of my kitchen and our table and chairs into the kitchen from the living room.
What a nice surprise that was!
Now I'm three steps closer to have this rental house in decent order!
Thank you, Bob and Rennie!!

Our landlord and his wife came over today to look into the maintenance items I had emailed him 2 weeks ago. When I pointed out to him that the previous tenants let their dogs pee in the basement they went down to have a whiff for themselves.
And can you believe they came back upstairs and told me the smell was not urine, but soap?! Lol.
I quickly said, "That is not soap! It's pee and lots of it. It needs to have the rug and padding pulled up and the cement floor resealed in order to get rid of it."
They continued to insist it was soap. Only when I mentioned the urine being a health hazard did he (she still fought me) consent to having a professional come take a look.
I don't know what kind of soap they use at their place but if it smells like dog pee then remind me to never use their bathroom.

Day 72: That's What Family's For

My in-laws braved the snowy weather and drove from Grande Prairie to be with us for Easter! So glad they were able to arrive safely and so happy to be with family!!

Since our landlord is unresponsive, Clinton and my FIL moved the inoperable washer and dryer from downstairs to the back patio, as well as moved the replacement washer and dryer downstairs. It was a really big task, not to mention dangerous.
Well, when the washers had been moved around and only the dryers were left, my FIL said, "Since they're lighter to move and Clinton and I moved the heavier pieces, I imagine that Rennie and Dani could move the dryers."
To which I replied, "You're right; you can imagine."

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Day 71: Words That Make You Go, "Aww" and "Ew" and "Phew"

Again, I have been amazed at the love and support I receive from the people around me. Today was a stressful day but it ended up being a happier day because of the kind words of encouragement shared.
Thank you to those of you who reached out to me to make me feel better. And thank you to those of you who are always there. I love you all!

Why is it that when we girls get together all privacy goes out the window? I swear, there's hardly a body part or function that is left to the imagination once the chatting starts (and it's usually me who starts it)! Part of me feels like I should be slightly disturbed by the lack of boundaries, but another part of me is grateful to know I'm not the only one experiencing XYZ.
Oh girls. What ever happened to dignity? Ha!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Day 70: Behind the Scenes

I just want to say how thankful I am for my friends and family. I know I have people praying for me and sending good vibes my way. Thank you for that. Thank you for thinking of me!

OK, this post is TMI but I was shocked, amazed and totally befuddled to the point of laughter; it's too good not to share.
Have you ever heard of the "Ghost Poop" phenomenon? It's when you go poo but when you look in the bowl there's nothing there, and when you wipe there's nothing there either.
Well, World, this happened to me today.
I KNOW I went, but the evidence was totally missing. I literally bent down to peer further into the bowl and couldn't find anything...and I was clean as a whistle. LOL!
Craziest thing. Oh man, I'm still laughing about it! Ha!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 69: Sounds That Make You Go Poo

It was a close one today.
I was merging from one road onto another and it looked like my lane was dedicated but it wasn't. I continued in my lane and so did the car coming fast beside/behind me in the lane I was driving into (is this making sense?). Anyway, they slammed on their breaks and, rightfully, their horn. I sped up, they slowed down and an accident was somehow avoided.
I got in the far left lane and in my rearview mirror I saw a police car pulling up behind me. No lights. I proceeded with caution to the next signal and noticed the cop car stopped next to me in the right lane. I continued looking forward till I heard the "whoop-whoop" of the alert siren. I looked to my right and the cop had her window rolled down so I rolled mine down too.
"Uh, that was pretty close wouldn't you say?" she asked.
She gave me some advice and then drove away. No ticket.
Meanwhile, I pulled over at the nearest side street and shook like a leaf. Not only was that a close call accident-wise, but it was a close call with the law too.
So thankful I was protected from both potential injuries.

Last night I was playing fetch with Peter on the floor. He was really excited and was stepping crazily all over the place. I patted his bum to get him even more excited and he accidentally stepped on his squeaky toy.
Surprised, I reached down to grab it from under him to throw for him to fetch, but there was no squeaky toy. There was no toy. The squeak had come from Peter. And by "come from Peter", I mean the squeaky sound came from his butt!
Clinton and I both just started laughing...and fanning away the air.
What a gross boy.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Day 68: Big Deal

Clinton got a great deal on kijiji today: kitchen table, four chairs, a coffee table and delivery for $80! Our home is slowly but surely coming together. Hey, before too long I'll feel like it's cute enough in here to post pics! Ha!

I don't know why this was so funny to me, but Peter wanted some water tonight and was extremely insistent about it. He scratched his bowl once, cried for a second and then walked up to me and stared.
Me: You need some water?
He: (takes a couple steps closer to me--his confirmation)
Me: (brings a cup of water to his bowl and leans in to pour)
He: (nudges his head into the cup)
Me: Hold on, Pup. (shoos him to the side and leans back down to pour)
He: (nudges his head into the bowl, blocking me from pouring)
Me: Hold on, Pup. (shoos him to the side and leans back down to pour)
He: (nudges his head alongside the cup and starts licking every drop that makes it into the bowl)
Me: (laughing) Hold on, Pup! (shoos him, holds him back)
He: (leans his head in as much as possible, bumps the bowl, knocking out water)
Me: (laughing) Petey! Hold on! (pours the rest of the water in the bowl) OK! Go for it!
He: (frantically drinks)
Me: (laughs)
It's like he's never had water before. Ha ha!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 67: Sterilizzzzzzz

I am thankful for modern-day cleaning products.
I am thankful for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, they are amazing at pretty much everything.
I am thankful for Windex. Without it my glass-doored closets would still be filthy and fingerprinted.
I am thankful for powerful vacuums (especially ones you find at Walmart for a great price)!
I am thankful for carpet cleaners. Let's just say the water was far from clear and now that junk is no longer in my carpets.
I am thankful for used dryer sheets. I don't know if you know this but they are a life-saver when it comes to cleaning soap scum out of tubs/showers (Thank you, Katie Hendrickson, for that tip! I never clean my shower without one!).
I am thankful for rubber gloves. 'Nuff said.
There are so many more things for which I'm thankful, but these few items have really made a difference in our lives this week and I guess I just want to be publicly grateful. :)

This has been a day for naps at the Logan household. I woke up really, really early this morning (after going to bed very late last night) and couldn't fall back asleep till later this morning. Then I fell asleep again this afternoon while snuggling Petey.
When I came downstairs from my nap I sat down next to Clinton and Peter on the couch. Shortly after I sat down Clinton fell asleep with his head hanging off to the side. This must have queued Peter in on the idea of another nap because he promptly stretched right out between us and fell asleep.
I guess the stress of the move has got us pretty well wiped out! Ha!

Day 66: Moving and a'Shaking

We are officially out of our old place and are making great progress on our new one.
Clinton and I teamed up and cleaned the old house, did some laundry and totally wrapped things up for the homeowners when they return this week.
We feel so blessed to have been able to live rent-free for the last couple months! And we are thankful now to be in our own place for the first time since we left Milwaukee!

We went to McDonald's for "lunch". I got my usual: two ice cream cones and a large Diet Coke. It was below freezing outside and I was cold before I even started eating. Well, as you can imagine, my "lunch" made me absolutely freezing from the inside out. I shivered uncontrollably through my whole meal but I gotta say, it was totally worth it. What a deliciously freezing indulgence!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 65: Clinton's a Pro Mover

So glad the work week is over!! This week has been very long and tiring with moving into and cleaning the disasterous mess we rented. It's starting to look like a home instead of a meth house, so that's good. Ha!
Seriously though, Clinton has worked so hard to make this place sanitary and I am so thankful for all of he has done!

Clinton and I were commiserating about the wiles of moving and he recalled an experience from his mission that made me laugh out loud.
He said that he was asked to help a member move a washer upstairs. Not only was the stairway very narrow, but each of the steps were extremely shallow--to the point that he was balancing everything on his tiptoes. He said that the machine was the heaviest thing he'd ever carried and that by the time he made it to the top of the stairs he thought his back was going to go out.
Baffled by the weight of the machine he decided to open it cause it felt like something might be in there. Sure enough! It was a quarter of the way full of rocks! Rocks! Why would there be rocks in there? Bwahaha!
He said he was so mad! Oh man, I'm laughing just thinking about what must have been going through his head back then. Who puts rocks in a washing machine anyway, especially when you're having people do you a favour? Ha!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Day 64: Hairy, Scary Move

Huge shout out to Clinton for all of his hard work getting our new rental ready (during what was supposed to be his vacation week). This place is/was a huge, dirty mess and Clinton's been scrubbing everything down and cleaning all the carpets and floors. In addition, he's been shopping and buying replacements for all of the things we sold/donated before we left Milwaukee. 
Thank you so much, Honey!!

As Clinton was cleaning out the drain in the bathtub upstairs he said, "The person who lived here before must have had a lot of long, blond hair. There's enough in this drain to make a donation to Locks of Love."

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 63: Relocating and Recollecting

Got most of out stuff moved from the one place to our new place. Clinton worked really long and hard while I was at work and then we almost finished the rest when I got home.
So very tired!

On our way to our new home Clinton commented in the height of the river.
He: With all this snow you'd think the river would be higher. Am I right, Danielle?
Me: Well, apparently not.
He: (laughing) I guess you're right.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 62: Hip-Hip Hoo...What'd You Say?!

Congrats to Clinton!! He just finished a really crappy month in his medicine rotation and found out that he passed the course as well! So proud of you, HB!

Last night Clinton was watching Wheel of Fortune and the solution to the puzzle was, "Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck". It was apparently fairly obvious and the player spinning had no clue. Clinton kept shouting out the answer to the TV. I was in the kitchen and glanced up to see that the player was a bouncy, bubbling blonde.
There were all but a couple letters left and when she decided to solve it was quite obvious she was totally guessing.
Clinton: Man, she has no idea!
Me: Well, she seems like a really dumb, bouncy blonde. What a ditz!
Clinton: What did you say?!
Me: She seems like a real ditz.
Clinton: Oh! You had just been talking about how bouncy she was...and ditz didn't sound like ditz.
Me: Oh, no! Ha!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 61: Peter Rabbit

I had every intention of taking advantage of the lovely sunshine we had today by taking Peter on a walk when I got home from work. But when I sat down for a second he jumped up on my lap and actually snuggled with me. He curled right up in a little baby boy ball and I loved it too much to move.
Though, to be fair and less lazy, I am taking him out in just a second. :)

When we lived in Wisconsin we had little tiny bunnies that would run through our yard on a daily basis. They were cute and Petey loved to chase them. Now, here in Calgary we get bunnies, but they are ginormous! Quite literally they are the same size as Peter.
Clinton and I were sitting watching TV and we could hear Peter crying behind us while he looked out the sliding glass door. I looked to see what was making him so antsy but couldn't see anything. His crying continued and eventually he started shaking as well. I took a better look and this is what I saw.
I don't know if you can see it, but there's a rabbit visible under the tabletop outside. It was staring Peter down and Peter was staring it down. This staring competition/shaking/crying session lasted about 45 minutes until the rabbit eventually jumped away. Oh, Petey.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day 60: I'm Grateful for General Conference Weekend and Shampoo

"Choose to be grateful no matter what." My favorite take-home quote from General Conference and surprise, surprise it was said by President Uchtdorf. I swear, that man could inspire me any day.
He spoke about the difference of being grateful for our blessings and being grateful even when things aren't going the way we hoped they would be. He referenced Job from the Old Testament who, even when everything he had was taken from him, praised God and thanked him for his life. He said that a true "Attitude of Gratitude" is faith and trust in God. Faith and trust that He knows and loves us and will bless us with those things we need (be they trials or asked-for blessings). Choosing to be grateful no matter what opens our minds and hearts to peace and understanding.
I loved this quick little quote because it is pertinent. There is much in my life to be grateful for and there have been many trials in my life that, looking back, I can see as a blessing though I certainly didn't see them as such at the time.
"Choose to be grateful no matter what."
I think this will be my new mantra.

You know you need to wash your hair when...
You slide your sunglasses off the top of your head and the lenses are all greasy. Ehh. :/
In my defense, it's General Conference weekend and I knew I didn't have to go anywhere so I gave my face the day off and my hair the whole weekend off. Don't worry, I'll wash it tonight.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 59: I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked...and Peter Pooped

You probably didn't know this but we live in the same neighbourhood as the stake centre; it's literally one street away from us. Well, I decided to take Peter for a walk before the second session of General Conference began and as I was on our way home I passed by the church. On the sidewalk across the street I saw two missionaries talking to a couple. I couldn't hear everything but as I was passing one of the elders just started bearing his testimony about how living the gospel has blessed his life.
I didn't stick around to listen but it put a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart. I love to hear people talk about Jesus; especially in such "out of place" places. In fact, some of my most spiritual discussions have happened in commonplace locations.
A blog isn't necessarily "out of place", but I too love Jesus and am thankful for His gospel in my life. His message is good news! It is one of selflessness and charity and I am thankful for the example He gave me to follow. I love that so many people in the world want to be like Him, regardless of religious affiliation. He is The Good Shepherd and I am so happy to be one of His many sheep trying their best to get back to Him.

Now that the weather is improving and much of the snow has melted, I took advantage of the first opportunity I've had to pick up all of the crap Peter has relieved himself of over the winter.
There was only the thin layer of a plastic produce bag between me and the grocery bagful I gathered of cold dog poo. 
It was an interesting bonding moment between mother and pup. Each handful of crap inspiring memories of what he must have eaten that particular day. Every mound reminding me of the special responsibility I have in taking care of my little boy. All of it, a token of love. 
Or at least that's how I tried to see it instead of as the gross job it really was.
When I came back inside and told Clinton how much I had to pick up he said, "Yah, Peter really puts out a lot of poop."
Thanks. I know.

Day 58: A Couple of Inconvenient Hair Pulling Situations

I feel very accomplished. I got all of my grocery shopping done before the weekend! I think going Friday nights is the way to do it. I went at 830 tonight and even that was too early to completely beat the rush, but the idea is a good one. I think as long as I'm working this will be the plan! I only wanted to pull my hair out a handful of times instead of the usual 20! There are just not enough stores to match the number of people in this city.
It may not be exactly convenient, but I know my limits and I felt much happier.

There's a small convenience store that shares the lot with my office. I walked there for the first time today to quickly grab a soda. When I rounded the corner and approached the door I noticed a whole gaggle of middle-school-aged kids talking in the parking lot, munching on their recent convenience store purchases. Why do I mention them?
Well, after I bought my soda I headed back outside...or at least I tried to. It was a windy day and my very long hair was down. As I passed through the door my hair somehow got caught in the handle. I have no idea if they actually saw anything but I don't know how they could have missed it. I must've looked like a crazy woman.
Step through the door.
Door starts to close.
I cry out in pain and grab the spot on my head where my hair is being ripped out.
I turn back and stare at the closing door looking for where my hair is attached.
(My hair is blonde and small groups of strands are not easily seen from a distance.)
I grab towards the door, blindly feeling for my hard-to-see blonde hairs.
(It likely looks like I'm reaching for nothing.)
Unsuccessful, I walk off mumbling "ow" while rubbing the sore spot on my head.
Replay the above scenario in your head without knowing why I was doing what I was doing and THAT'S what these kids witnessed. Great, now I'll be known to them as the crazy, head scratching, mumbling lady.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 57: Celebrating's a Real Gas

I know five people who are celebrating their birthday today: my dad, my sister, her daughter, my cousin and one of the doctors I used to work for.
It's been a busy day for texting "Happy Birthday" messages but it just makes me think of how grateful I am to have such wonderful people in my life! My thoughts have been about family and friends all week (with one of my friends celebrating her birthday on the 1st, one of my nieces' birthday was yesterday, another niece this weekend and now all these birthdays today) and I just want them/you all to know how much I love you!
What a blessing it is to celebrate life!
Happy birthday to all of you!

Here's a conversation Clinton and I had on our way home tonight.
Me: Oh, I am so gassy.
He: (sarcastically) Tell me aaaall about it.
Me: I'd rather show you. At least that would bring me some relief!
He: Uh, please don't.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Day 56: Eating Ice Cream is Hard Work

I've had a few people ask me about my new job so I thought I might as well talk about it on my blog.
My official title is "Marketing Administrative Assistant". I work for a company that specializes in improving hospital survey scores through catered training programs for leadership and frontline staff. My job duties are kind of all over the place, but it includes making phone calls to prospective clients, updating the company blog on a weekly basis and other admin jobs I have yet to learn.
As I said before, I'm not sure I like it, but I LOVE the people there. I've talked with a couple girls there about my concerns and people have been really reassuring and understanding. I love that! I am still keeping an open mind and for now I am really enjoying the regular paycheck. :)

Clinton called me to tell me he was on his way home. I asked him if he could either pick up a treat for after supper or if he'd be willing to go get some ice cream or something later.
He: Ice cream? I'm kind of over ice cream.
Me: What? How can you be sick of ice cream?
Well, when he came in the door I noticed he was carrying to drinks from A&W.
Me: What are those for? (Thinking he maybe had a work party or something.)
He: They're milkshakes for us.
Me: Oh! Thanks!
I guess he doesn't dislike ice cream so much after all. ;)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Day 55: Sew Sue Me

Believe it or not folks, but this adorable hat was knit for me a couple Christmases ago by my BROTHER, Derek. Yep! My brother!
I took it with me on my walk tonight with Peter and it made me a little homesick. It warmed my head and my heart!
Thanks, Derek, for such a thoughtful gift (he made it while we were living in Wisconsin and he knew I walked to work even during the winter months). Thanks for being a great oldest brother! You are very generous and thoughtful to everyone around you. Love ya!

I had to send an email to one of the ladies at work today and I'm not all the way familiar with everyones' last names. So, I did a search in our database for "Sue" and it only came back with one "Sue". The email domain was gmail instead of our company name, but I sent it anyway.
Naturally, after I sent it I decided to walk to Sue's office and confirm her last name. Here's how the conversation went.
Me: Sue, I just tried sending you an email but I wonder if I sent it to the wrong Sue.
She: Who did you send it to?
Me: Sue _____.
(There was one other coworker in the room and when I mentioned the other Sue's name there was a bit of a "look" between them, followed by a very brief pause.)
She: Well, she's dead so I don't think you need to worry about her intercepting it.
Me: (shock crosses my face) Oh! Sorry. Uh. OK.
And then we all started laughing at the alive-Sue's blunt response and my completely candid reaction.
Oh dear.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 54: The Things I Didn't Know I Needed

Well, it was absolutely freezing outside, but Petey and I went for a half-hour walk when I got home from work today. He needed it and apparently so did I.
There's something to be said for breathing in brisk air and thinking about nothing in particular. I'm thankful for the reset!
Plus, it just does my heart wonders to see Petey so very happy. Makes me happy too.

I'm pretty sure Aunt Flo is's a sampling of the excess I ate today:
1. A Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Granola Chocolate
2. A Kit Kat Chunky
3. 3 small brownies
4. Half an oatmeal cookie
5. Cinnamon toast and,
6. A large handful of Whoppers

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 53: Fast Sundays Are Anything but Fast, but Clinton's Quips Always Are

I've never been a very good faster (of food) and I don't do it very often because I typically get pretty awful headaches. Well, I decided I wanted to fast today and sure enough a fairly nauseating headache set in early in the day. Determined to finish my fast I took one ibuprofen and hoped for relief.
Well, if the miracle of relief I received from that one ibuprofen is any indicator of the success I may expect from the prayers associated with my fast, then I'll be one even-more-thankful girl!
I am thankful for prayer. I am thankful for the power it holds to work miracles. And I am thankful that my desire to fast was sustained.

Ok, here's what I wrote about today...
During sacrament meeting today, I asked Clinton if he could see the backcombing in my hair.
He: No, but your lack of reverence is certainly showing.
And when I asked him if "reverence" was the word he used, he said, "No there's more to the story." Then he took my phone and added in the following. Mind you, he wrote this during Sunday School—blatantly ignoring the spiritual lesson and spirit to be felt therein. :P
During sacrament meeting today, I was more focused on my hair than listening to the prayers of the holy sacrament of the Lord God Most High.  I forcibly told my husband to look at my hair and tell me if he could see the backcombing.  He said that there was one spot at the back, so I overtly began trying to comb it out with my fingers.  I commanded Clinton again to tell me if it was showing.  "There's still some showing," he replied.  "Where?!" I snapped. "At the same place where it was before," he gently replied. I angrily began trying to comb my hair with my fingers and then turned the back if my head back towards Clinton (in a rude way).  "Okay, now is anything showing?" I asked.  "Just your lack of reverence," he said, wryly.  
I hate him now more than the day I married him. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day 52: Ooo-Ooo Witch-ay Woman

My husband is a real trooper. He has a level of patience I will never understand. And for his patience I am so thankful! 
I love you, Clinton. Thank you for realizing the source of my craziness and loving me regardless.

You would not, or maybe you would, believe how grumpy I was this morning/afternoon. Here're a few samplings of my sour moments from today...feel free to laugh, I know I
1. After I had taken a shower this morning I came back into the room where Clinton was still in bed. As I walked into the room he was making a huge yawn and I totally mimicked it...kinda sorta mocking him.
Why I was annoyed with him yawning I don't know.
2. When I was folding laundry today I made a very big point of mentioning to him how nice I was for folding his laundry too.
Gee, aren't I sweet?
3. Clinton and I went to Costco. When we got there I told him 3 things we needed before I ran off to the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom he ran and got all those things and proceeded to the checkout. When I got out of the bathroom I called him but he didn't answer so I meandered through the store and grabbed a few other not-on-the-list items. When I called him again to tell him I was ready to checkout he answered and said he already had. He also had my purse with him so I couldn't pay for my extra items.
Unnaturally I was miffed. I stormed past him out of the store and sped-walked to the car. When we got in the car we talked. I had thought he was just not answering my calls but in reality he couldn't hear his phone ring. He had found all the things ON THE LIST and bought them, as requested.
Moral of the story...get the facts and realize the kindness if others before blowing things totally out of proportion. And yes, I sincerely apologized.
Oh, there's more, but fortunately my total witchiness only lasted a few hours and I spent the second half of my day in much better spirits, but HO-WEE I was a real piece of kick-you-in-the-crotch meanness. Thanks PMS!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 51: Home Sweet Rental Home

Hallelujah we have FINALLY secured a place to rent!
It's a 3BD/2.5 bath house with a full finished basement, fenced backyard and lots of storage space. We feel very fortunate to get this as the vacancy rate here in Calgary is less than 1%. We were selected out of hundreds of hopefuls and we couldn't be happier. Such a blessing! No sharing walls with neighbors ANYMORE!!

Our new landlords are an East Indian couple. When I toured the home with the wife we stopped and chatted for a good half-hour. During our conversation I told her how much Clinton and I love Indian food. She candidly said she loves to cook and share...I told her I love when people share and she could cook for me anytime!
Well, Clinton and I met with the husband today to sign the rental agreement. As we were reviewing the forms we'd ask clarifier questions and then continue to read the agreement. After a few minutes, in a very serious voice I said, "Now in looking through this agreement I'm not seeing anything about your wife's offering to bring us food...can that be added?"
The husband looked up, a bit surprised at first, and then started chuckling. "That can just be a verbal agreement.", he said.
Ha! I think we'll get along just fine!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 50: Fatigue Will Set Your Foresight Free

You know when someone says "I didn't get any sleep last night" but really they just tossed and turned?...well, I literally didn't get any sleep last night. I don't know what it was, maybe it was the Dr. Pepper I had around 7pm, but I could not fall asleep. I even took a half of a sleep-aid (usually a quarter of one and I'm a goner) such luck.
I debated all night what I was going to do about work: do I call in sick?, it's only my first week, do I just go in late? Well, finally I couldn't take laying in bed anymore so I got up and got ready for work (it was 530am by this time anyway).
I only had a couple of tired moments at work, but miraculously I survived. Much of my day was spent in training and I really struggled to pay attention, but I took some good notes and I think no harm was done.
Now that I'm home I'm truly exhausted, so off to bed I go, but just wanted to record how thankful I am for the extra divine help I had in staying awake today (I think the Diet Coke at lunch helped a bit too). Here's hoping for a restful sleep tonight!

During one of my one-on-one training sessions today I was walked through a program our company offers. As is done with our clients, I was asked some ice-breaker questions at the start. One of these questions was, "Do you have a hidden talent, if so, what is it?"
Now, remember I'm very tired and not thinking very Johnny-on-the-spot-like, so I replied, "Umm...yes...My grandma had some gastrointestinal issues and passed them onto her grandchildren. Among other things, I inherited the ability to...uh...I can, though I try not to in public...I can burp really big burps. Like, I've won contests for them before."
I tried my hardest to come up with anything, but my poor brain was shot and out popped something no one needs to know, let alone my new coworker.
Fortunately, she laughed about it and was fine with it, but seriously...sheesh, Dani!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 49: Vacating Early

Gotta say, I love the 7am-3 or 3:30pm work schedule. Sure, going to bed by 10pm and waking up at 5:45am is a little ugh-ish, but overall I really like it! By the time lunch rolls around I only have about three hours left to my workday! I had time to run some errands after work and I still got home by 4pm. So. Much. Better.
Anyway, today was a good day at work too. My coworkers really are very nice people. I still haven't really started my actual job but I started work-related training today and tomorrow there will be even more. Hopefully I'll like what I'm learning! Ha!

T-minus 7.5 weeks till my vacation! Ha!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 48: What a Relief

Day 2 at work was better than Day 1. I actually had a good talk with the girl who I'm replacing and she said she had the same fears and hesitations that I have when she started. She said that the job was much better than she thought it would be and rather interesting too, so that makes me feel a bit better. 
I am choosing to remain open-minded and am more hopeful that I can be happy working here.

Ever had it when you feel the need to pass gas and just as you are about to you think, " this gonna be more than just gas?"
Yah, that happened to me today. Fortunately it was just gas.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 47: It's a Blessing to Work, It's a Blessing to Work, It's a Blessing to Work

Well, today was my first day back to work in almost 11 months. It took everything I had to get out of my car and go into the office, but overall, the day was decent. I had a chance to meet-n-greet with most all of the staff there and they are all very welcoming! I don't quite have a handle on what my role will be exactly so we'll see how things go, but so far I like the people in my office.
And speaking of offices...I have my very own...with a great big window! So even when I can't be outside, at least I can look out at it longingly from my window. ;)
Anyway, I still have mixed feelings about going back to work and about what it seems my job will be, but until I know for sure what's expected of me I am vowing to keep an open mind and hope for the best.

Is it Friday yet? Ha!
Seriously, I don't know how working moms do it. I missed Peter all day and then when I finally did get home I was WAY more excited to see him than he was to see me, I'm sure. I'm pathetic, I know.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 46: Gave Me the Chills

A guy gave a talk in church today and the topic was kind of about his conversion to the church. He said it took many years for him to decide to be baptized and that decision came after much thought and prayer until one day it hit him that it was true for him.
His talk was fairly interesting but at the very end he mentioned a scripture about Moses and his inadequacies in speaking. The Lord had called Moses to be His mouthpiece but Moses was afraid because he struggled with speech.
At this point the speaker interjected his own thought that those whom The Lord calls to act He lifts up and qualifies.
This made me think. 
I start a new job tomorrow and I've really been struggling to be happy about it. I don't mean to sound like a whiner, but there's a lot going on in our lives, I live far from any family, and I've had a lot of time to be used to being home and available to do whatever whenever. Now the reality that I'll be working full time has hit me and it makes me sad to know I can't just pick up and go for the next while. But when the speaker mentioned that to those whom The Lord calls he qualifies, I felt comforted. 
I realize I am being blessed with work and a chance to save a lot of money. I realize that The Lord is giving me a chance to bless my family. And I realize that since I am being called to this responsibility at this time, The Lord will help me through it.

I made chili for supper tonight. I called Clinton in and told him it was ready.
He: It can't be ready yet, it's not cooked long enough. It's doesn't even feel warm (holding his hand over the pot)
Me: Trust me, it's fine. It's been boiling; I just turned the temp down. I have been having to blow on it before I can taste it, it's hot trust me.
He: (turning the heat back up) No, I don't want to eat raw beef.
Me: Trust me, it's fine.
He: Let it simmer for a bit.
About two minutes pass.
He: Ok, let's eat.
We sit down to eat.
I notice my bowl is really hot and knowing it's been boiling for a while, I really blow on my food before taking a bite.
He: (taking a bite without blowing on it) Ahhh! (spits out his food and looks over at me with a coy look on his face)
Me: So, it's warm enough then?
He: No need to rub it in.
Me: (laughing)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 45: Apparently I Love Him Most When I'm Awake

I gotta say, I really love my Clinton. We had no plans for today but spent the whole day together. We watched some tv, ran some errands, got some yummy East Indian food, did a little shopping, and then came back home to eat some Whoppers and watch Schindler's List on tv.
I have to admit that hanging with my best friend all day is pretty great way to spend a Saturday.

When I woke up this morning Clinton told me about an interaction we had when he came to bed last night. Peter and I were already asleep in bed; I in the middle of the bed, and Peter on Clinton's pillow.
He: (barely lifts up the corner of the blanket on his side of the bed)
Me: DON'T!
He: You're on my side of the bed.
Me: (mumbling) No I'm not!
He: (getting into bed)
He: (pulling on the covers)
Me: You're taking my covers!
He: I just need some blankets.
Me: UGH.
Apparently I'm a real sweetheart in my sleep. Lol