Sunday, April 13, 2014

Day 66: Moving and a'Shaking

We are officially out of our old place and are making great progress on our new one.
Clinton and I teamed up and cleaned the old house, did some laundry and totally wrapped things up for the homeowners when they return this week.
We feel so blessed to have been able to live rent-free for the last couple months! And we are thankful now to be in our own place for the first time since we left Milwaukee!

We went to McDonald's for "lunch". I got my usual: two ice cream cones and a large Diet Coke. It was below freezing outside and I was cold before I even started eating. Well, as you can imagine, my "lunch" made me absolutely freezing from the inside out. I shivered uncontrollably through my whole meal but I gotta say, it was totally worth it. What a deliciously freezing indulgence!

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