Monday, April 7, 2014

Day 61: Peter Rabbit

I had every intention of taking advantage of the lovely sunshine we had today by taking Peter on a walk when I got home from work. But when I sat down for a second he jumped up on my lap and actually snuggled with me. He curled right up in a little baby boy ball and I loved it too much to move.
Though, to be fair and less lazy, I am taking him out in just a second. :)

When we lived in Wisconsin we had little tiny bunnies that would run through our yard on a daily basis. They were cute and Petey loved to chase them. Now, here in Calgary we get bunnies, but they are ginormous! Quite literally they are the same size as Peter.
Clinton and I were sitting watching TV and we could hear Peter crying behind us while he looked out the sliding glass door. I looked to see what was making him so antsy but couldn't see anything. His crying continued and eventually he started shaking as well. I took a better look and this is what I saw.
I don't know if you can see it, but there's a rabbit visible under the tabletop outside. It was staring Peter down and Peter was staring it down. This staring competition/shaking/crying session lasted about 45 minutes until the rabbit eventually jumped away. Oh, Petey.

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