Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 53: Fast Sundays Are Anything but Fast, but Clinton's Quips Always Are

I've never been a very good faster (of food) and I don't do it very often because I typically get pretty awful headaches. Well, I decided I wanted to fast today and sure enough a fairly nauseating headache set in early in the day. Determined to finish my fast I took one ibuprofen and hoped for relief.
Well, if the miracle of relief I received from that one ibuprofen is any indicator of the success I may expect from the prayers associated with my fast, then I'll be one even-more-thankful girl!
I am thankful for prayer. I am thankful for the power it holds to work miracles. And I am thankful that my desire to fast was sustained.

Ok, here's what I wrote about today...
During sacrament meeting today, I asked Clinton if he could see the backcombing in my hair.
He: No, but your lack of reverence is certainly showing.
And when I asked him if "reverence" was the word he used, he said, "No there's more to the story." Then he took my phone and added in the following. Mind you, he wrote this during Sunday School—blatantly ignoring the spiritual lesson and spirit to be felt therein. :P
During sacrament meeting today, I was more focused on my hair than listening to the prayers of the holy sacrament of the Lord God Most High.  I forcibly told my husband to look at my hair and tell me if he could see the backcombing.  He said that there was one spot at the back, so I overtly began trying to comb it out with my fingers.  I commanded Clinton again to tell me if it was showing.  "There's still some showing," he replied.  "Where?!" I snapped. "At the same place where it was before," he gently replied. I angrily began trying to comb my hair with my fingers and then turned the back if my head back towards Clinton (in a rude way).  "Okay, now is anything showing?" I asked.  "Just your lack of reverence," he said, wryly.  
I hate him now more than the day I married him. 

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