Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 82: Happy People vs. Unhappy People

There is almost no better sound in the world to me than Clinton's laugh. Whenever he talks with his former missionary companions I get to listen to it for a good hour or so.
Warms the cockles of my little heart.
I am so thankful to be married to such a happy person!

Is it a rule that if you work for the Registry (Canadian DMV) or DMV you have to be cranky and irritable?
Seriously, I got to the Registry before Clinton arrived and told the clerk that he'd be here any minute.
She: Well, we close in 10 minutes so...I can't help if he's late.
Me: He should be here in less than 2 minutes.
She proceeds to take care of my transaction and is finishing up as Clinton approaches.
Me: Here he is!
She: Well, I've just finished with you so he'll have to wait in line.
Me: He's right here.
She: He has to wait in line.
Ok lady, next time I'll bring my red lipstick so I can give you the visual kiss your butt requires to get decent service.

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