Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 111: A Stroll Down Current and Memory Lane

Work has been very busy this week and I'm loving it! I would so rather be busy than bored and I've been a bit bored lately. I seem to be catching on to things quickly and have avoided any major flubs.
I still love where I am!
Clinton is on his last week of obstetrics and he couldn't be happier to be almost done. He has no desire to deliver babies as his profession and I can't say that I blame him. Next week he'll start his LAST ROTATION of the first year of residency! One year and one month left till he's DONE!!!! 
Keep up the hard work, HB! I'm super proud of you!

I asked Clinton if anything funny happened to him today so I could use it for my blog.
He: Yah.
Me: Ok, what?
He: (in his ultra-sarcastic voice) Remember that one time?!
...That was it! Always the helpful fellow. Lol.

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