Saturday, April 19, 2014

Day 73: Good Will, Good Grief

I had an appointment this morning and while I was gone my sweet MIL washed the walls and floorboards in my kitchen, while my FIL moved the old dryer out of my kitchen and our table and chairs into the kitchen from the living room.
What a nice surprise that was!
Now I'm three steps closer to have this rental house in decent order!
Thank you, Bob and Rennie!!

Our landlord and his wife came over today to look into the maintenance items I had emailed him 2 weeks ago. When I pointed out to him that the previous tenants let their dogs pee in the basement they went down to have a whiff for themselves.
And can you believe they came back upstairs and told me the smell was not urine, but soap?! Lol.
I quickly said, "That is not soap! It's pee and lots of it. It needs to have the rug and padding pulled up and the cement floor resealed in order to get rid of it."
They continued to insist it was soap. Only when I mentioned the urine being a health hazard did he (she still fought me) consent to having a professional come take a look.
I don't know what kind of soap they use at their place but if it smells like dog pee then remind me to never use their bathroom.

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