Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 46: Gave Me the Chills

A guy gave a talk in church today and the topic was kind of about his conversion to the church. He said it took many years for him to decide to be baptized and that decision came after much thought and prayer until one day it hit him that it was true for him.
His talk was fairly interesting but at the very end he mentioned a scripture about Moses and his inadequacies in speaking. The Lord had called Moses to be His mouthpiece but Moses was afraid because he struggled with speech.
At this point the speaker interjected his own thought that those whom The Lord calls to act He lifts up and qualifies.
This made me think. 
I start a new job tomorrow and I've really been struggling to be happy about it. I don't mean to sound like a whiner, but there's a lot going on in our lives, I live far from any family, and I've had a lot of time to be used to being home and available to do whatever whenever. Now the reality that I'll be working full time has hit me and it makes me sad to know I can't just pick up and go for the next while. But when the speaker mentioned that to those whom The Lord calls he qualifies, I felt comforted. 
I realize I am being blessed with work and a chance to save a lot of money. I realize that The Lord is giving me a chance to bless my family. And I realize that since I am being called to this responsibility at this time, The Lord will help me through it.

I made chili for supper tonight. I called Clinton in and told him it was ready.
He: It can't be ready yet, it's not cooked long enough. It's doesn't even feel warm (holding his hand over the pot)
Me: Trust me, it's fine. It's been boiling; I just turned the temp down. I have been having to blow on it before I can taste it, it's hot trust me.
He: (turning the heat back up) No, I don't want to eat raw beef.
Me: Trust me, it's fine.
He: Let it simmer for a bit.
About two minutes pass.
He: Ok, let's eat.
We sit down to eat.
I notice my bowl is really hot and knowing it's been boiling for a while, I really blow on my food before taking a bite.
He: (taking a bite without blowing on it) Ahhh! (spits out his food and looks over at me with a coy look on his face)
Me: So, it's warm enough then?
He: No need to rub it in.
Me: (laughing)

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