Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 120: All in a Day's Drive

I work outside the city limits in a sort of industrial area. The roads are perfectly straight and surrounded by fields, yet for some reason, the speed limit is 50/kph (30/mph). Nobody observes this speed and you'll usually coast along going about 80kph (50mph).
Well, I had to leave work for a doctors appointment and began my usual clip down the road of 80kph...that is until I saw the flashing lights and someone pulled over up the road a little ways.
That poor ticketed sap could have been me, but fortunately I left work just a tidbit late. I am so thankful I saw the warning today so I avoid a ticket in the future.

Clinton was cut off by a school bus today. In frustration he looked up at the back of the bus to give it a good harrumph and was caught off guard by the scene before him.
He said he looked up and, out of that big window they have in the backs of busses, he saw a shorts-covered crotch plastered against the window; the legs in a V-shape up in the air.
He said all he could do was laugh and think, "What the heck is going on in THAT bus?!" Lol

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