Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 123: Color Me Grateful

Had my first official day as the relief society pianist and it went rather well. I flubbed here and there but no one cared and neither did I!
I told Clinton that I can definitely tell my playing has improved but the best part is that my confidence has improved too! I no longer panic when I mess up and my nerves are much less noticeable. I am so thankful for my new calling and the practice it forces me to do. I almost feel like I can say I play the piano well!

I tried to paint my toenails a cheery orange but for some reason the paint was really thick so it went on very gloppy. Obviously it looked terrible ("fortunately" I only pained one foot) so I tried to take it off but the color stained my skin and nails. Well, anyway, I wore peeptoe shoes to church and I had to constantly think about how my feet were positioned to cover my gaingly looking left foot. My toes looked/look like they've been fighting some sort of deathly fungus. I sure hope the color rubs off soon—I'd really like to wear my sandals soon! Lol

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