Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 51: Home Sweet Rental Home

Hallelujah we have FINALLY secured a place to rent!
It's a 3BD/2.5 bath house with a full finished basement, fenced backyard and lots of storage space. We feel very fortunate to get this as the vacancy rate here in Calgary is less than 1%. We were selected out of hundreds of hopefuls and we couldn't be happier. Such a blessing! No sharing walls with neighbors ANYMORE!!

Our new landlords are an East Indian couple. When I toured the home with the wife we stopped and chatted for a good half-hour. During our conversation I told her how much Clinton and I love Indian food. She candidly said she loves to cook and share...I told her I love when people share and she could cook for me anytime!
Well, Clinton and I met with the husband today to sign the rental agreement. As we were reviewing the forms we'd ask clarifier questions and then continue to read the agreement. After a few minutes, in a very serious voice I said, "Now in looking through this agreement I'm not seeing anything about your wife's offering to bring us food...can that be added?"
The husband looked up, a bit surprised at first, and then started chuckling. "That can just be a verbal agreement.", he said.
Ha! I think we'll get along just fine!

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