Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Day 69: Sounds That Make You Go Poo

It was a close one today.
I was merging from one road onto another and it looked like my lane was dedicated but it wasn't. I continued in my lane and so did the car coming fast beside/behind me in the lane I was driving into (is this making sense?). Anyway, they slammed on their breaks and, rightfully, their horn. I sped up, they slowed down and an accident was somehow avoided.
I got in the far left lane and in my rearview mirror I saw a police car pulling up behind me. No lights. I proceeded with caution to the next signal and noticed the cop car stopped next to me in the right lane. I continued looking forward till I heard the "whoop-whoop" of the alert siren. I looked to my right and the cop had her window rolled down so I rolled mine down too.
"Uh, that was pretty close wouldn't you say?" she asked.
She gave me some advice and then drove away. No ticket.
Meanwhile, I pulled over at the nearest side street and shook like a leaf. Not only was that a close call accident-wise, but it was a close call with the law too.
So thankful I was protected from both potential injuries.

Last night I was playing fetch with Peter on the floor. He was really excited and was stepping crazily all over the place. I patted his bum to get him even more excited and he accidentally stepped on his squeaky toy.
Surprised, I reached down to grab it from under him to throw for him to fetch, but there was no squeaky toy. There was no toy. The squeak had come from Peter. And by "come from Peter", I mean the squeaky sound came from his butt!
Clinton and I both just started laughing...and fanning away the air.
What a gross boy.

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