Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 91: Chatty Cathy

I don't think I had ever met someone who had never met a Mormon until today. I don't remember what started it exactly but my supervisor asked me if swearing bothered me. I told him I personally didn't do it but unless someone was swearing at me I wasn't going to tell them they couldn't. He said he'd noticed I didn't swear and asked me why.
This started a whole Q&A session about my beliefs. I had already told him the day before that I didn't drink coffee, tea or alcohol and so today he asked me why that was. We talked about temples, prophets, modern revelation, the Word of Wisdom, tithing, fasting and fast offerings, covenants and temple recommend interviews. 
The whole thing was kinda neat cause I've never met someone who truly had no clue about Mormons. I told him I'm an open book and if he ever had a question I would give him honest answers. I don't think he has any interest in the church, per se, but it was just a no-pressure (for him or me) information session and I really enjoyed it!

At another point during the day I had a completely different kind of conversation with a female coworker that involved words like "periods", "cycle", "doing 'business'", "sperm" and "eggs". Lol
Oh how different conversations can be in just a short period of time. Ha!

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