Sunday, May 11, 2014

Day 95: Happy Women's Day

Mother's Day. Two words, when put together, that typically make me cringe.
However, today I have found myself smiling thinking of all the children I've had the chance to mother: my nieces and nephews, my friends' kids, some of the young women I taught, and the random kids I've sat with at church when their mom's just looked desperate for help.
Sometimes I think this holiday should just be called "Women's Day". It would make it a lot easier to enjoy for those like me who have yet to be, but desperately want to be, mothers. But being a woman--I've got that covered! It is part of my nature to nurture and love; to teach and to play; to comfort and to soothe. I'm inherently a mom.
I wanted to give a shout-out to my mom for raising me to be who I am. I know you don't feel like you "measure up" but you do. You are the perfect mom for me!
I also want to thank my sisters (SIL's included) for letting me help "raise" your kids. You have no idea how special your kids are to me and how much being their aunt has blessed my life.
To my friends, thanks for calling me the "Baby Whisperer". I love snuggling your little ones and lulling them to sleep. Doing this makes me feel special and needed.
To the women who have handed me their kids without saying a word, thank you letting me help.
For those with kids I know this day can be hard as well and I hope you can find joy in it. We have a sacred work to do and we cannot do it alone. Thankfully we are surrounded by other women (moms, sisters, friends, aunts, and even the occasional stranger) who can lend us help when we need it.
May we all find a reason to celebrate who we are, cause being a woman is pretty amazing.
To all women I wish you a Happy Women's/Mother's Day.

If you'll excuse the swear word in the title, here are two videos that make me laugh cause they're totally true! To all women, enjoy "'Crap' Girls Say: Episodes 1 and 2".

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