Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 84: Things That Are Warm

Sunshine and warmth! I took two walks today with Peter and we were in heaven! I noticed blooms on the trees and tulips coming through the ground. Spring just might actually be coming...but it'll still be a while yet...though tomorrow will be lovely, the snow and cold weather will be back just in time for the weekend.
At least I get to enjoy the thought of spring for one more day!

Clinton was venting to me a bit tonight about the spelling of Canadian medical terms. He said, "It's frustrating because it's like they're trying to spell things the British way but they want to put their own spin on it. Diarrhea for example, it's a whole mess of vowels. Vowels, not bowels!" Lol
And for your reference here's the spelling: diarrhoea (this is the British spelling used in Canada).

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