Thursday, May 8, 2014

Day 92: Call Me Poopular

I had a phone interview for a fairly prestigious position in the Oncology Department at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre here in Calgary. It was kind of weird to hear the interviewer use words I am so very familiar with since working in oncology at MCW. The job sounds rather great but as I was talking with the lady I just kept thinking about my current job and how content I am in it. The pay would be quite a bit more and I'm pretty sure I'd be offered it, but I just don't think I even want to consider leaving where I am. The commute sorta stinks for both jobs but at my current job I already know I really like the people and the work. Plus, it's only for six months anyway.
This call was kind of a blessing in disguise cause I feel like it really put in to perspective what I want and what I have. I want a happy and friendly place to work that keeps me busy and interested...and I have that.

Conversation between Clinton and I while taking Peter for a walk.
(Peter poops and I bend over to pick it up with a garbage bag)
Clinton: Eat it.
Me: What?
He: Eat it. Eat the pooh.
Me: No! You eat it.
He: No thanks.

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