Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 36: Summarize vs. Summer-Eyes

So, I have come to a close of my week-long logging about focusing more on the Atonement and the covenants I made when I was baptized.  I prayed this morning that as I went to take the Sacrament I would be able to reflect on my week and really internalize my thoughts and feelings about what I've experienced this last week.  I think this is probably the most prepared I've ever been for partaking of the Sacrament.  I feel like I have begun to build a stronger relationship with my Savior and that, if I continue to draw closer to him,  I could feel more comfortable in his presence (I still have a LONG way to go, but it's a process, right?).  I feel like I am beginning to know him and understand what is expected of me...although, at this point I still have so much to learn.  I felt like I had a goal to find something that related to my covenants and that goal motivated me to make good choices each day.  I felt like I had a purpose.
I think that I would like to continue this record keeping because I like feeling this way.  I like knowing that each day I can learn from my experiences.  I still make mistakes, but I feel like I can handle them better, or even overcome them someday if I try to stay close to the Lord and do the things I've committed to do.
My love for Jesus has grown so much in seven days and I can only imagine how much more it can grow if I keep this up!!

Ha ha:
Clinton found a necklace he'd bought me a couple Christmases ago that ended up under the couch.  Here's our conversation:
He:  Hey, look what I just found under the couch.  You hid it there.
Me:  No, it was probably there because I was wearing it but took it off at some point.
He:  No, you came down early one morning, threw it under the couch and said a silent prayer that no one would ever find it.  Well guess what?  I found it.
(we both started laughing)
Moments later, we were headed out the door to a friend's house for dinner.  I was standing in the garage and Clinton was coming across the driveway to get in the car.  In the 16 feet or so that it took him to get from our back door to the garage he had this goofy grin on his face as he was squinting at me in the sunlight.  I was returning his goofy grin.  The second he stepped into the shade of the garage (and could open his eyes all the way) his goofy grin turned into a questioning scowl and I promptly busted up laughing.  Where does he come up with this stuff? 
As we got into the car and I was still laughing, he turned to me and said, "You think I'm hilarious.  I bring such joy to your day."  I told him that was all true.  He responded, "You think I'm great."  I responded by laughing, but the truth is, I totally do!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 35: Puppies and Painting with Jesus

1.  I went to bed last night not feeling very well and woke up still not feeling well, but I had signed up to help with an Habitat for Humanity project.  I wanted to go and help and was blessed with good enough strength and energy to be outside in 92 degree weather and paint for four hours!  It felt so good to help someone who needed it. 
Needless to say though, as soon as I got home, I promptly laid on the floor in front of the air conditioner for about an hour before crawling into bed and taking a two-hour nap!
2.  Clinton was on call today and all I really wanted was for him to be home with me.  His call usually lasts till about 8pm, but I kept saying a little prayer that, if it was at all possible, he would be able to come home earlier.  I got a call at about 5pm saying he was saying goodbye to his patients and coming home!  It was so nice to be able to spend some time with him tonight...even if I was sick on the couch!
3.  While at Habitat for Humanity today, I had a special opportunity to think about mankind.  I was thinking that we so often judge another person without really knowing anything about them.  We think that we know all the answers, but we don't really. 
This got me thinking about the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  He is the only person who literally has felt and can understand what each and every person (good or bad) has or will go through in this life.  He has suffered and paid the price of His life for all of mankind.  His love is so great that He would do this.  If He knows the motivation behind each person's actions and still reaches out to them in love, shouldn't we do the same? 
All week, I've been writing about trying to remember the covenants I've made and make them a bigger part of my day.  I've had and recorded my opportunities to Keep His Commandments and Always Remember Him, but I hadn't really had an experience to Take His Name Upon Me.  It's kinda been a part of my prayers that I would be able to.  I feel like I had that chance today:  I helped someone who needed it and I did it out of love.  Even when it got really hot outside and I wanted to rest, my thoughts were about getting the work done.  I feel like if the Savior was standing beside me, he'd have been holding a paintbrush and bucket too...and that's pretty cool.

Ha ha:
So, I posted cute kitty videos yesterday, I thought it only fair to post cute puppy videos too.
Puppy Can't Get Up (I don't think I could have just watched, I'd have just scooped it up and given it a squeeze).
Puppy Finally Makes It! (Phew, finally!)
And last, but certainly not is a video of my own pup moments after getting a new toy.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 34: The Sweetest Things

1.  Yesterday at work, as I was on my way to complete an errand, one of the doctor's stopped me and asked me to make a change on the calendar.  I told him, "no problem" and then completely forgot about it as I left to run my errand.
Today, while I was working on a different change for the calendars, I realized I had not made the requested changes from yesterday.  I quickly made the changes, notified those it affected and came across as well prepared and organized (which, I usually am!).
If I hadn't had that other change come up today, I would have forgotten about the one from yesterday!  I felt VERY blessed that the Lord would help me spot something I would have otherwise missed on my own.
2.  Clinton had a patient (who he is not even the provider for) ask Clinton's attending physician (supervisor) if he would let Clinton come to a procedure with him.  The family said they would feel more comfortable if he could be there.  They really love Clinton and made a point to share that with his attending!  Way to go, Honey!

Ha ha:
Clinton showed me these videos and I feel I must share them with you.  If you like cats, or even if you don't, you'll think these are adorable!
Narcolepsy Kitty
Mommy Cat and Baby Kitty
Falling Asleep Kitten
We're suckers for cute animal videos!  Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day 33: Disturbing Sounds

I was dreaming this morning that Clinton and I were on some beach somewhere doing some sort of detective work.  There were a lot of caves and bridges and we were on or in one of them, I don't remember for sure, when all of a sudden, in the distance, there was a phone ringing.  It kept ringing and wouldn't stop.  I turned around and around trying to find the phone that was somehow ringing louder and louder.  It was really disturbing my ability to detect whatever it was I was detecting.
I woke up to Clinton's alarm (2nd time this week) and realized I only had 45 minutes left till I had to get up (sigh).  I tried to go back to sleep, but I had to go to the bathroom, so I grumpily got up, went into the bathroom where Clinton was brushing his teeth, turned off the light, said "your alarm woke me up", and went back to bed.  Clinton came in a few minutes later for prayer.  Just as I was falling asleep, I heard a scratching at my door and had to let Peter in.  10 minutes later my alarm went off.
Needless to say, I had an inclination to wake up grumpy...however, I remembered that I had made a commitment to "Always Remember Him" and "Keep His Commandments" so I said a quick prayer that I wouldn't let the bad start to my morning ruin the rest of my day and that I would be able to be happy regardless.  I am happy to announce that I ended up having one of the best days I've had in quite a while!

Ha ha:
I have a tendency to hiccup very loudly, a couple times in a row, every once and while throughout my day.  Such a disturbance happened to me while I was walking past one of the cleaners at the corporate office.  One came and then a short moment later, the second.  I apologized, excused myself and said, "Oh, these hiccups".  She laughed and said, "Oh, I wasn't sure if you'd hiccuped or burped."  I gave a light laugh as I stepped into the elevator.
My first thought was, burp what a funny word!
My second thought was, who would burp that loudly at work?
My third thought was, who would burp two times in a row like that at work?
My last thought was, if she mistook my hiccups for many others have done the same??

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 32: Dadgummit

Okay, so I wasn't planning on having my driving irritability limits tested so soon, but I found myself on the freeway traffic.  I thought I would miss the rush at 3:30 in the afternoon, but this is Milwaukee, so I guess any time of the day is prime-time for traffic.
Anyway, my first inclination was to get really irritated and demonstrate some slight road rage.  However, in His tender mercies, I was quickly reminded of my rant from yesterday (as well as my commitment to "Remember Him") and how I had decided that if/when I was ever stuck in traffic again, I would react differently...and I did. :)  I knew it was risky taking the freeway and as I had no other options, I had to be okay with it.  I decided to just take a deep breath and keep driving.  I don't know if it was coincidence or not, but once I got onto surface streets I hardly hit any lights!  Perhaps it was a "reward" for passing the stress/irritability test?  Either way, I felt better for choosing a better attitude and my stop-and-go car ride was still rather enjoyable.

Ha ha:
Clinton had to give a presentation at the hospital today during his rotation.  As per usual, he said something funny and everyone started laughing.  One female classmate apparently laughed so hard her gum went flying out of her mouth and hit him on the leg.  Without a moment's hesitation Clinton simply and quickly responded, "You know, most people just throw rotten tomatoes."
Even when he suffers a surprise gum-pelting he's quick as a whip!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 31: Driving Me Crazy

I noticed myself replacing irritable thoughts with atonement/covenant reminders instead.  I wish I could say that this happened each and every time I had a less than perfectly-cheery thought running through my head, but it did happen more often than any other day.
When I experienced something painful this afternoon, I found myself comforted knowing that Jesus had experienced this before and I didn't have to hurt alone.  When I got stuck in traffic this evening (see below) and wanted to rip my hair out, I began to have a desire to be better and happier because I remembered I had covenanted to do so.  When my desire turned out to become nothing more than that, I knew that I could repent and try to improve next time (oh dear, that means there has to be a next time!).
I'm hoping that by thinking more about the atonement and the covenants I made at baptism that I can respond to the challenges I face with a cheerful disposition, with stronger faith in the Lord that His plan is better than mine and with effort that is pleasing to the Him.

Ha ha:
I drove downtown today at 5:15pm.  I could just leave it at that, but I'll expound for expounding's sake.  For those of you who don't know me, I despise traffic.  I LOATHE it.  I instantly tense when I think of being stuck in it.  Today I drove in it.  Well, I tried to avoid it by taking surface streets, but I literally was stopped at every. stinking. red. light (and I live 84 blocks from downtown...that's a lot of signals).
The first 20 or so I tried to keep a sense of humor.  I kept thinking, Again?  Man, this couldn't get any funnier!  I wish I had kept that mentality.
I finally make it downtown (no thanks to my mal-functioning GPS), parked my car, paid the meter and proceeded to walk in the direction last stated by the GPS.  After about 10 minutes, I realize this is not right, the street numbers are getting bigger, not smaller.  I'm running out of time to get to the store that closes at 6pm.  I get in my car, hit another set of lights before finally reaching my destination (just as it's about to close).
Getting back in my car, I begin my trek back home and am SURE to NOT take surface streets.  As I approach the last signal before the freeway entrance the light turns yellow, but the car in front of me stalls and there's no time for me to get through the signal.  No big deal.  It's the last signal before you're on the freeway.  Just laugh about it.  Right then the bridge lights start flashing and my only access to the freeway is slowing lifting high above the road for a passing boat.  5 light changes (15 minutes later) the bridge is back down.  I wait for one more signal change and then I'm freed to go.  Once off the freeway I hit the first signal, but the second two were GREEN!!
My car and I made it in one piece.  I've never been so happy to be off the road in my entire life! 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 30(!): Nearly Silent Moments

As promised, I tried to be better about remembering the covenants I have made and to reflect on the Atonement.  Nothing miraculous or especially spiritual happened, but as I was walking Peter home tonight on a perfect summer evening, with lightening bugs flying all around and a slight breeze cooling the air, I took a moment to think about Jesus.  In fact, I kept thinking about what from my day I could blog about until it occurred to me that this experience was special enough.  I had thought about Jesus today several times and made a conscious effort to think about my covenants to always remember Him, keep His commandments, and take His name upon me.  This moment was very quiet and very peaceful.  It was like everything went quiet around me so I could just think.  Even though this particular moment lasted all of a few minutes, it was still enough time for me to picture him praying for me and to feel his love for me.
I would highly recommend this to anyone who may need a little spiritual boost.

Ha ha:
Someone at work farted today while I was talking with them.  They acted like nothing had happened, but the subtle squeak was audible enough for me to question...that is, until the smell crept in.  Then I knew for sure.  They never claimed it.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 29: Eye Will Not Forget

One thing that's nice about blogging an "aha" on a Sunday, is that they are usually a little easier to notice.  Today in Sunday School, the topic was the Sacrament.  We discussed the usual things like, what do the bread and water represent, what is an ordinance and what do we promise to do and what blessing do we receive for doing so?  I think most of us know the answers to these (let me know if you don't and I'd be happy to discuss them) but one passing/closing comment by the teacher struck me a bit.  He said,     
     "The Sacrament means nothing if we don't desire to have His spirit with us.  If we desire to have His   spirit with us, then we will find ourselves working extra hard to keep our baptismal covenants (always remember Him, keep His commandments, and take His name upon us).  I know there are weeks when my desire for the spirit is probably not what it should be, but I know that I can't succeed in doing what I need to if I don't have the spirit with me.  I'm going to try harder to remember the Atonement this week and not just think of it on Sunday, but I'm going to do my best to think of it even on Wednesday."
I realize he wasn't just saying he'd think of the Sacrament on Sunday and Wednesday, but keep it at the front of his mind each day this week.  This was definitely an "aha" for me and I'm going to blog about it this week.  I'm going to watch for "aha" moments that relate to the Savior specifically and what the Atonement means in my life.  I have no idea how this will all go, but I'm throwing this out there anyway.

Ha ha:
Clinton and I were invited over to a family's house for dinner.  The husband of this family is also blind in one eye and wears a prosthetic lens (small world, eh?).  It is crazy to be able to talk so candidly to someone who truly can relate!  We've shared stories about the many funny instances with our eyes, how our accidents happened, how many pranks we've played on others, and how many accidents we still have from our lack of depth-perception.  In fact, just tonight, Clinton and I were sitting on the couch waiting for dinner to start when Matt (my one-eyed, prosthetic-sportin', depth-perception-lacking buddy) came around the corner and rammed his shoulder into it.  He stopped what he was doing, turned to me and said, "Oh, that was in honor of you."  I laughed out loud.  It totally made my day!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 28: I'd Like an Order of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, Hold the Ash

1.  As I was getting ready to pull out of the driveway on one errand, I remembered that I had something I needed to return and was able to run inside and get it before leaving!  Saved me an extra trip!
2.  When I got to the store to exchange my item it appeared that there were no more available.  I searched through the racks and just happened to find THE LAST one available!
3.  Even though I had forgotten my iPod at home (which has all my reminders/appointments in it) I remembered that the peach truck (brings peaches from Georgia and they are UNBELIEVABLE) was going to be in town.  Even better, I remembered early enough so we could arrive early and not have to wait in line as long!  And even better still, the peach truck doesn't accept visa/debit, but I just happened to have cash on me (which I never do)!
4.  While I waited in the peach line, Clinton went inside the store.  I had forgotten my cell phone and had no way to get a hold of him to tell him when I had bought our (very heavy) case of peaches and some fresh-picked blueberries and was ready for his brute strength to carry this stuff to our car.  As I began to feel helpless seeing how far away from the store I was and how far I'd have to carry these boxes, there he was, just coming around the corner!  The timing couldn't have been better!
Ha ha:
Clinton and I went to the Farmer's Market today to get out and enjoy the fresh air as well as find a few good buys.  As we were strolling through the stands, I noticed something that caught both my attention and my surprise.  One vendor was smoking a cigarette over the vegetables he was selling!  That's not the most shocking part though...people were still buying from him...ashes and all! 
Um...nothing says fresh and organic like cigarettes, right?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 27: Impressed, Impression

It is WAY past my bedtime, so these will be very brief...

Our car's been making a weird grinding noise for a couple weeks and we finally got the chance to take it in.  We were worried it was the CV joints or some other really expensive repair, but I received a call saying they found the problem and it was easily fixable and not too costly!  They said our car was in great shape and they offered to do a tune-up/spark plug replacement at the same time (not for free, but it was a good enough deal to not have to do it ourselves)!
I really dislike spending money on repairs, but the Lord was mindful of us in our situation and led us to a great repair shop (we had no idea where to go) that treated us fairly, guarantees their work for a year and didn't charge us outrageously!  I feel very blessed!

Ha ha:
Saw this video on Facebook.  I was totally blown away!  This guy is amazing!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 26: Speechless

I had a lot to get done today.  Right after work my friend and I picked up Peter from my house and drove him out to the groomers.  We had some errands to run and then met our husbands for dinner.  My time was running short to get to the grocery store and it was closing in 10 minutes.  I REALLY needed to get some groceries so I said a quick little prayer that it would stay open long enough for me to get inside.  The store closes at 8pm and I pushed my cart through the doors at 7:59pm.  I felt bad that I was such a last-minute customer, but I literally got ALL of my shopping done in about 10 minutes.  What a relief!
Next, I had time to kill while I waited for Petey to finish so I decided to go next door to Dollar Tree.  As I was looking around I found a few little nick-knacks and then my phone rang.  It was my mom and we got to chat.  It was so nice to have someone to talk to while I was stuck waiting.  What a pleasant surprise!
The groomers beeped through and as I was leaving the store to get Peter I saw the MOST AMAZING sunset ever!  The sky was neon orange along the horizon and faded into a pink, which faded into a purple which faded into a blue.  I couldn't believe it!  What a beautiful sight!
I picked Peter up from the groomers and he had the BEST cut he's ever had.  I didn't have to have them fix anything at all!  What a handsome boy!
Anyway, my aha today was filled with lots of little aha's and I'm grateful I could notice them all!

Ha ha: 
So, I was accidentally forwarded an email from someone who works at the college.  I wrote her back so she was aware she had sent this email to other people by accident.  I never heard back from her, but this was one of the attachments.
Walmart Photo
I have three thoughts...
  • Maybe I'm just not "up with the trends", but I don't think a giant pair of boxers count as a pair of halter shorts.  
  • Nor do I think that just because your boobs stretch far enough to fit into your pants, that that makes it okay to do in public...or in private for that matter.
  • One of my favorite quotes of all time is so very applicable here..."I'm so out of shape, my chest is in my drawers."  I never new that could happen for real.  Leave it to Walmart.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 25: Keep it Down as You Pass the Popcorn

Tonight was the first night in a LONG time that I haven't had a voice student/hair appointment/errands or any other responsibilities taking up my already-too-short evenings.  I got to come home and enjoy QUIET (and guilt-free to boot)! 
As I was enjoying my evening I took a moment to check my emails and remembered there was a sister in the ward who was moving and needed help today.  I knew the Lord was talking to me and I'm trying my best to listen.  I called her up, put on some moving clothes and stepped outside into the 110 degree weather to walk over to her place.
I realize I could have ignored that prompting to help.  I know I could have rationalized that this night was a FREE night and I should revel in it (perhaps it was "free" for this reason?).  There were several reasons I could have come up with to not go, but there was one major reason why I should and why I did:  it is what the Lord expects of me.  Plus, there's the added bonus of strengthening my friendships with those around me.  It felt good to help someone and I'll never regret that feeling!

Ha ha:
The following is a "conversation" between Clinton and I as he was in bed ready to go to sleep and I was in bed getting ready to work on my blog.
He:  Can you turn the light off?
Me: Yah, just a minute.
He:  (sarcastically) Turn that off now, thanks.
(sound of me opening my laptop...I didn't know it made a sound either)
He:  Turn that off too.
Me:  (laughing) No.
He:  Quiet with that mouse moving.
Me:  I'm not using a mouse.
He:  Quiet with that finger tapping.
Me:  (laughs and continues to quietly type)
He:  Shh.
Me:  (halfway through typing the above)
He:  Shh.

What a pill!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 24: God Bless Us, Everyone

I had the pleasure of reading the First Presidency Message for the month of August.  It's titled "Love at Home:  Counsel from our Prophet.  It contains a series of topics that are answered with quotes from President Monson's many addresses.  Here is my favorite piece from this message...
Sharing Our Love
"Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved...Let us relish life as we live it, find joy in the journey and share our love with friends and family.  One day, each of us will run out of tomorrows.  Let us not put off what is most important."
I read those words over and over.  How poignant.  I loved his counsel about the importance of loving a person more than focusing on their problems/problems you may have together.  It is so easy for me to get annoyed or frustrated with people around me and this was such a sweet reminder to remember that we are all human and we all need to be loved.  I'm going to try harder this week to focus on the importance of loving those around me more vs. focusing on the "problems" I have with them.  I can not put off what is most important!

Ha ha:
I meant to blog about this a couple days ago, but neglected to do so.
While sitting in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday I could feel a sneeze coming on.  I tried to hold it in, but in my attempt to keep it quiet I seemed to lose all control and had the weirdest sound come out of my snout!  Imagine a yelling match between Donald Duck and the Tasmanian was something along those lines.
Lots of people turned to see what the heck the sound was, Clinton turned and said, "What the heck was that?" and my friend's husband (who was sitting in the same pew as us) leaned across his wife and said, "I don't know if I should say 'Bless you' or perform an exorcism."  Oh dear! 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 23: What is this Feeling So Sudden and New?

1.  As I was sitting at work today an unidentifiable feeling came over me.  I have no idea what it was, and perhaps it is just the hopeful part of me, but I felt like it had to do with the adoption process.
I felt hopeful.  I felt excited.
Shortly after feeling this, I got an email from my caseworker saying that he had updating some information/pictures I had sent him.  I checked the statistics for our profile tonight and not much had changed, but I just feel like I needed to record this.
This could all very well just be me being hopeful, but hope is such a better feeling than doubt.
2.  In preparing for visiting teaching today with a sister who is very new to the gospel, I felt it important to bring a picture of the temple.  The lesson was on the temple and receiving the blessings therein.  As we began talking about the temple I asked her what she knew about it.  She said not much, she hadn't even seen one!  I couldn't believe it.  I was able to bring out my picture and give it to her to look at while we discussed the wonderful things that can be learned and received by entering the temples of God.  We were able to talk about preparing to go to the temple for the first time and learned that she would like to begin that process right away!  I'm so thankful I followed that prompting!
This was a great testimony builder to me that the Lord is mindful of all of His children and that if we are listening for the Spirit, it will inspire us to do the things we need to do each day.

Ha ha:
Hope you don't mind You-Know-Who-You-Are, but I have to share this incident from today.
I was asked to house sit for a friend of mine while she is away on vacation.  She called to finalize some things and I ended the conversation by saying, "Have a great trip!" to this she replied, "You too."  I kinda chuckled as she sort of awkwardly said goodbye and hung up.
After hanging up I was smiling about her wishes for my non-existent trip.  You know how you do that sometimes?  Someone will say to you something like, "Good luck on your test" and out of habit you say, "you too" even though they aren't taking a test?  Well that's what happened.  But here's the best part, and why I love this girl so much.  Right after hanging up, my phone starts ringing again...
Me:  Hello?
She:  Hey.  I'm so embarrassed.  You know how people do that "you too" thing, well I just did it.  I've never done that before and...I panicked!  I didn't know what to do so I just sorta awkwardly hung up as fast as I could. 
Me:  (laughter)
She:  You know, that skit from Brian Regan? (click here)
Me:  Yes!  I hate it when that happens, but I needed that today!  Thanks for the laugh!
Thanks for the laugh, She-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless!  Love ya!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 22: Animals and Fruit Don't Mix

1.  Peter swallowed a peach pit today.  It will forever be the most expensive peach I've ever purchased!  After getting past the shock that he was able to swallow that thing, we decided it would be best to induce vomiting so the pit didn't have a chance to get obstructed in his bowels or scrape his insides on the way to his outsides.  We worried about him choking if we did this at home, so we instead took him to the veterinary hospital.
Where's the aha?  Well, we got to the hospital at the perfect time for administering the medicine to help Peter puke-up the peach pit (shortly after getting him in about six other families came in with their pets and if we had had to wait, the pit may have made it to his intestines and he'd risk having to have surgery), we had the money in our account to pay for everything and we got to enjoy the rest of our Sabbath Day together.  Things could have gone terribly wrong but they didn't and I see that as a huge blessing!

Ha ha:
I saw this cute video posted on a friend's Facebook page and thought it needed to be shared.  Enjoy!
Kitten vs. Two Scary Things

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 21: Now You See It

When we were at WalMart earlier today I had one or two things I needed to get.  When I passed by the contact aisle I thought You should get some more solution.  I figured I still had plenty left and could wait till next time and same some money on this trip.  However, I thought it again, put it in my cart and bought it.  When I got home and took out my contact tonight I realized I was just about out!
What a great little blessing!  I'm grateful to be able to "look" back and "see" it! ;)

Ha ha:
I realize this may not sit well with some readers out there, but I thought this was funny.  Today whilst strolling through the mall, I turned to say something to Clinton and noticed an old man, in an electric wheelchair, wheeling himself into The Walking Company.  Ironic, no?

I asked Clinton if he could share one moment from his day where he recognized the Lord's hand in his life and he said, "When we drove and didn't crash."  I said, "No, I mean, something specific that in looking back you could really see His hand."  He responded, "Yah.  Like when you drove that bit today and we didn't crash."  Ha. Ha.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 20: Working hard, or Hardly working?

1.  I got off work at 2pm today, came home, taught a productive voice lesson and then promptly laid on the couch and took a nap.  My house/neighbors were completely quiet and I could actually think about NOTHING!  I caught myself smiling as I was falling asleep because it felt so good to rest!
2.  Clinton was on call tonight till 9pm (was supposed to only be till 8pm) so I had a lot of alone time.  Peter and I decided to take a walk and the weather was absolutely wonderful!  It was warm, but there was a slightly cool breeze.  We walked on campus and because I wasn't in any sort of hurry (like when I'm getting to or leaving work), I got to actually stop and admire all the beautiful landscaping.  It was quiet there too and very peaceful.  It was nice to be reminded that peace can be found just about anywhere...even at work!
3.  When I picked Clinton up he told me he was really enjoying his rotation (Peds-inpatient).  He said he had to give a presentation during rounds and the attending physician pulled him aside and told him how impressed she was with him!  Her exact words were "very sharp!".  This is the second time he's presented in front of this physician and each time she has pulled him aside and complimented him.  This has been very good for his self-esteem and has provided him encouragement to keep pushing through the program.  I am very proud of him!  It was so cute to watch him tell me about his day, he just had this sly grin and I knew he was proud of himself!

Ha ha:
By the time Clinton got in the car (9pm)  I was absolutely STARVING (I of course use this term loosely seeing as how there are people in this world who actually ARE starving.  I just felt so hungry and that's the best way to describe it).  I told Clinton I wanted Taco Bell.  I think today was/is the last time we go past 7pm.
When we arrived, we were greeted by a couple of America's "finest" citizens "talking" (if you count cursing, mumbling and angry hand gestures as words) in the parking lot.  From what I could gather, one person was fatigued of the other's "girl troubles" and thought the best way to handle it was by stalking and sulking angrily in the local TB parking lot.  We did our best to get inside as quick as possible without making it look too obvious.
Phew!  Now we were inside away from all the crazies, right?...where we could expect nothing less than refinement and class from the well-trained staff of our favorite, south of the border grub hub, right?  Well, not today.  Today, we enjoyed our fresco burritos, cinnamon twists and a #9 combo to the sounds of repeated f-bombs and "What you talkin' about?"s from a disgruntled worker taking his break in the dining area.  I turned and stared at him but instead of getting up and moving his way-too-personal-to-be-that-loud conversation elsewhere, he sprawled out and laid down on the bench instead so he couldn't see me.  Really?  Just cause I can't SEE your mouth, doesn't mean I can't HEAR it.
Clinton and I just kept laughing as the conversation became more and more ridiculous.  When we couldn't take it anymore we filled our diet Pepsi one last time, and made a run for the door.  Oh dear!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 19: Fruit Basket Case

I was asked to set up the computer and projector at work for a meeting, last minute.  It was no big deal because I do it at least once a week.
This set up was not typical though.  Not only was I having to set things up after the meeting had already started (so there was no time to be looking like an incompetent fool), but also because a different laptop was being used and the flash drive they tossed at me to insert was not registering.  The "usual-me" would have started to panic and then gone to go get help, but the "blessed-me" was blessed with a quick thought of inspiration and I knew just what to install and where to click to resolve the problem.
The meeting attendees (about 12 people) were able to continue uninterrupted with their meeting and were all thankful for my skills with the computer equipment.  I, on the other hand, was thankful for a loving and merciful Heavenly Father who helped me stay calm in moment of crisis and gave me the answers I needed, right when I needed them.

Ha ha:
I happened to pass by two women having a conversation in the hallway at work.  One was dressed in black pants and a white shirt (who will now be referenced as "White"), and the other was dressed in tan pants and a pink shirt (and will now be referenced as "Pink").  Here's how the conversation went...
White:  That's a pretty top.
Pink:  Oh, thank you!  I thought it was red until I held it up to another red shirt this morning and realized just how pink it was!
White:  It's a great pink!  It's watermelon!
Pink:  Watermelon, huh?  I like that.

If you don't get why this is moderately funny just answer this...You ever seen a pink watermelon?  When did a red watermelon become a pink color?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 18: Impromptu

I am SUPER exhausted, so this post will be quite short (perhaps that brings a sigh of relief to some).  I hope you enjoy either way...
1.  I woke up early this morning and had extra time to sit and enjoy some quiet in my house before going into a crazy day at work.  I didn't recognize it for what it was until now, but I don't know how I would have made it through the day if it didn't start out as calmly as it did.
2.  I just got asked to begin piano lessons for one of our doctor's little three-year-olds.  The Lord really is providing me with many different situations to make extra money from home.  I feel very blessed.
3.  I called my mom to see how things were going and my dad answered.  We got to talk for about 30 minuted about things I didn't know I needed his help with and speaking with him made me feel so much better. 

Ha ha:
Over a conversation about...actually I don't even remember what we were discussing, anyway whilst enjoying our frozen yogurt tonight one of my friends blurted out the word "Chubbies".  Everyone started laughing but this person had no idea why we were all laughing.  I asked if they knew what that word meant (slang anyway) and when I told them they about died.
It was all totally innocent and that's what made it even funnier. 
Knowing that I usually don't know what those types of slang words mean, the person turned to me and said, "I can't believe YOU know what that means."  Again, laughter ensued. 
All in the name of innocence.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 17: Ding-Dong the Premenstrual Witch is Dead!!

**WARNING!!--Female issues will be discussed.  If this subject makes you uncomfortable, I suggest you take your blogging-eyes elsewhere.  Period! (pun intended)**
I have been struggling with irritability for about 3 weeks.  I literally have been praying each night that either my period would start or that I could snap out of my slump.  My prayers have been answered in a very real and very specific way!  It feels so great to have my hormones leveled out again.  I feel happy again!
For those of you who know me REALLY well, you'd know that my cycle has never been regular.  I'm probably categorized as completely UNregular.  In fact, in the last year, I think I've had maybe four or five extremely light periods.  If you are female, you are probably saying to yourself, Wow!  Wouldn't that be nice?  Sure, I guess it's "nice" but when your body needs them for later-in-life bone health, it is a bit worrisome to not be having them regularly.
Anyway, yesterday night I felt a familiar feeling that I haven't felt in about a year...cramping.  This isn't your average menstruation cramping.  These are labor pains.  I actually get contractions during Aunt Flo's visits.  The thing is/was...I couldn't be HAPPIER!  My body is FINALLY working properly again and I am completely and totally elated!

Ha ha:
The other day, when the Premenstrual Witch was still alive, she reared her ugly face into what could have been a totally happy conversation.  It went a little something like this (mind you, this was on our way home from church.  I guess I wasn't paying attention to the whole, "Be Christlike" mentality).
Me:  Honey, I just want to warn you that I'm a bit sensitive today and can't take a lot of sarcasm.
He:  Do you remember the old days?  (He asks me this at least once a week and today I couldn't take it)
Me:  Why do you keep asking me that?  What old days?
He:  The old ones.
Me:  I was a baby, of course I don't.  (getting irritated)
He:  Do you remember the gay old days?
Me:  (silence)
He:  Well, do you?
Me:  That's it!  Pull over, I'm walking home (still had over a mile left)

Oh, my.  I think I was a bit dramatic.  Looking back at it, it's quite humorous, but during it, I was a crazy, hormone drivin' crazy woman and I my poor husband was the target.  Sorry Honey!  Thanks for loving me regardless.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 16: Puzzle Pieces

1.  As I was reading my scriptures tonight I came across Alma 26:27.  This then led me to Alma 17:10.  Both of these references are in regards to comfort.  Something I'm finding myself needing more and more lately.
I didn't specifically go looking for these scriptures, but they are a tender mercy for a girl in need of a little bit of hope.
2.  As I was getting ready for bed I almost forgot to set my alarm, but I "happened" to glance at my iPod while settling in and remembered! Phew!
3.  While Clinton and I were reading scriptures before bed he read from Alma.  I could barely hear most of what he was saying except this verse was loud and clear:  Alma 57:27.  Yet another reminder to put my trust in the Lord and that by doing so I can conquer anything!

Ha ha:
My coworkers and I were discussing this post from a few days ago.  We probably should have been discussing more important things related to our jobs, but the necessity of good personal hygiene is important no matter where you are, and I guarantee NO ONE will get far up the corporate ladder without it!
Anyway, we were absolutely baffled at how this stranger's danger pits could have become so dangerous.  We tried to think up several possibilities, but the only thing we could decide was that at least her pits weren't hairy.  Although, if they were at least that would give a CAUSE to the balls of deodorant!  Anyway, here are some of my other possible explanations ...
1.  She ran out of her regular deodorant and had to use lotion.
2.  The crumbles were actually see-through moles and not deodorant balls at all (although I don't know which is worse...) (shudder).
3.  She accidentally mistook the can of spray-Spackle for her aerosol deodorant spray.
4.  She was a drug lordess and the crumbs were actually clumps of cocaine "disguised" to "look" like deodorant.
5.  Remember those scented toilet paper roll holders?  They were filled with little clear gel balls and when you'd use the roll it would release a fresh scent?  Maybe she was staying at her grandma's house and forgot to bring her deodorant, so she had to think fast...whilst on the can, she had a "flash of genius", broke open the roll holder and went for a good-ol'-fashioned pit rub and just didn't notice the gel balls left stuck to her already overly moist pits.
6.  Your guess is as good as mine.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 15: Rockin' the Boat

Something small but special today.
I have a friend in my ward who's got such a cute little baby boy.  She lets me play with him each week during Sunday School and Relief Society.  The extra special treat is that I also get the pleasure of rocking him to sleep.  Today he put up a fight though and I actually had to get up and walk around the halls.
I knew he was tired but my usual tricks weren't working. 
I stepped into the kitchen where it was a little darker and there was less noise.  I rocked and swayed and could tell he was just almost there.  A brief thought popped into my mind to again try a slight bouncing motion on my next sway.  Instantly his eyes closed and he was OUT.
Some may call that a coincidence, but it was revelation to me, pure and simple.

Ha ha:
Clinton and I were enjoying one of our favorite shows tonight, America's Funniest Home Videos, and came across this clip.
Apparently this couple was babysitting a friend's dog who kept peeing all over their house.  Even after the dog left they kept finding spots they'd previously missed.  Eck.  Anyway, they ended up winning 100,000 dollars for it, so I guess, in the end, the piddeling pup had nothing to be ashamed of after all!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 14: Made to Order

Today was supposed to be a "free day" for Clinton, but when his resident decided to take call today, he too had to go in.  He left our house at about 5:30 this morning and I was hoping all day he'd be able to come home sooner rather than later.
Well, when 6pm rolled around and he still wasn't home, I began to feel pretty depressed.  I thought I'd take Peter for a walk to get us both outta the empty house.  I decided to walk towards the school/hospital in the hopes of maybe running into Clinton on his way home, IF he had even been released from his duties, that is.
Peter and I took our time meandering onto the campus and as I rounded the corner where Clinton would be coming out my phone started ringing.  It was Clinton telling me he was walking out the door and on his way home.  I smiled as I saw him striding towards me.  He couldn't see me, so I asked if he was walking past the sprinklers yet.  He looked up and said, "I see you."  I felt like we were dating again. :)
The timing of our little interlude could not have been more movie-like.  It was such a great moment and it could not have been sweeter.  I'm sure Clinton will think I'm just being a hopeless-romantic, but it was exactly what the doctor ordered, and when the doctor is the Lord, no necessary prescriptions go unfilled!

Ha ha:
After an especially LONG day at the hospital Clinton came home and wanted nothing more than to sit on his bum and watch some quality Saturday evening television.  I know what you're thinking...Is there such a thing as QUALITY television on a Saturday night, especially for someone who doesn't have cable??  To this I emphatically say, no.  There isn't.  But if we HAD been watching quality television perhaps would would not have come across this little gem...

Great Actors Deserve Great Roles. Bad Actors on the Other Hand...

Needless to say, this serves as my ha ha moment for today.  "Owww!"...that was painful to watch.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 13: Faces

I was asked to witness an Advanced Directive signing for a young and beautiful teenage girl today.  Her hair and make-up were carefully made up.  She sat on her hospital bed with her legs crossed Indian-style in her jeans and bohemian-knitted vest as her last five wishes upon her death were read.  If I hadn't known she was just diagnosed as "terminal" I would never have known it.  She had no fear and had welcomed me into the room like we'd known each other for years.

I had hardly any interaction with this brave girl, but I learned boat loads in the 10 minutes I did have.  I learned that you really can't "judge a book by it's cover"; you never know what that person who just cut you off on the road is going through; those who look healthy and strong may in fact be battling something deadly.  I learned that this life truly is short and our time should be well-spent doing good things with those who matter most.  I was again reminded that the Lord is in control and will direct us down the path HE would have us take and that if we open our arms and hearts to it, we will eventually accept it and find the good in what we do have, or in this girl's case, what time we have left.

The Lord knows what is best for us.  Today I had this very special reminder that what is best for us is accepting His plan and giving our will to Him.  Thank you Lord for guiding me to this experience today and helping me remember to trust in Thee.  Thank you Patient for being such a wonderful example of faith and acceptance.

Ha ha:
As Clinton and I were laying in bed tonight for prayer and scriptures, Clinton turned to me and started continuously repeating, "Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey" over and over. When I finally asked "What?!"  He stared at me intently and then started blinking his eyes and nodding his head while randomly opening and closing his mouth.  When finished he stared at me again until I started laughing which promptly got him laughing.

Man, that kid is random!

Day 12: The Importance of Choosing Proper Protection

I have a confession to make.  Until yesterday evening, I was a concert virgin.  I'm a twenty-something who'd never experienced the adrenaline rush of going to a concert.  My gal-pals and I bought tickets in April and I went to a Katy Perry concert.  I'm not the biggest Katy Perry fan, but the whole experience with my girlfriends was priceless!!  We had so much fun and the opening band "Marina and the Diamonds" was fantastic! 

With all this said, I knew nothing about what to expect, what to wear, how to do my hair/make-up or how beat up my body would feel the next day.  My aha moment for today may be labeled by some as "minoot" or "not even worth mentioning" but to a concert virgin it meant everything.

When the opening band began to play, I quickly realized I was in serious need of some earplugs.  I turned around and asked a staff member if there was a place I could buy some earplugs.  She wasn't sure but stopped a security guard who was passing by and asked him.  As he reached into his pocket he said, "I have this spare set" and handed them over to me.  After a quick glance to ensure their unused status, I thanked them both profusely!  What a huge blessing!!  The timing of that conversation was definitely too good to be coincidence.

Ha ha:
After waiting for an hour and spending $6.50 for bus fair we FINALLY loaded onto an overcrowded bus for our ride into downtown Milwaukee.
All was going so well.  We were happy.  We did get seats on the bus after all!

Shortly after getting settled in my seat though, I had a moment to inspect the strangers whose bodies kept pressing against my person in this over-filled bus.  I looked up at the nearest to me and was filled with relief as I saw she was a cute girl in her twenties, all decked-out for the concert I assumed.  However, as I began to turn my head back to my friends I saw something out of the corner of my eye that would cause anyone to get up and sit somewhere else for fear of being "spilled" on, but I had nowhere else to go.

 What?  Looks innocent enough, right?  Well.  It's not...

Oh, was she carrying a coffee?  No, not coffee.  I'd probably gladly incur a burn over what was really there.  Oh, she must be holding an erp-y baby then?  Nah, that would be expected.  What is it then?  What could be so bad that I'd rather be burned and puked on than be down-wind from nightmare.
 I give you..."It's-a-hot-day-out-side-and-in-my-haste-to-look-adorable-I-forgot-to-check-the-mirror-before-going-out-in-public-and-then-getting-on-a-crowded-bus-where-I-can't-cover-my-armpits-as-I-hold-the-hanging-hand-rail"

 Go ahead, I DARE you to click on this picture

Do you know what that is?  That is a close-up of the deodorant-crumbled armpit of the decked-out girl standing next to me.  That's right.  Her pit was about 5 inches from my face and I was paranoid the entire ride that one of those crumbles was going to fall on me.  I have no idea what I would have done if that happened. (shudder)

We survived the ride (crumb-free I might add) and made it to the concert on time.  We had a GREAT night together but had decided that we'll do things a little differently next time.  
1. Closer seats
2. Pay for parking downtown and avoid strangers and their armpits on public transit
3. Leave earlier in the day so we can enjoy the festivities
4. Bring hand sanitizer
5. Bring earplugs
6. Take pain-relievers half way through the concert so our aching bodies don't get too achy
4. Take the day AFTER the concert off work so we can sleep in and re-coop!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 11: The Power of Words

Aha:  I work in Pediatric Hematology/Oncology.  At least once every month I receive an email notifying us that one of our patients lost their life to cancer.  It is very depressing and my heart aches for their family and friends.  There are happy moments working in this field however and today I got to experience my first "ringing of the bell".

When one of our kids finishes their last chemo treatment they read this special plaque and ring a big bell that hangs above it.  Everyone cheers and the patient gets to enjoy the celebration!  It is a great occasion.  Today was something beyond what I could have ever imagined.

The patient was a little boy (probably around eight- or nine-years-old).  I couldn't quite see his little face, but I could hear him reading.  I then heard the loud clanging of the bell and my heart leaped for joy!  His mother was bawling and he was happily giving out hugs to the staff and providers who helped him through his treatment.  As the large group of adult-onlookers began to return to their work, this little boy stepped forward into the crowd and said the most profound thing I've heard in quite sometime.  He said, "God will bless each of you.  He will protect all of the kids out there.  Thank you."  I lost it.

This kid had just finished about three years of chemotherapy and his first words after ringing the bell were "God will bless and He will protect."  All things were put into perspective for me in a matter of about three seconds today.  What a powerful testimony that child shared with me.

From the mouth of babes.

Ha ha:  
I was just thinking about what happened a couple of weeks ago when Clinton, Peter and I were laying in bed lazily on Saturday morning.  Petey was up by our faces (he likes to steal my pillow) and we were both giving him loves.  As we had not yet gotten up and brushed our teeth, the typical "freshness" of morning breath was plaguing both of us (and apparently, Petey too).  I mentioned to Clinton that his breath was bad but he was in denial.  He went back to petting Peter for some comfort from my "snub" and asked Peter:  Who's a bub?  To which Peter promptly responded: *gag* *aack*. 

I had told him it was bad, but it took a non-speaking being to convince him.

We laughed till the room filled up with the smell of morning breath.