Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 110: Good Visit vs. Awkward Visits

My parents left to return home this morning. I was very sad to see them go but very happy that they'll be back for a little longer of a visit in July (Stampede here we come!). I can't believe they drove so far for such a short trip, but I'm so glad they did; it was so nice to have them here!
Thanks, Mom and Dad, for coming to see us. I am counting down the weeks till you come back!

My work has a weekly meeting, it's only about 15 minutes long but I think it could easily be replaced by email. This is typically how the meetings go.
Supervisor #1: (stares blankly at the group for a minute) Ok, well, I'll be in the office every day but Friday this week. You can reach me by phone or email whenever.
Supervisor #2: (awkward pause) Things are going well for me, nothing to report.
Payroll girl: (looks bored)
Other girl: Things are going fine, just trying to get caught up.
Me: (nods and tries to look interested and comfortable through the awkwardness)
Supervisor #1: OK, that about wraps it up. Go team.
Maybe it's just me, but I think I prefer email. Ha!

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