Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 74: Easter, Teased Her

Well, I wanted to just take a brief second and publicly thank my saviour, Jesus Christ, for his willingness to die for me so that I can repent and one day return to live with God. 
I have felt the power of His atonement in my life and the peace and comfort it brings. I have been enveloped in His arms during hard times and felt His love when I needed it most. I am thankful that He knows me and cares about me, even the little things are important to Him.
I love Him.

My FIL spent about an hour and a half raking all of the garbage and dog crap left in the backyard from the previous renters. When he came back in he said, "Well that was a crappy job."
Clinton and I laughed at the pun; my MIL said, "Why? Is your back ok?"
Clinton: No, it's a joke.
She: Oh.
Then we all her. ;)

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