Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 62: Hip-Hip Hoo...What'd You Say?!

Congrats to Clinton!! He just finished a really crappy month in his medicine rotation and found out that he passed the course as well! So proud of you, HB!

Last night Clinton was watching Wheel of Fortune and the solution to the puzzle was, "Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck". It was apparently fairly obvious and the player spinning had no clue. Clinton kept shouting out the answer to the TV. I was in the kitchen and glanced up to see that the player was a bouncy, bubbling blonde.
There were all but a couple letters left and when she decided to solve it was quite obvious she was totally guessing.
Clinton: Man, she has no idea!
Me: Well, she seems like a really dumb, bouncy blonde. What a ditz!
Clinton: What did you say?!
Me: She seems like a real ditz.
Clinton: Oh! You had just been talking about how bouncy she was...and ditz didn't sound like ditz.
Me: Oh, no! Ha!

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