Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 58: A Couple of Inconvenient Hair Pulling Situations

I feel very accomplished. I got all of my grocery shopping done before the weekend! I think going Friday nights is the way to do it. I went at 830 tonight and even that was too early to completely beat the rush, but the idea is a good one. I think as long as I'm working this will be the plan! I only wanted to pull my hair out a handful of times instead of the usual 20! There are just not enough stores to match the number of people in this city.
It may not be exactly convenient, but I know my limits and I felt much happier.

There's a small convenience store that shares the lot with my office. I walked there for the first time today to quickly grab a soda. When I rounded the corner and approached the door I noticed a whole gaggle of middle-school-aged kids talking in the parking lot, munching on their recent convenience store purchases. Why do I mention them?
Well, after I bought my soda I headed back outside...or at least I tried to. It was a windy day and my very long hair was down. As I passed through the door my hair somehow got caught in the handle. I have no idea if they actually saw anything but I don't know how they could have missed it. I must've looked like a crazy woman.
Step through the door.
Door starts to close.
I cry out in pain and grab the spot on my head where my hair is being ripped out.
I turn back and stare at the closing door looking for where my hair is attached.
(My hair is blonde and small groups of strands are not easily seen from a distance.)
I grab towards the door, blindly feeling for my hard-to-see blonde hairs.
(It likely looks like I'm reaching for nothing.)
Unsuccessful, I walk off mumbling "ow" while rubbing the sore spot on my head.
Replay the above scenario in your head without knowing why I was doing what I was doing and THAT'S what these kids witnessed. Great, now I'll be known to them as the crazy, head scratching, mumbling lady.

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