Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 107: It Took a Bit of Gas, but They Finally Arrived

My parents have safely arrived!! After only two hours of sleep they made it to Calgary around 3 this afternoon. But don't worry, we took them to Brazilian BBQ for supper then walked around Bulk Barn for an hour to combat their sleepiness...ha!
So glad they're here!

My coworker came up to me and told me she wasn't feeling very well; that she'd been sitting on the toilet for a bit thinking something was needing to come out. I asked her if it felt like gas and she wasn't sure so I offered her some Gas-x.
She: Do you have some with you?
Me: Uh, of course! I never leave home without it!
Sure enough, about 20 minutes after taking it she told me her stomach didn't hurt anymore.
God bless you, Gas-x. You're a real gas.

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