Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 76: A Glimpse at the Logans

Work ended early for Clinton today so we had the whole late-afternoon to ourselves! We watched some reruns of a Golden Girls, and Seinfield before heading out to Subway for supper.
When we got home he did some maintenance stuff around the house and let me veg on the couch.
I gotta say, it was a pretty sweet evening. :)

I have been exceptionally bloated for the last week or so. Last night I was slouching on the couch with my shirt pulled up (exposing my belly), my pants unzipped, and a look of utter displeasure across my face. 
Upon seeing this, Clinton quipped, "Always the lady."
Ha! And what a lady! I was far from ladylike and I know my appearance was comical. Now if only my laughing at his comment had caused "things" to shift around enough to "relieve" my bloating--that would have been an even better story!

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