Thursday, February 5, 2009

Funny things

Okay, so yesterday was a pretty hilarious day. The morning started off just fine. I got to school and made it through my first class with no funny business. Well, after my first class, as I was walking down the steps on campus I apparently forgot that I had one more step before I was on the that's where I ended up...on the ground. One little mis-step and I totally fell on my hands and front of students just leaving the building in front of me! This one girl (of course) comes up to me and asks me if I'm okay to which I mumble..."Uh, yeah. Thanks." So embarrassing, but hilarious!

My next class was Spanish and we had to present a family tree to which our partner would ask us questions about our family members...simple right? Well, I seem to always get partnered with the person who has not taken any preparation time and has no idea how to pronounce the words, or even what the words mean. So, one of the questions was about my parents...(in spanish) "where do your parents work?" Both of my parents work at my brother's office, so I said, "Mis padres (my parents) trabajan a la oficina de me hermano." (Padre is the word for father, but if it is pluralized it means parents). Well, my partner asks me (in english), "where does your mom work?" I reiterated, "Mis padres....", she said, (in english), "Okay, but where does your mom work?" Again, "MIS padres...." and she said, "Oh!", "Oh?" She thought I was saying "my dads"...oh, man! I can't get it down accurately on paper, but her expression was hilarious!! She thought she realized what I was saying, so she was excited, but then when she thought she understood WHAT I was saying, she was shocked! I clarified, (in english) "Padres means parents. MY parents..." It was soo funny!

Well, while I was in that class, and with the same classmate, we were talking about what our siblings do for work (and I'm proud to say that all of my siblings are very intelligent and successful). She asked what I was doing for school so I told her Cosmetology. She got an incredulous look on her face and said, "Why?!" I told her I liked it, it made me happy. She said, "but your family is so smart and successful, and you're going to do something like Cosmetology?" I responded, "well someone has to make them look good, right?" She was floored. Can you believe her? If she thinks I'm stupid for going into cosmetology...perhaps she should question her own intelligence. "MIS padres"....Who's not smart now?

LOL! It was such a funny day. A weird day, but funny!