Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 54: The Things I Didn't Know I Needed

Well, it was absolutely freezing outside, but Petey and I went for a half-hour walk when I got home from work today. He needed it and apparently so did I.
There's something to be said for breathing in brisk air and thinking about nothing in particular. I'm thankful for the reset!
Plus, it just does my heart wonders to see Petey so very happy. Makes me happy too.

I'm pretty sure Aunt Flo is's a sampling of the excess I ate today:
1. A Weight Watchers Peanut Butter Granola Chocolate
2. A Kit Kat Chunky
3. 3 small brownies
4. Half an oatmeal cookie
5. Cinnamon toast and,
6. A large handful of Whoppers

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day 53: Fast Sundays Are Anything but Fast, but Clinton's Quips Always Are

I've never been a very good faster (of food) and I don't do it very often because I typically get pretty awful headaches. Well, I decided I wanted to fast today and sure enough a fairly nauseating headache set in early in the day. Determined to finish my fast I took one ibuprofen and hoped for relief.
Well, if the miracle of relief I received from that one ibuprofen is any indicator of the success I may expect from the prayers associated with my fast, then I'll be one even-more-thankful girl!
I am thankful for prayer. I am thankful for the power it holds to work miracles. And I am thankful that my desire to fast was sustained.

Ok, here's what I wrote about today...
During sacrament meeting today, I asked Clinton if he could see the backcombing in my hair.
He: No, but your lack of reverence is certainly showing.
And when I asked him if "reverence" was the word he used, he said, "No there's more to the story." Then he took my phone and added in the following. Mind you, he wrote this during Sunday School—blatantly ignoring the spiritual lesson and spirit to be felt therein. :P
During sacrament meeting today, I was more focused on my hair than listening to the prayers of the holy sacrament of the Lord God Most High.  I forcibly told my husband to look at my hair and tell me if he could see the backcombing.  He said that there was one spot at the back, so I overtly began trying to comb it out with my fingers.  I commanded Clinton again to tell me if it was showing.  "There's still some showing," he replied.  "Where?!" I snapped. "At the same place where it was before," he gently replied. I angrily began trying to comb my hair with my fingers and then turned the back if my head back towards Clinton (in a rude way).  "Okay, now is anything showing?" I asked.  "Just your lack of reverence," he said, wryly.  
I hate him now more than the day I married him. 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Day 52: Ooo-Ooo Witch-ay Woman

My husband is a real trooper. He has a level of patience I will never understand. And for his patience I am so thankful! 
I love you, Clinton. Thank you for realizing the source of my craziness and loving me regardless.

You would not, or maybe you would, believe how grumpy I was this morning/afternoon. Here're a few samplings of my sour moments from today...feel free to laugh, I know I
1. After I had taken a shower this morning I came back into the room where Clinton was still in bed. As I walked into the room he was making a huge yawn and I totally mimicked it...kinda sorta mocking him.
Why I was annoyed with him yawning I don't know.
2. When I was folding laundry today I made a very big point of mentioning to him how nice I was for folding his laundry too.
Gee, aren't I sweet?
3. Clinton and I went to Costco. When we got there I told him 3 things we needed before I ran off to the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom he ran and got all those things and proceeded to the checkout. When I got out of the bathroom I called him but he didn't answer so I meandered through the store and grabbed a few other not-on-the-list items. When I called him again to tell him I was ready to checkout he answered and said he already had. He also had my purse with him so I couldn't pay for my extra items.
Unnaturally I was miffed. I stormed past him out of the store and sped-walked to the car. When we got in the car we talked. I had thought he was just not answering my calls but in reality he couldn't hear his phone ring. He had found all the things ON THE LIST and bought them, as requested.
Moral of the story...get the facts and realize the kindness if others before blowing things totally out of proportion. And yes, I sincerely apologized.
Oh, there's more, but fortunately my total witchiness only lasted a few hours and I spent the second half of my day in much better spirits, but HO-WEE I was a real piece of kick-you-in-the-crotch meanness. Thanks PMS!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Day 51: Home Sweet Rental Home

Hallelujah we have FINALLY secured a place to rent!
It's a 3BD/2.5 bath house with a full finished basement, fenced backyard and lots of storage space. We feel very fortunate to get this as the vacancy rate here in Calgary is less than 1%. We were selected out of hundreds of hopefuls and we couldn't be happier. Such a blessing! No sharing walls with neighbors ANYMORE!!

Our new landlords are an East Indian couple. When I toured the home with the wife we stopped and chatted for a good half-hour. During our conversation I told her how much Clinton and I love Indian food. She candidly said she loves to cook and share...I told her I love when people share and she could cook for me anytime!
Well, Clinton and I met with the husband today to sign the rental agreement. As we were reviewing the forms we'd ask clarifier questions and then continue to read the agreement. After a few minutes, in a very serious voice I said, "Now in looking through this agreement I'm not seeing anything about your wife's offering to bring us food...can that be added?"
The husband looked up, a bit surprised at first, and then started chuckling. "That can just be a verbal agreement.", he said.
Ha! I think we'll get along just fine!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 50: Fatigue Will Set Your Foresight Free

You know when someone says "I didn't get any sleep last night" but really they just tossed and turned?...well, I literally didn't get any sleep last night. I don't know what it was, maybe it was the Dr. Pepper I had around 7pm, but I could not fall asleep. I even took a half of a sleep-aid (usually a quarter of one and I'm a goner) such luck.
I debated all night what I was going to do about work: do I call in sick?, it's only my first week, do I just go in late? Well, finally I couldn't take laying in bed anymore so I got up and got ready for work (it was 530am by this time anyway).
I only had a couple of tired moments at work, but miraculously I survived. Much of my day was spent in training and I really struggled to pay attention, but I took some good notes and I think no harm was done.
Now that I'm home I'm truly exhausted, so off to bed I go, but just wanted to record how thankful I am for the extra divine help I had in staying awake today (I think the Diet Coke at lunch helped a bit too). Here's hoping for a restful sleep tonight!

During one of my one-on-one training sessions today I was walked through a program our company offers. As is done with our clients, I was asked some ice-breaker questions at the start. One of these questions was, "Do you have a hidden talent, if so, what is it?"
Now, remember I'm very tired and not thinking very Johnny-on-the-spot-like, so I replied, "Umm...yes...My grandma had some gastrointestinal issues and passed them onto her grandchildren. Among other things, I inherited the ability to...uh...I can, though I try not to in public...I can burp really big burps. Like, I've won contests for them before."
I tried my hardest to come up with anything, but my poor brain was shot and out popped something no one needs to know, let alone my new coworker.
Fortunately, she laughed about it and was fine with it, but seriously...sheesh, Dani!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Day 49: Vacating Early

Gotta say, I love the 7am-3 or 3:30pm work schedule. Sure, going to bed by 10pm and waking up at 5:45am is a little ugh-ish, but overall I really like it! By the time lunch rolls around I only have about three hours left to my workday! I had time to run some errands after work and I still got home by 4pm. So. Much. Better.
Anyway, today was a good day at work too. My coworkers really are very nice people. I still haven't really started my actual job but I started work-related training today and tomorrow there will be even more. Hopefully I'll like what I'm learning! Ha!

T-minus 7.5 weeks till my vacation! Ha!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Day 48: What a Relief

Day 2 at work was better than Day 1. I actually had a good talk with the girl who I'm replacing and she said she had the same fears and hesitations that I have when she started. She said that the job was much better than she thought it would be and rather interesting too, so that makes me feel a bit better. 
I am choosing to remain open-minded and am more hopeful that I can be happy working here.

Ever had it when you feel the need to pass gas and just as you are about to you think, " this gonna be more than just gas?"
Yah, that happened to me today. Fortunately it was just gas.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Day 47: It's a Blessing to Work, It's a Blessing to Work, It's a Blessing to Work

Well, today was my first day back to work in almost 11 months. It took everything I had to get out of my car and go into the office, but overall, the day was decent. I had a chance to meet-n-greet with most all of the staff there and they are all very welcoming! I don't quite have a handle on what my role will be exactly so we'll see how things go, but so far I like the people in my office.
And speaking of offices...I have my very own...with a great big window! So even when I can't be outside, at least I can look out at it longingly from my window. ;)
Anyway, I still have mixed feelings about going back to work and about what it seems my job will be, but until I know for sure what's expected of me I am vowing to keep an open mind and hope for the best.

Is it Friday yet? Ha!
Seriously, I don't know how working moms do it. I missed Peter all day and then when I finally did get home I was WAY more excited to see him than he was to see me, I'm sure. I'm pathetic, I know.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 46: Gave Me the Chills

A guy gave a talk in church today and the topic was kind of about his conversion to the church. He said it took many years for him to decide to be baptized and that decision came after much thought and prayer until one day it hit him that it was true for him.
His talk was fairly interesting but at the very end he mentioned a scripture about Moses and his inadequacies in speaking. The Lord had called Moses to be His mouthpiece but Moses was afraid because he struggled with speech.
At this point the speaker interjected his own thought that those whom The Lord calls to act He lifts up and qualifies.
This made me think. 
I start a new job tomorrow and I've really been struggling to be happy about it. I don't mean to sound like a whiner, but there's a lot going on in our lives, I live far from any family, and I've had a lot of time to be used to being home and available to do whatever whenever. Now the reality that I'll be working full time has hit me and it makes me sad to know I can't just pick up and go for the next while. But when the speaker mentioned that to those whom The Lord calls he qualifies, I felt comforted. 
I realize I am being blessed with work and a chance to save a lot of money. I realize that The Lord is giving me a chance to bless my family. And I realize that since I am being called to this responsibility at this time, The Lord will help me through it.

I made chili for supper tonight. I called Clinton in and told him it was ready.
He: It can't be ready yet, it's not cooked long enough. It's doesn't even feel warm (holding his hand over the pot)
Me: Trust me, it's fine. It's been boiling; I just turned the temp down. I have been having to blow on it before I can taste it, it's hot trust me.
He: (turning the heat back up) No, I don't want to eat raw beef.
Me: Trust me, it's fine.
He: Let it simmer for a bit.
About two minutes pass.
He: Ok, let's eat.
We sit down to eat.
I notice my bowl is really hot and knowing it's been boiling for a while, I really blow on my food before taking a bite.
He: (taking a bite without blowing on it) Ahhh! (spits out his food and looks over at me with a coy look on his face)
Me: So, it's warm enough then?
He: No need to rub it in.
Me: (laughing)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Day 45: Apparently I Love Him Most When I'm Awake

I gotta say, I really love my Clinton. We had no plans for today but spent the whole day together. We watched some tv, ran some errands, got some yummy East Indian food, did a little shopping, and then came back home to eat some Whoppers and watch Schindler's List on tv.
I have to admit that hanging with my best friend all day is pretty great way to spend a Saturday.

When I woke up this morning Clinton told me about an interaction we had when he came to bed last night. Peter and I were already asleep in bed; I in the middle of the bed, and Peter on Clinton's pillow.
He: (barely lifts up the corner of the blanket on his side of the bed)
Me: DON'T!
He: You're on my side of the bed.
Me: (mumbling) No I'm not!
He: (getting into bed)
He: (pulling on the covers)
Me: You're taking my covers!
He: I just need some blankets.
Me: UGH.
Apparently I'm a real sweetheart in my sleep. Lol

Friday, March 21, 2014

Day 44: Eye, Eye, Eye!

Spent the vast majority of my day in the ocularist's office having a new shell made. Unfortunately it still needs some adjustments so I won't get it till April 8th, but thanks to Alberta Health and Clinton's Blue Cross benefits, this shell will only cost me $90 in the end (these babies cost $3000-$5000 in the states).
I can't wait to have my new eye! Hopefully my outlook on life will be the only thing "looking up" after I get my new eye. ;)

As I said earlier, my new shell has some adjustments to be made. At the end of a very long day, my ocularist put in the shell, made some markings on it, pulled it back out, filed down the surface, put it back in, etc. After about 15 minutes of this routine she said the color was slightly off and some extra modifications needed to take place, but if I wanted to look at it I could.
Of course I was anxious to see it, and as she was raising the mirror up she said, "Just remember it still needs a bit of work." (That's never a good sign.)
Me: AHH! Uh, say this is fixable?
(The color was off, yes, but the iris itself took up most of the eye space--hardly any white was showing. The iris also sat really low on my lower lid.)
She: Oh yes, it is totally fixable.
Me: (laughing) Good thing, otherwise I look quite creepy! My old shell is looking pretty good to me right now. Ha!
So, come April 8th fingers crossed for the less creepy version of Danielle!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 43: Steering Me in the Right Direction

I had to go to the bank today to get a certified check printed. The teller I was working with was very chatty and I probably spent about 25 minutes just talking with her. We talked about her upcoming retirement, opera companies (her daughter is part of the Vancouver Opera Company), having children (her daughter is also hoping to go through IVF), and finding family physicians (they're moving to Chilliwack and it's an area Clinton and I are considering settling in)--to name a few topics.
Towards the end of our chat she apologized for talking my ear off, but to be honest, I loved it all. Although she spoke loud enough for everyone to hear, I gotta say it was nice to have such a candid conversation with a total stranger! She was very kind and had lots of encouraging words and advice for me. She made me smile and laugh. 
Thanks bank teller lady, you made my day!

Oh man, you should have seen my attempt at parallel parking tonight. Fortunately for my ego Clinton saw the whole thing. Lol
Let's just suffice it to say that at one point I was totally perpendicular to the curb, at another point I was all the way up on the sidewalk, and I finished by deciding half-way on the sidewalk was good enough. And all this was WITH Clinton's help!
He and I were both having a good laugh at my "skills". Ha!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 42: It Only Takes a Second

As I was walking into the grocery store tonight I passed by a girl on her way out. She glanced up at me and then stopped in her tracks, turned to me and said, "Um, you have really beautiful hair."
Me: Oh!...thank you!
She and I parted our separate ways. She to her car, and me?...Cloud 9.
I guess the moral of the story: If you have a chance to pay a compliment--do it! Why not make someone feel like a million bucks? It only takes a quick second.

Before I wrote the above, I asked Clinton to help me remember exactly what it was the girl said as we passed each other. Without skipping a beat this is what he said she said.
"I believe it was, 'You're blocking the doorway.'."
LOL, how the heck does he come up with this stuff so fast? Ha!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Day 41: At Least I'm Surrounded by Calm People (and Animals)

I am so thankful for my husband and for his support and advice throughout our marriage. He is always so calm and reassuring. Thank you, HB for being you and loving me.
I am so thankful for my mom. She always knows what I want and need to hear. Thank you, Mom, for being my mom.

When Clinton's away on call, the pup is more than happy to take over his spot (and pillow) on the bed.
This is what I woke up to this morning. Ha!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Day 40: Totes Hit the Sweet Spot

Got to talk with my friend, Chels, for a good long while today. Warmed the cockles of my heart.
Thanks, Chels, for contacting me! You have no idea how natural "adorbs", "totes" and "I know, right?" felt today. ;) You are such a sweet friend!

Thank you, God, for sending such wonderful friends and people into my life.

Guess who was craving a frozen yogurt swirl cone for lunch while shopping at Costco today?
Guess who discovered she didn't have any lactase enzyme pills with her?
Guess who paid $19 for a new bottle of lactase enzyme pills even though she already had a new bottle at home cause she didn't want to have to go all the way home to get it and then drive all the way back to Costco?
Guess who relished her "$21.00" frozen yogurt swirl cone from Costco?
Yep. That was all me.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day 39: This Toot Shall Pass

Although the time was very short, I got to see Clinton today after his 25-hour call yesterday, and before his 28-hour call tomorrow. This month's rotation really bites. However, I am grateful it's only a month long and hopefully it will pass by quickly.
So thankful for my HB!

I ate six scrambled egg whites today forgetting what eggs do to my digestive system.
I also forgot this when I went to Costco and bought that 6-dozen pack of eggs a few weeks ago.
Needless to say there has been, and will continue to be, A LOT of sulferic explosions happening all up in this place (and every other place I go) until those eggs are gone.
Oh. Dear.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Day 38: And to the Victor Goes the Sweets, Even If the Sweets are in Advance of Victory

I had one of the laziest/most productive days I've had in a while.
Got the oil changed in Clinton's car
Ran errands
Washed/folded and put away all the laundry
Cleaned the bathrooms
Vacuumed and swept the house
Watched 6-8 episodes of The Good Wife on Netflix
BONUS: Managed to come up with this lame drivel for my blog today when nothing else seemed noteworthy.

Did you know that McDonald's serves ice cream cones before 10am?
I didn't before this morning, but I know now.
Did you know that two ice cream cones constitutes a balanced breakfast?
I did. I'm just glad McDonald's agrees.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 37: Working for The Man

Got to do a nice thing for my HB today and it felt good. Nothing major, but we met for supper after a really long day for him at work. I knew he was tired and just wanted to go home but he sweetly made an effort to share a date with me. 
While we were eating he mentioned he'd have to stop for gas on the way home so I offered him to just take my car home and I'd take his to the pump. He declined at first but, after much persistence on my part, he finally relented and took my car straight home.
When I got there I found him reclined in the living room, relaxing. Made my heart happy.
It's the little things, but in a relationship every little bit counts

You ever quoted Seinfeld during an interview before? Better still, you ever mentioned newly-wed...ahem..."activities" in an interview before?
Well, as of today I have done both. And despite this, I have received feedback that they really loved me. Lol
Sometimes I really wonder why I don't sensor myself more, but now I'm glad I didn't! Ha! It was one of those moments when I thought to myself, "Stop it, Dani. Stop while you can!" But my mouth stayed open and I had to just hope for the best. Fortunately it worked in my favour.
What quote and story did I tell?
At one point in the interview they flipped on the lights in the sunlit room and joked about it feeling like a sudden interrogation. 
My response: Pretty hot under these lights, eh Seinfeld?
They told me the CEO loved Seinfeld and the fact that I could quote it was big.
Then later I brought up how Clinton loved Mad Gab so much when we were first married that instead of constantly acting like a typical newly-wed, he'd sometimes climb into bed and want to play Mad Gab. (Sharing this was especially unnerving to me. What the heck compelled me to tell a total stranger, let alone someone with whom I was seeking employment, something so..."intimate"? Sheesh, Dani.)
Oh well. They loved me anyway. Lol

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Day 36: That's What Big Brothers Are For

I got a chance to talk with one of my brothers about some work-related advice. He was able to agree with my thoughts and offer me some additional things to think about. I called him a bit stressed, but when I hung up I felt so much better. I am so thankful that I have good relationships with my siblings and I'm thankful that I have such great siblings!

Right at the end of our conversation his phone disconnected us. He sent me a text and we briefly continued the last of our conversation via text. I'm glad we's how the last part went.
Me: Thanks for the reassurance.
He: Twbbaf
Me: What?! Lol
He: That's what big brothers are for
Me: Ooh. Ha! Wttmafyls
Me: Well that means a lot from your little sister. ;)
He: Lol
He: Laughing out loud.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 35: Peter Loves the Chase...I, However, Don't

Had one of those "HOLY CRAP" moments today when Peter decided to chase a rabbit out of our backyard, through the (opened) side gate, down the street and around the corner. I had no shoes on but bolted after him.
I had no care for my feet and only hoped I wouldn't step on something that would hurt me. I finally caught up to him at the end of the road where the bunny trail apparently went cold.
I grabbed him by the collar (I wasn't about to carry him cause he was covered in mud and I was wearing white) and escorted him back home. My legs and energies were spent when I got home. 
I gave him--and my feet--a bath and then affectionately pet him. I could have lost him!
He could have run off forever or been hit. It was a stupid oversight on my part, but I am so grateful he was kept safe. I'm also thankful that my socked feet received no harm, despite all of the sharp ice and gravel built up over the winter.
HOLY CRAP, I am so thankful to have the conclusion I do have. This post could have been so very different.

I had no idea I could move like I did. Despite the fact that I was running for my dog's life, it had to look hilarious! 
Me frantically shouting, "PETER!!! PETER!!!", running down the street in my socks and him so far ahead of me it probably looked like I was chasing something imaginary. Oh dear. Leave it to me to make a lasting impression!
At least I was dressed! HOLY CRAP, this post could have been so very different.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 34: Long Hours and Big Appetites

Clinton successfully finished his first 28-hour shift! He was dog-tired when he came home and the first thing he said to me after "Hi.", was, "Can you be sure to go get me some Wendy's so that I can have it when I wake up?" Lol.
This is going to be a really long month for him and I just hope it goes by quickly! 
Good job, HB; I am sorry it sucks sometimes, but I am very proud of all your hard work!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 33: I'm a SIN-ner and a Loser

I'm official! I just got my social insurance number (SIN) which allows me to work in Canada! It felt like this day would never come and now, in just a few short days, it's all said and done!
I've already had one interview with a potential job offer, once my references are checked, and I've got another one set up for tomorrow. Perhaps before the week is over I'll have a job and will once again be able to contribute to society! Yay!

I called one of my references to give her a heads-up that some potential employers might be calling. What I didn't realize is that the number I have in my phone for her is her home number. 
Now, why is that a problem? Because she and I lovingly call each other Dummy (her nickname) and Loser (my nickname).
Why's that a problem? Because this loser called Dummy's mother "Dummy" when she answered the phone instead of the real Dummy.
Poor Dummy's mom (who's in her 70s), had no idea what was going on and hung up before I could explain. Whoops!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Day 32: Sweet Dreams and Fuzzy Teeth

Let's just say I'm thankful for late start church during day light savings. I got to sleep in and was able to take my time getting ready for church, even with the hour loss. I even took a nap when I got home! Great day of rest!

The other night I asked Clinton if he wanted me to leave the fluoride rinse out when I was done.
He: Nah.
Me: Aren't you going to brush your teeth? You've had a lot of sugar today.
He: Oh no, I don't like to brush my teeth too often. 
Me: Ew.
He: I like it when each tooth is covered in it's own fuzzy coat.
Me: (laughing) Ew!
Lol. Thank goodness he was just being funny! Fuzzy coats...gross.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day 31: The Alien's Saliva

In case you missed it earlier on FaceBook...say hello to Canada's newest permanent resident!
After eight months of waiting and a three-hour drive down to the border, I am officially landed as a permanent resident of Canada! I can't believe this day has finally arrived! I would be remiss to not thank God for all of the divine help and guidance we have received through this whole process.
Clinton and I were commenting during the drive home how perfect much of the timing has been--
1. Cheap/free rent that just happened to end near the time I was able to work.
2. That whole debacle with my visitor record and the many miracles surrounding its timely approval
3. My first friend I made in Calgary is also going through this same process and has been a great sounding board and buddy through it all.
4. There were two officers at the border today and we got the nice one. She was really nice and even let us ahead in line and so we got through very fast!
5. We found out last week that Clinton will be doing a rural rotation in Cardston, Alberta next winter. What town did we drive through today to get to the border? You guessed it! So, we stopped for a photo opp at the Cardston LDS Temple.
Very pretty, and very OLD temple (ca. 1920)

The drive was pretty boring and stinky in parts. Here's a pic of Clinton and I breathing through our mouths in a desperate attempt to avoid smelling the nearby livestock farms.
The day was great all around. What a great day to become a permanent resident! :)

Clinton and I went to supper at Extreme Pita. While we were eating, Clinton looked up and past my shoulder and started laughing. I asked what was so funny and he said, pointing to an advertisement behind me, "Doesn't that slogan seem like a bad idea?"
He: Just take the "t-i-o-n" off the first word and you've got a pretty gross confession.
Me: (laughing)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Day 30: AHHHH! & Hahaha!

I had a horribly scary nightmare last night. One of those that makes you feel're not alone in the room when you wake up...catch my drift? Anyway, when I woke up I immediately rolled over, snuggled right up to Clinton, calmed down and fell back asleep. I was so thankful to have him there. My unconscious but comforting protector. Aren't husbands the best for that?

Conversation between Clinton and me before bed last night.
Me: I'm funny.
He: You're your own worst critic.
Me: Yah, but I'm your worst critic...ya dummy!
He: Oh yah? You're a dummy.
Me and He: (laughing)
Love that we can make each other laugh.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 29: Feeling Hungry?

When I was eight I had to go in for a procedure to break up and remove a kidney stone. As you can imagine I was very scared. 
My dad pulled me aside and told me the tale about a man who had to eat an elephant. At first the task seemed impossible; how could he eat such a large animal? Well, the answer came that he could eat the massive elephant if he but ate it one bite at a time.
My dad then gave me a pair of elephant earrings to wear to remind me that I could overcome the scariness of my surgery and recovery, I just needed to take it one thing at a time.
Those earrings, and the story behind them, were a great comfort to me then and have continued to be a source of strength throughout the trials of my life.
Well, I had another experience over the last week or so that was pretty scary--bringing the elephant story to the forefront of my mind.

I found a lump in my right breast.

I have no family history of breast cancer, that I know of, and I know breast tissue can change throughout the menstrual cycle, but a lump is still a scary thing to find. 
After a priesthood blessing, I went in to the doctor. He examined me and thought it was characteristic of a fibroid cyst, but sent me in for an ultrasound just in case. 
I went in for my ultrasound today and was pretty nervous, though I was trying to trust God and relax. When I was called back to get changed into my hospital gown, what print did I find on the dressing room curtain?: elephants
I smiled to myself, took a deep breath, and remembered to take this whole lump thing one thing at a time.
After my ultrasound the radiologist came in and performed another very thorough exam. She said that the lump wasn't cystic and it looked to be nothing more than dense breast tissue (very common in women my age and at this point in my cycle). She said that, for her own comfort, she'd like to follow up in a few months if the lump changes but that at this point I don't need to be concerned.

One bite at a time.

I am so thankful for the comfort prayer brings. I am thankful for competent doctors and thorough follow through. I am thankful I'm OK. I am thankful for the elephant story and the reminder it is that all things are achievable if we just take things one thing at a time. 
Thanks, Dad, for taking the time to give me courage when I was little. That lesson (and my love for elephants) has stayed with me my whole life. 

Lady friends, please be sure to perform regular self breast exams. Go in for your regular check ups. If you find anything questionable go in and have it checked right away. Have courage and take it one thing at a time.

What happens when you go on vacation for a week, then back home for a day before leaving again for a week, and then when you come back home you still forget about those banana-based cookies you had in the cookie jar till late this afternoon?
Answer: about 5 inches of dense mold. That or some homeless person broke into the house while we were gone and dumped his creepy bag-o-hair collection into our cookie jar.
I guess we'll never know. ;)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Day 28: I Love Honesty and My Boys

I picked up some supper at Subway tonight and took my phone with me cause I had Clinton's order on it. After I paid for our meals I walked around the attached convenience store to buy some soda to go with our food. As I was looking at a couple different flavours, the Subway guy walked right up close to me.
Me: Hi...uh, yes?
He: (looks me in the eye and then holds up his hands right in my phone held out to me like an offering)
Me: Oh my! Thank you!
I had forgotten it at the counter and he kindly, but sorta weirdly, found me and returned it to me.
Thanks awkward Subway guy!

Since the place we're staying only has a small double bed for us to sleep in we've resorted to kicking Petey outta our bed and into his own on the floor...ya know, like most normal people do already with their pets.
Anyway, we can't just leave his bed downstairs anymore so we have to bring it down every morning and take it back up every night. To do this, I usually grab Peter in one arm and cram his bed under the other. Clinton on the other hand found a bit of a shortcut...
Poor little boy, how humiliating!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 27: Getting Me a Booming Voice

I have a goal to audition for the Calgary Opera in May and recently started working with a vocal coach. This woman is exactly what I need! She has taught me a totally new way of looking at singing, makes me accountable when I revert to old habits, and inspires me to be ME! 
I look forward to practicing everyday and I really love meeting with her. She sees me for me and is helping me to be REAL when I sing. This is a whole new concept to me and I am loving where it's taking me! 
So thankful I found her!

Kinda lame but it's all I got for today.

Clinton and I were sitting in our respective recliners in the living room this afternoon. He was dozing off and I was busy working on something. All of a sudden there was this crazy-loud BOOM! It almost sounded like lightening hit the house, but there wasn't any. 
I turned to look at Clinton, his eyes were really big and he looked really confused. Me: What the heck was that?
He: You mean I didn't just dream that?

We still have no idea what it was but there are posts online from other people who heard it too.
It was so loud! Loud enough that it seemed more likely to be a dream than reality to sleeping Clinton. Ha!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 26: Just as Good, if not Better, than the First Time Around

While I was up in Grande Prairie, Clinton told me that my application status for my permanent residency had changed from "In Progress" to "Decision Made" and that a letter with further details would be mailed to us. Unfortunately nothing is disclosed on the website and lots of forums were saying it can take up to two months to hear from Immigration. I had decided not to worry about it and to just let the Lord handle it.
On our way out to supper I had Clinton stop at our post office box and lo and behold, what did I find? Confirmation of Permanent Residence letter from immigration! This is great news! It means that my next step is to cross the border back into the states, re-enter Canada, present my documents to Immigration and if all goes well, they'll grant me my permanent resident status!! Yay!!!
Prayers for this last step are still appreciated, but I'm sure everything will go fine. :)
10 years ago, almost to the day, Clinton was granted his visa to come to the states. And now, 10 years later, I've been granted confirmation that I'm welcome to come to Canada. It was a great birthday present then and it's a great birthday present today!!

First thing I said when I woke up this morning:
"Well, it's official, Dani, you're 30."
I can't believe it.
Clinton sent me a text from work later in the morning that said:
"Happy 29th birthday (take 2)!!!"
This made me feel so much better.
Happy 29th birthday (take 2), to me!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 25: For I Was an Hungered

Got to bear my testimony today in RS and thank all of the sisters at church for their prayers last month regarding my immigration stuff. They were so nice and offered great comfort when I was so worried and distraught. They didn't even know who I was, but they were certainly there for me.
What a great day to reflect on the miracle I had last month!
Prayers are powerful and with God nothing is impossible.

Clinton and I were sitting watching the Oscars when I saw him eating the last of the strawberries.
Me: Hey! You've already eaten most of those, the rest are mine.
He: Just one more.
Me: Fine.
He: What'd you say? Did you just call me "fatty"?
Me: (laughing) No. I said "fine".
He: Oh.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Day 24: I Hear the Secrets that You Keep, When You're Talking in Your...Freezer

Can I just say how thankful I am for a warm home, a warm car, warm clothes and warm drinks? It was -32 Celsius (-23 Fahrenheit) today and without the above mentioned warm things I believe I would have frozen to death. 

Clinton was talking in his sleep last night, here's how it went.
Me: (nestles down in the bed)
He: Hold on, hold on!
Me: What?
He: Hold on. These things aren't meant to hold a lot of weight.
Me: What things? Are you calling me fat?
He: No, it's just these things aren't built to hold a lot of weight.
Me: What things?
He: Roofs.
Me: What roofs?
He: (hitting the headboard) These.
Me: What do you mean?
He: Nevermind. (Rolls back over and promptly falls back asleep.)
I told him about his dream this morning and he said he remembers it. We were trying to climb up on some green houses or some other building that has those really thin roofs. He said when I tried it I just jumped and landed really hard. That's when this whole conversation happened. Ha!

Day 23: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Finally home from all of my travels after one week in L.A., followed by 24 hours at home before flying to Grande Prairie for five days. Needless to say I'm exhausted but I feel so uplifted at the same time! I absolutely LOVE my inlaws and am so thankful I've had such a healthy dosing of them! I feel so spoiled!
Thanks Logans...I really love you all!

My flight was delayed by two hours this afternoon giving me time to get back in the car with Terri and her kids and briefly extend our visit. 
We decided to run to Costco and if we hadn't I'd have never witnessed this hairstyle tragedy on an otherwise very cute girl...
What happened here?? Poor thing.
I feel like a jerk a bit for posting this, that's why I blocked her face, but if I can post a bad mullet I can post a bad hairdo too. So sad!