Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Day 90: Brimming Over

Work continues to go well and I still like it there. You have no idea how nice that it is to say! 

When I got home from work I was happily greeted by a very excited Petey Pup. He was so happy to see me. :)
I decided to take him for a walk and during our walk it started to snow like crazy. When we finally got back home he was a riled up from the wetness. He ran around like a crazy person trying to get dry. He jumped up on his blanket on the couch and started rubbing his face all over the blanket. He was moving so fast he had no idea he was about to run himself right off the couch. I couldn't stop him in time, and fortunately it was a slow fall, but sure enough over the edge he went!
He jumped right back up and continued rubbing all over. He was about to fall off again, but this time mama got her knee up to block him just in time.
Silly boy!

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