Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 80: Snowfallen in Love

Woke up to more snow. Fortunately the temperature was "warm enough" to melt it as soon as it hit the ground so the roads were clear.
Clinton and I used the clear roads to run a few errands and have some McDonald's for lunch. I'm really loving this whole eating dairy freely thing. My two ice creams cones were lovely.
Another nice weekend with my HB!

This morning Clinton, Petey and I were all lounging in bed. I was snuggling the pup and giving him kisses.
Me: Oh, Petey, I could just kiss you all day.
Clinton: I wouldn't do that, that's how I got that lip fungus.
Me: Well, I'm not worried about that cause I'm not kissing his butt!
Clinton: Huh, I see.

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