Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 81: Sharing Kindness and Spit

Went to our new ward at church for the first time today. The people were actually fairly welcoming and even though it has a lot of older people, I think it'll be a good place for us. I'm even playing the piano in Relief Society next week!

Clinton cut up the last of the pineapple and I asked if he could bring me some. He came out with a plate of huge chunks of pineapple on it and said, "These four chunks are yours."
Me: I don't have anywhere to put I supposed to just hold them in my hands, or swallow them whole like a bird?"
He: I'll just eat my pieces first then give you the plate.
He then proceeded to eat his pieces, drooling pineapple juice all over my pieces.
Me: Uh, you're kinda drooling all over my pieces.
He: It's ok.
Yep. I still ate them. What crazy person would pass up fresh pineapple anyway, with or without the drool?

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