Saturday, April 5, 2014

Day 59: I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked...and Peter Pooped

You probably didn't know this but we live in the same neighbourhood as the stake centre; it's literally one street away from us. Well, I decided to take Peter for a walk before the second session of General Conference began and as I was on our way home I passed by the church. On the sidewalk across the street I saw two missionaries talking to a couple. I couldn't hear everything but as I was passing one of the elders just started bearing his testimony about how living the gospel has blessed his life.
I didn't stick around to listen but it put a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart. I love to hear people talk about Jesus; especially in such "out of place" places. In fact, some of my most spiritual discussions have happened in commonplace locations.
A blog isn't necessarily "out of place", but I too love Jesus and am thankful for His gospel in my life. His message is good news! It is one of selflessness and charity and I am thankful for the example He gave me to follow. I love that so many people in the world want to be like Him, regardless of religious affiliation. He is The Good Shepherd and I am so happy to be one of His many sheep trying their best to get back to Him.

Now that the weather is improving and much of the snow has melted, I took advantage of the first opportunity I've had to pick up all of the crap Peter has relieved himself of over the winter.
There was only the thin layer of a plastic produce bag between me and the grocery bagful I gathered of cold dog poo. 
It was an interesting bonding moment between mother and pup. Each handful of crap inspiring memories of what he must have eaten that particular day. Every mound reminding me of the special responsibility I have in taking care of my little boy. All of it, a token of love. 
Or at least that's how I tried to see it instead of as the gross job it really was.
When I came back inside and told Clinton how much I had to pick up he said, "Yah, Peter really puts out a lot of poop."
Thanks. I know.

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