Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 112: Caring For Our Kind

I got up to take Peter for a walk. Clinton got up and said he was going to go get the mail (located at the end of our street). When we got to the mailbox, Clinton grabbed what was in there, as well as Peter's leash, and kept walking with us. :)
It was so nice to walk as a little family. Thanks, HB, for coming with us!

Clinton will use any desperate measure to get Peter to leave my lap and go to him. Tonight's attempt was clips from YouTube of puppies crying.
Peter's ears perked up and his little head couldn't possibly have been crinked farther to the side. He was so concerned. It took a lot of clips and coaxing but Peter finally jumped off my lap and up on Clinton's.
However, once he noticed no puppies were actually on Clinton's lap, he jumped down and came back to me.
I'd definitely say Peter is momma's boy!

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