Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 83: I Got a New Job and it Makes Me Laugh

This will be news to most of you that I even needed one in the first place, but I have a new job! It's with a different company doing office administration. I don't know all of the specifics yet but I really liked the people I interviewed with and my job duties are more along the lines of what I like to do. I start on Monday and, to boot, the pay is better as well!
The only crappy thing about it is that now it'll be a while till I can get back home to visit my family. Hopefully they'll be lenient and allow me time off this summer but being the newbie I don't want to be asking for a lot of favors. That being said, friends and family are more than welcome to come see me! At any rate, it's not a forever. I just have to remind myself of that.
I am very thankful for this job and I look forward to loving what I do again!

I must be a pretty hot commodity.
I interviewed for this new job yesterday. During my interview I was told they'd be interviewing through the rest of the week. If I hadn't heard from them by Friday, to give them a call.
When I got home from my interview I opened up my email to send them a "thank you" and instead found an email from them telling me I was a top candidate and that I should hear from them more formally by Wednesday.
This morning I got a call from them, offering me the job.
When I texted Clinton to tell him, I just kept laughing to myself. It's crazy how it all happened so fast and it just makes me chuckle to know that people want me that much. Kinda makes me feel special. And I don't know why, but it makes me laugh.

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