Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Day 118: I'm a Genius, If but for a Small Moment

I impressed the crap out of everyone at work today by teaching them a shortcut for printing multiplie files within a folder all at once. People were coming out of their offices to see what I had done and told me stories of all the time they'd wasted opening and printing each file one-by-one "all these years". Ha!
In this Google day and age there is just no excuse for not finding shortcuts. I'm just thankful my laziness was so impressive. Lol

I had to call and inform the other tenants in our building that there is going to be a fire alarm inspection tomorrow. I walked down and told one of the tenants but the renters in the middle suite weren't there so I called them instead. Here's how it went.
She: Hello, this is "name of company"; how can help you?
Me: Hi "name of company". This is Danielle...er, uh...I'm sorry who is this I'm speaking to?....
Uh, maybe next time I should NOT call the person answering the phone by the name of the company. Lol

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