Friday, May 27, 2011

Hoping to Adopt

Hello World!

We wanted to forward on our adoption profile!  If you didn’t know already, we are hoping to adopt and our profile was just made public yesterday!!  (I’m excited can you tell??!!)

If you feel comfortable, we would forever be grateful if you can forward this link to anyone and everyone that you know.  We know that our opportunity to make contact with a couple of amazing birth parents will be greatly increased if we can really get ourselves out there.  If you’d like to help, please send this link to EVERYONE!! 

This is a very exciting time for us and we really appreciate all the help we can get!

Thanks so much!
The Logans

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Clinton's 30th Birthday Eulogy (see previous post)

This was written and performed by one of Clinton's friends (Dustin Porter) at his surprise party last week. 
**Please note:  Clinton is still alive and doing well.  This is a eulogy for his youth not his life!

"I think that it’s fair to say we will all miss the young version of Clinton that we’ve come to know and love. But what will remember most about him…
-Being sexy. Yes, I thought of this at first as well, but getting past his physical attractiveness I thought about how I’ll miss studying with him for ~10 hours and later walking away from the school having ~3 hours of work done.

-And those ear plugs that won’t be causing him anymore infections after repeated falls on the floor.

-I’ll miss learning all about what our brothers to the north have to offer.

-Getting emails of YouTube videos and not having to look at the name of the person who is sending them to me.

-I’ll miss knowing a twenty something year-old man who thinks that dressing down is khakis and a sweater.

-And that same well-dressed man knowing every line to every Simpson’s episode ever made.

In closing I would like to share a line from one of Clinton’s favorite artist’s songs, Rihanna. “You can stand under my arm forever.” (Clinton thought those were the lyrics instead of the actual ones "Under my Umbrella")

I’m not going to cry not even one tear because I know that young version of Clinton is in a place where he fits in… Hogwarts."

Thanks Dustin!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It was a BIG week last week

The Logans have been busy.

During this past week Clinton:
  • Survived/Completed finals from his 2nd year of medical school (Pathology and Pharmacology)
  • Turned 30-years-old and experienced his first surprise party
  • Became a dual citizen of the United States and
  • Finished his first (out of five) week of studying for boards. Only four more to go! ;)
During this past week Danielle:
  • Finally got to see her husband (for more than a few minutes) for the first time in four weeks
  • Earned the last of the money she's been saving to purchase a year's supply of food storage
  • Threw her husband a "Funeral-themed" surprise birthday party and
  • Completed and submitted the last of the paperwork for our adoption profile!
It has been crazy busy here! We have really been blessed with opportunities for learning and growing. The Lord has truly been mindful of our needs and has made a way for them to be met.

It has been interesting to look back and see the miracles.
  • I have been blessed with good health and a great job to support Clinton while he's in school so he can focus on his studies. I have also recently been blessed with lots of work outside my regular job. For some reason (although, I know the reason) I have had many new/old clients come to me for hair services and out of the blue, I've acquired two voice students. The extra income has come as a direct blessing for my desire to purchase our year's supply of food storage. Even though food prices have increased at the Store House, I am still going to be able to purchase everything we need! Amazing!
  • We were also able to pay for the last portion of Clinton's immigration to the US. The timing of his interview and oath was way to perfect to be coincidental. He never had to miss an exam, important lecture or critical study time to make his immigration appointments. They just "happened" to be scheduled during his breaks. Now his immigration is complete and there will be no set-backs or hindrances when we reach his choices for residency programs or when we adopt. He can work freely and I'll be able to stay home and focus on being a mom.
He wanted one last picture with his Green Card
Waiving the flag
Clinton happened to find the one other Canadian in the room!

This judge looked so much like Condalisa Rice.
Here he is with his Certificate of's official!
  • We have made it through the "tough years" of medical school. Clinton has been absolutely amazing! He has worked so hard to reach his goals of becoming a physician and being able to provide a great life for his family. It is difficult watching him stress so much at times, but I am so proud of him! I am ecstatic that he now gets to "practice" being a doctor for the next couple years. He'll still have exams along the way, but at least he won't be in lecture-mode any longer. Now, I just need to be supportive while he studies for boards. June 18th, June 18th, June 18th. Once that's over, we'll be enjoying a week together with no work or other responsibilities to think about. I can't wait!
We also got to celebrate Clinton's 30th birthday this last week. It feels so weird to say that! Anyway, my friend helped me come up with the idea to throw a funeral-themed party to mourn the loss of his youth.
Here's Peter waiting for the Birthday Boy to arrive

While I took Clinton out to dinner, four of our friends came over and decorated our living room/dining room with black decorations. They hung a "Happy 30th Birthday" banner I made that has gravestones with "YOUTH" written on them and a women crying next to them. Everyone was dressed in black and one of his best friends offered a eulogy of his youth. It was so much fun! He was TOTALLY surprised! In fact, he didn't even notice the decorations until AFTER everyone shouted "surprise!".
Here's his cake. I'm not sure why they put green vines on it, but oh well! I think he got the gist! We walked in and instead of noticing the cake and drinks on our table, he noticed a McDonald's cup that had been left in our kitchen by one of our friends. He turned to me (still not noticing the party) and said, pointing at the cup, "What the? Did you go to McDonald's just now?" Ha ha! Only then did he decide to walk out into the living room (still not noticing the decorations) to be surprised by our friends. It was great! Happy 30th Honey Bunny and here's to many, many more!

Anyway, it was a crazy week, but it was the week of so many milestones. Our adoption profile will be going up before Friday (I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) and I'll let you know the specifics on that ASAP.

Whew! Just recapping all of this past week makes me tired! I think I'm going to go take a nap, or just go to bed since it's nearing my bedtime anyway!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Few Fun Videos

Clinton and I were able to take a trip to Chicago last Spring. When we arrived it was 65 degrees and sunny. Within a couple hours of being there, however, the temperature dropped about 40 degrees and the wind and snow really picked up. We woke up the next morning to this....

Also, I forgot that there is a bit of video from when we took Clinton's parents up to Mt. Hood for a little trip. As we were riding the chair lift, we noticed a couple monks walking up the mountain. I just thought it was something worth videotaping!

This next clip is mainly for my sister Daya, but for anyone who enjoys a good thunder and lightening storm-enjoy! Be sure to watch at 1:24 minutes into it. There's a cameo of Peter.

This video is only a very few minutes long, but I should note that this storm, with this intensity, went on for 3 hours!!!! I used to be absolutely terrified of thunder, but now, I'd like to say I can enjoy long as it is not right over my house. That kind of storm still scares the crap outta me!

Okay, this one is a compilation of our events at Niagra Falls. I'm not very good at editing videos, so I apologize for the non-smooth transitions. Also, it's almost 8 minutes long, so feel free to skip ahead. Basically, when we got to Niagra we were AMAZED by two things: 1. How beautiful and majestic the falls were. 2. How dumpy and dirty the town was. At any rate, we had a great time and were were there for the 4th of July celebration and fireworks! Plus, it was just so much fun to be on a trip with each other!

I have some videos that I'll be posting of our Petey Pup, but they'll take me a little bit of time to put together, so perhaps that'll be my posting for next week.

Hope you enjoyed our memories!