Saturday, April 12, 2014

Day 65: Clinton's a Pro Mover

So glad the work week is over!! This week has been very long and tiring with moving into and cleaning the disasterous mess we rented. It's starting to look like a home instead of a meth house, so that's good. Ha!
Seriously though, Clinton has worked so hard to make this place sanitary and I am so thankful for all of he has done!

Clinton and I were commiserating about the wiles of moving and he recalled an experience from his mission that made me laugh out loud.
He said that he was asked to help a member move a washer upstairs. Not only was the stairway very narrow, but each of the steps were extremely shallow--to the point that he was balancing everything on his tiptoes. He said that the machine was the heaviest thing he'd ever carried and that by the time he made it to the top of the stairs he thought his back was going to go out.
Baffled by the weight of the machine he decided to open it cause it felt like something might be in there. Sure enough! It was a quarter of the way full of rocks! Rocks! Why would there be rocks in there? Bwahaha!
He said he was so mad! Oh man, I'm laughing just thinking about what must have been going through his head back then. Who puts rocks in a washing machine anyway, especially when you're having people do you a favour? Ha!

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