Monday, October 31, 2011

Day 128: Halloween Treat


Clinton took his shelf exam for his medicine rotation today, and although he won't receive his scores for another 4 weeks, we took the time today to celebrate!!!!  He picked me up from work and we headed to the mall while Petey got groomed.  We walked around for a bit and then went to RR for dinner.  It was a nice and relaxed afternoon and I loved being with my husband when he wasn't stressed!  Yippee!!

Ha ha:
As many of you may's Halloween today.  Even though all of my coworkers were going to wear costumes, I was the lone ranger, well, no I wasn't, but I was the only one who wore a costume.  And I wear a costume I did...
I introduce you to "Miss Led".

I am a beauty pageant reject that was "misled" into thinking she was good enough to compete with the actual beauty pageant beauties.
I dunno...perhaps this is only a face a mother could love...?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 127: Ring a Bell?

Last night I set my alarm for 7am because I had to be to church by 810am for choir practice.  Well, at 738 I woke up and realized (very quickly) that my alarm had been set for PM and I WAY overslept!  Needless to say, I jumped out of bed, threw in my eyes, threw on some clothes and make-up, poured a big bowl of cereal and literally ran out the door in less than 15 minutes.  Even though I hit half of the lights on the way to church, I managed to only be 5 minutes late (not even speeding really).
With all of the chaos of the morning rush, I was nervous about how everything else would go.  However, the choir all arrived on time and our practice went wonderfully and the performance was great!  They sang Jesus the Very Thought of Thee right before testimonies and the spirit was welcomed with open arms!
I received lots of compliments on behalf of the choir and I am so thankful that everything sounded so wonderful!

Ha ha:
My friend and I went visiting teaching this afternoon and saw our 80-year-old friend.  When we very first got there she asked us to take a seat on the couch while she finished her tea in the kitchen.  My friend and I sat down and our visit-ee shouted from the kitchen, "Does her hat fit alright?"  We were both confused so she clarified, "Does your baby's hat fit alright?"  My friend said it did, and then quietly said to me, "What hat?"
It then registered that our 80-year-old friend had given me an outfit she'd crocheted for my friend's new baby and asked me to give to her several weeks ago.  I had totally forgotten to give it to her!  Whoops!  I quickly told her what it was and she said, loud enough for our friend to hear in the kitchen, "Oh, yes.  Thank you!"
Crap!  Fortunately we had a good laugh over it, but now I gotta find where I left that bag...Ha ha!

Day 126: Some Stories from My Life

I went out to lunch yesterday with a friend of mine (yes, it was IHOP).  While we were there we somehow got onto the topic of the Atonement.  I never thought I would say I've born my testimony of the Atonement in an IHOP, but I guess that place is as holy a place as any (to me ;) to do so.
Anyway, we were reflecting on hard times in our lives and I shared with her my most difficult times.  I talked about how once I was literally able to give all of my heartache and frustrations and fears to the Lord, and allowed myself to trust in his power to hear and heal me--I was finally "set free" from my burden.  I knew the Savior had suffered specifically for me and that he truly knew what I was feeling and that through His power I was healed.
Beside sharing all of this over pancakes and eggs, it was a really neat experience for me to realize how far I really have come.  I still experience hard times (and will through the rest of my life, we all will) but I feel like a better person after having experienced everything I have thus far.
I am so very, very far from where I should and could be, but I feel like I'm also so very, very far from where I used to be; and really, I think that's something the Lord knows and is proud of too.

Ha ha:
Clinton and I were getting ready to fall asleep on Friday night.  Right before doing so, Clinton started reading this website (I don't know what it is) that contains clever titles with could-be real names that match the title...for example:
Irish Landscaping, by Moses O'Lahn (aka-Mows his own lawn)
Anyway, we then started thinking of our own and were awake for the next 45 minutes coming up with others.  Here's our list and we'd love to hear what you come up with...

  • Self Defense, by Iva Gunn
  • Humility, by Ida Best
  • How to Lose Weight, by E. Tless
  • Accomplish Something, by Moe T. Vation
  • Life as a Police Officer, by Kellin Rob Burz
  • My Husband's Promises, by Sadie Wood
  • My Wife's Promises, by Hugh Wish
  • French Women, by Harry Pitts
  • Three Strikes, by Hugh Route
  • My Ex-Wife, by Terry Bull Scank
  • The Family, by Dale. E. Feights
  • The Hernia Check, by Turner, Head & Kauff
  • Counting Made Simple, by Wanda Tin
So fun!  Ha ha!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 125: Ah, Nuts! I Wish I'd Seen That!

I am grateful for the Lord's hand in my life in providing me the job I have.  I have great medical benefits and got to enjoy those a little today.  I got a new pair of custom orthodics for $40 (usually around $350!)!!  I'm still getting used to them, but I can already tell they'll do wonders for my wittle feetsies!! :)

Another thing, my favorite snack (Peanut Puffs) came out while I was in Oregon last week and I was devastated to discover I had missed out.  Well, I drove over ALDI tonight to pick up some groceries and saw they still had about 15 bags left!!  I bought six of 'em (I'm gonna wish I'd bought more, but felt kinda embarrassed with six) and have already eaten almost half of a bag.  They are so delightfully wonderful!!!  I usually dislike grocery shopping very much, but this time was a pure PLEASURE!  I literally squealed out loud when I saw them, got jittery in line knowing they'd soon be mine and ran to my car so I could jump in and indulge!  Oh, Peanut Puffs how I have missed you!!

Ha ha:
So, yesterday afternoon I had to make my afternoon run to the corporate office.  On my way there, I made a quick stop at the Medical Staff Offices to drop off some papers and noticed they had fun-size Crunch, I indulged.
Whilst still munching, I made another stop in the clinic and discussed the schedule with 3 of the secretaries.  After that, I went over to the corporate office, spoke with 3 different people there (including someone I was introduced to for the first time), passed lots of people in the hallways, and then came back to my office--where I again saw a few different people.
Anyway, why do I tell you all this?  Well, because after interacting with all those people I made a quick trip to the restroom.  After doing my business, I began washing my hands (as all clean people do) and looked up into the mirror only to find a giant chunk of chocolate on my lip!!  What the??  Why didn't anyone of those people say anything?  And to think I was introduced to someone looking like a candy-stealing 4-year-old!
Ha ha!  Oh well.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 124: Always Read the Signs Thoroughly

I went to the grocery store to buy some medicine.  When I rang it up, it was a dollar extra than was posted.  Anyway, I had the checker come look at it and she said I was right.  While she was working on figuring it all out, I happened to see a little sign that said, "Free if wrong price is rung up".  I asked her what this meant and she said that if they overcharge a customer, then whatever the difference was is now payable to the customer.  I asked if that applied to this purchase, and sure enough, I got handed a crisp $1 bill!  (I think the item should have been free, but I was really hungry and just wanted to get home, so I thought the dollar was a good enough deal, but you can bet I'll be asking about it the next time I go to the store). :)

Ha ha:

Here's why you shouldn't leave a bag of open Skittles in your purse...

And here's a guy I'm guessing will be dressing up as Dracula this year...
Don't get it?  Read his last name... :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day 123: A Few Things I Heart

The Lord has placed wonderful, caring friends in my life.  I've had two instances today where friends have stopped what they were doing to check on me.  I feel very loved and supported!  Thank you friends for being there for me!! :)  Love you!

Ha ha:
In Clinton's presence, I told Peter I loved him.
C:  You shouldn't do that.
Me:  Why's that?
C:  He'll break your heart.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 122: The Sweets in my Life

I am grateful for my Honey Bunny!  I had a bit of a rough day and came home a little blue.  He stopped studying and visited with me until I felt better.  I'm so thankful for his thoughtfulness, love and support.  I hope I can come close to being as good for him as he is for me!
Thank you, Honey!  I love you so much!

Ha ha:
I was enjoying one of my sister-in-law's pumpkin chocolate chip cupcakes whilst sitting next to Peter on the floor.  Well, Peter is a mooch and was watching for any possibility of a crumb that may happen to tumble his way.  Sure enough, a larger than normal chunk fell and before I could reach for it, he'd swallowed it whole.
Jen, not only are the cupcakes unbelievably delicious to humans...but dogs love them too!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 121: Goodbyes and Hellos

I flew back home today after a nice (but oh so short) visit to see my family.  My flights were uneventful and I made it back to my home safely.
It makes me sad to realize that I won't be able to see my family again for a little while, but I am so thankful for modern technology that makes it so simple to keep in touch.  I have been so blessed with family members (parents, siblings, in-laws, nieces and nephews) that make my life so full of joy!  Even though I don't live close to any of them I feel their influence in my life each day.  Their prayers for me and my little family are felt through the miles, and I thank the Lord for them each day.
Thank you family for making me laugh and feel so loved these last few days.  I'll see you again in January!

Ha ha:
When Peter gets excited he has to poo.  So, when I got home, after being gone for 5 days, Peter ran up to me and was panting and jumping in excitement.  I asked him if he wanted to go for a walk (yes, I talk to my dog) and he ran circles all around me--his way of saying, "Heck yes I wanna go for a walk!"  As soon as I took him out he pooped.  We then walked down the driveway and he pooped again.  We turned the corner into the next neighborhood and again, he pooped.  We walked another few minutes before he started circling again to (again) poop.  First walk with Mommy after she's been gone for 5 days and 4 poops.  I think Peter was happy to see me! :)

Day 120: Burdens and Gravity: Both Make You Fall, Only One Can Lift You Back Up

I got to sing in church with my mom and sisters again!  It's been quite a while, but it was so nice to sing together again!!
In my mom's ward, the topic was on faith in trials, or at least, that's what I got out of it.  There was one speaker who said something that really struck a chord with me.  He said something to the effect of, "The Lord will help us through our trials but in order to feel our burdens lifted, we must first submit to His will cheerfully.  Until we can accept His plan for us we will be stuck in despair, fear, anger, self-pity, hopelessness or any other feeling we typically associate with trials.  However, when we are able to trust Him and acknowledge that He knows best, our burdens will be made bearable and we can experience joy."
I LOVED this.  It has been interesting to see this happening in my life.  I know the Lord has a plan for me and the more I reflect on that, the easier it is for me to accept "whatever happens" in my life.  And not only do I accept it, but I am able to do so with a relatively happy heart because I know that the Lord is mindful of me!

Ha ha:
My family gathered together for Canadian Thanksgiving.  We were enjoying our meal by the stairs that lead to the basement.  My niece got up to get something and started to go down the stairs but slipped on one of the first few steps and caught herself on the handrail.  We all turned to make sure she was alright (she was) and she said, "I thought I had the rail."  Her mom said, "You thought you had a tail?"
The visual of it all was too much!  We had all seen her start to fall and the way she fell looked like she looked back in surprise at something.  So, we all laughed at the idea of her looking back, thinking she sees a tail on herself and then falling down the stairs in shock.  I don't know if you can envision it or not, but it was a hilarious thought; someone falling down the stairs out of shock in thinking they've discovered a tail on themselves!  Oh, dear.  We laughed so hard, my niece included.

Day 119: Show-Off and Show-Down

It's Primary Program time again!  This time I got to hear my four-year-old niece recite her part.  She quoted, "2nd Nephi 32 verse 3 says,
Wherefore, I said unto you, bfeast upon the cwords of Christ; for behold, the words of Christ will dtell you all things what ye should do."
She was so proud to share her scripture with me, and her smile was completely contagious!  I love seeing her love for the scriptures!  This was a sweet moment for me to feel the power of the scriptures and to be reminded that they are there for my learning.  Thank you for that lesson, MJ!

Ha ha:
One of my nephews is two.  He is the smiliest little boy.  All you have to do is look at him and he smiles.  Super cute.  Well, seeing as how is two and a boy, he's also very much into boy things, like, guns and shooting.  Apparently his new thing is to put his two little hands into gun shapes, point them at his human target and growl out a low, "Die, die!" sound in place of the typical gun sounds.  He thought this was a great game to play with Aunt Dani and would laugh and laugh every time I played dead.  Ya know, I'm kinda second-guessing my choice to think this was funny...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Day 118: Where There's Dope, There's Hope :)

I woke up early this morning cause I couldn't sleep, on account of the fear of going to the dentist.  Well, I took half of a valium and by the time I got to the office, I was pretty loopy.  Needless to say, this dental experience was MUCH better than in the past.  I was pretty calm all throughout and am ever so thankful for modern medicine!!  My tooth is (so far) FINALLY feeling better!!  I took a giant drink of ice water for the first time in six months without cringing in pain!  Yippee!!!

Ha ha:
My niece came into the dental office while I was in the chair...sorta out of it.  I also had a rubber dam in my mouth to isolate the tooth being worked on, I looked pretty creepy.  Anyway, she was a little leary of me.  ***
My niece is mortified of getting a cavity (what with her daddy being a dentist and all).  She insists that her teeth get brushed every night before bed and is convinced that missing just once will result in a cavity.
After they left, she got in the car and, in a panicky voice, asked her mom, "Mommy, on which night did Aunt Dani get a cavity?!"
Ha ha!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Days 116 & 117: I Love My Family

Well, as I said yesterday, I am home for a brief visit with my fam-a-lam.  My trip has been wonderful so far!
Yesterday, I got to surprise my niece and nephew by picking them up from school.  The suprised-look on their faces made my day!  We played all afternoon and when it was time for bed, they asked me to tuck them in.  A good tucking-in by your's truly was not enough; I had to sing them a song too.  If you know me at all, you'll know that I am an EXTREMELY emotional person.  I cry at everything and especially things involving my family.  Well, needless to say, I cried through the whole thing (fortunately they couldn't tell).  My niece was grabbed my hand and held it up to her face.  After I finished singing I looked up to find her fast asleep still holding my hand.  Um...yeah, that made me cry more (I'm tearing up typing about it).  Gosh, I love my family.  It is so nice to be home!
Today, I went into my brother's dental office to have him look at a tooth that's been bothering me.  I am pretty much terrified of dental work, so I was not looking forward to this visit.  He decided what needed to be done and although he could have repaired it today, he decided to wait until I could have some valium and be calm.  Although it would be nice to have it done today, I can at least be rest assured that I'll be much more relaxed about it tomorrow!  Keep me in your prayers, k?

Ha ha:
I was playing duck, duck, goose with my sister's kids yesterday.  We were having a great time but my nephew was really wanting to be picked.  As his older sister was making her duck-duck rounds, he would whisper "oh, you should really call me goose".  This went on for several rounds until she "goosed" me (no pun intended).  I was sure to listen to his little goosey prompting the next time around. :)
Today, I was playing hide-and-go-seek with this same set of kids.  It was my nephew's turn to seek.  I laid down in the child-pose inside the bathtub.  He looked and looked but couldn't find me.  With a little help from Grammy, I heard the bathroom door open and the patter of little feet running towards the tub.  The curtains pulled back and I hear, "I found you Aunt Dani!"  I told him had and as I was getting back up, he leaned over the tub, pulled his hands up to his mouth and whispered, "Aunt Dani, I saw a little bit of your panties." 
I guess the next time I hide in the child-pose I'll wear a belt...or a longer shirt. :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 115: I Need to Hear the Spirit, Not Ghosts

I am so thankful for wonderful friends and family who have been keeping us in their prayers.  We have felt your love and support as we seek the Lord's help in expanding our family.  We are still uncertain with how or when this will all happen, but we know the Lord is in control and will somehow ensure that things go as He would have them.

Thank you for your continued prayers, they are much appreciated!

Ha ha:
I just got back from taking Peter for a walk.  While out, I was looking up words to hymns on my phone.  It was dark outside and the light of the screen totally blinded me to everything around me.  Anywho, as I was walking in front of Leaf Blower's house, my focus completely on my glowing phone, I hear a loud, "BOO!"  I looked up to see Leaf Blower sitting on his side steps, laughing to himself.
Me:  Oh my gosh!  You scared the crap out of me!
LB:  Ha ha.  Sorry 'bout that, I couldn't resist.
Me:  (as neighborly as I could) Geez, you jerk!
LB:  We saw you coming from way down the street.  Your face was just glowing and we couldn't figure out what it was until you got closer.  Kinda weird.
Me:  So, I guess I scared you first?
LB:  Yup.
Me:  Well, then I guess we're even.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Day 114: What Matters Most

I work with a great group of women.  I really do.  We have our less-than-ideal moments, but in general we get along so well.  And when things really matter, any one of us would drop everything to help.  I was the recipient of such help today.
My coworkers saw a need and offered so much love and support!  What a blessing it is to work with people who are so giving!  Thank you ladies!  Thank you for being good coworkers, and even more, for being good friends. :)  I love you guys gals!

Ha ha:
Clinton and I came across this Autocorrect on the internet a while ago and thought it was hilarious!
The reason I share this is because I had one of these myself today while I was typing a very serious text message.  It went a little something like this...
Other Person (OP): How are things going?
Me:  Ok, I just got off the porn...
(Fortunately I caught it before I clicked "send" and could change it to what I had intended...PHONE.)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 113: Blows My Mind

In our couple scripture study, Clinton and I came across Helaman 12:1-5 (1-3 are quoted here, this is from the Book of Mormon):

And thus we can behold how false, and also the unsteadiness of the hearts of the children of men; yea, we can see that the Lord in his great infinite goodness doth bless and aprosper those who put their btrust in him.
 Yea, and we may see at the very atime when he doth bprosper his people,...yea, and in fine, doing all things for the welfare and happiness of his people; yea, then is the time that they do dharden their hearts, and do eforget the Lord their God, and do ftrample under their feet the Holy One—yea, and this because of their ease, and their exceedingly great prosperity.
 And thus we see that except the Lord doth achasten his people with many afflictions,... they will not cremember him.

Anyway, this scripture struck a chord with me.  It does seem that when things are going well in my life, I can get lax about saying my prayers and reading my scriptures, but when times are tough, my prayers become so much more fervent and sincere, my scriptures become my life-line and my time with the Lord is greatly increased.
How sad that it sometimes takes chastening for me to keep the Lord an active part of my life.  He is so willing to bless me and does so when I put my trust in Him.  It seems there is a pattern.  We're blessed and content--we end up becoming lazy, the Lord sends trials our way to help us remember Him, we are humbled and seek His comfort and blessings, He blesses us, we're blessed--we become lazy/proud...etc.
If only I could keep my focus always on the Lord!  I am so grateful for His love and mercy for me, despite my weaknesses.  He is a wonderful example of how to love and forgive.  I love that this scripture says He loves and prospers those who trust Him, and if people aren't loving or trusting Him, He'll provide trials that will bring them back to Him and He'll bless them even more!  What a great way to be!

Ha ha:
It feels like the innards of a tornado outside; the wind is a-blowin' somethin' fierce!  Peter was fairly insistent that we "brave it" anyway and go for a walk.  Well, as you probably imagine, the wind was blowing everything everywhere.  Garbage cans were knocked over, branches had fallen from trees and leaves were everywhere.
Now, I won't call him an idiot, but this doofus in my neighborhood was actually outside blowing his leaves off his grass with a leaf blower...while the wind was still howling!  I actually stood there and watched him for a few minutes, totally dumbfounded (or shall I say, I found the dumbo?).  He'd blow the leaves, turn his back to work on another section, turn back around and re-blow the leaves that had blown back and then he'd start the cycle over again. I the only one who thinks this is an ineffective way to clear one's yard of leaves?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 112: Let Me Call You Sweetheart

Clinton was on call today.  We had no idea what time he'd be able to get home, but we had a very important meeting to get to today at noon.  I just prayed for a miracle.
I got a call from him at 10am saying he was on his way home...miracle!

Ha ha:
My phone has pictures of people in my contacts list that I can click on to make quick phone calls.  As I was leaving the grocery store I pressed on Clinton's photo.  A woman answered.  At first I was taken aback.  I thought it was my friend Amber, but then I realized it wasn't.  It was my friend Emily.  I must have pushed the wrong photo!  I apologized for misdialing.
I tried his button again.  This time it called my coworker.  I hung up.
I tried it again--a friend from church.
Last time--some random phone number.

I deduced my button my be malfunctioning.  I actually had to DIAL the number like in the old days.  Weird.

When I called Emily back to apologize, her photo dial worked just fine.  Weird.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 111: I Only Needed One But Got Two

Clinton was supposed to be on call till 9pm tonight but I got a call from him at 6 saying he was on his way home!  We got to have our date night after all! :)...and did involve a trip to the mall! Ha!

Ha ha:
I needed to run some errands tonight but was without a car.  I emailed the Relief Society sisters to see if anyone would be able to lend me their car.  I got a call from one of them and she consented!  What a relief!  I walked over to her place and picked up her car at about 5:40pm, drove back home, ran inside to eat something really quick before leaving.  That's when I got the call from Clinton saying he'd be home soon.  Turns out I didn't need her car, so it sat in my driveway for an hour or two till I drove it right back to her place...2 blocks away.  Thanks for the extra-quick trips, Whitney! :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Day 110: Sorta Good/Sorta Bad

Quick, but a blessing nonetheless--For the last three weeks I've had a reminder in my calendar at work about flu shots being administered at work today.  I remembered this morning and reminded my coworkers that I'd be stepping out to get it later this morning.  Well, I got busy and forgot all about it.  For some reason, 20 minutes before the timeframe for shots ended, another reminder popped up on my computer screen right as I was getting ready to work on another project!  I quickly got up, ran to the corporate center and got there just in the nick (no pun intended) of time!
I'm glad it all worked out...but now my arm is killing me.  :)

Ha ha:
I came across these on FB today and thought they were hilarious!  (Heads up: the "p-word" is used in one of them).

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 109: You Had Me at Hello

I got on the elevator with a woman I've never met before.  We exchanged pleasantries and as she got off on her floor she said, "Have a good day."  I wished her the same.
This got me thinking a little bit, and perhaps a bit too much, but here goes.
How often do we just say something without really thinking about it?  I don't think I'd ever wish a bad day on someone I run into, but if I'm wishing them a good day, is there perhaps something more behind it I could do?  Maybe, hold the door for them, ask what their plans are for the day, compliment their outfit/shoes/tie, etc...?
And, if I've wished some random person a "good day", maybe the person I get mad at on the road, or any other person I may interact with during my day, had been wished a "good day" too by someone else.
If we've all been wished "good day"s, then maybe I should view my interactions with others in a new "good day" light.  What can I do/not do in my interactions with others to ensure their time with me fulfills their "good day" wishes?
I don't know.  It just seems like we get so comfortable with formalities that we end up not saying or doing the more important informalities (being patient in the checkout line, helping our neighbor rake their leaves, not judging others, stopping to strike up a conversation with someone who looks lonely, etc).  This brief exchange that took place on the elevator has since taken root in my heart.  I've been inspired to try to think beyond the pleasantries and really mean it (by doing something about it) when I wish someone a "good day".
I dunno, I did say I might be thinking about this too much.
Maybe next time I'll just take the stairs. ;)

Ha ha:
Clinton tells me (well, actually he shushes me) all the time that I talk really loudly, but especially so on the phone.  It's something I've been trying to work on for a while and thought I was doing better.
Well, as I was leaving work today I decided to make a phone call while walking down the hallway.  There was a woman about a pace-worth in front of me, and another couple people about 15 feet or so in front of her.  As my callee answered I said, "Hi, So and so, how are you?"  Everyone in the hallway turned around and looked at me.
I'm hoping they turned because they thought I was talking to them, but the more likely reality is, they turned to see who the heck was shouting.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 108: One Thing Led to Another

I happened to mention the "garment diaper" I found myself experiencing at work today (when your garments creep up your legs like a diaper instead of staying put by your knees).  My coworker asked about my garments and 45 minutes later we had discussed what garments symbolize, proxy work in temples, baptisms for the living, the restoration of the Gospel, personal revelation, agency, the structure of the church today (prophet, apostles, etc) and the afterlife!  It was a wonderful opportunity to share my testimony and to hear hers as well.  It is so refreshing to share religious views with someone you know outside of religious settings.  Talking about beliefs and finding commonalities among varying religions is very heartwarming, and feeling the spirit at work is even better!  I loved it!
It wasn't in a public dressing room (see yesterday's post), but my cubicle worked just fine. :)

Ha ha:
Peter is in rare form lately.  On our walk tonight I passed by two gentlemen talking in their driveway.  Peter ran right up to them to say 'hello'.  One of them bent down to pet him; he was holding a coffee or something and Peter wanted it.  Peter kept standing up and putting his paws on the guy's knees.  The guy thought Peter "was so friendly"; he kept saying, "what a good boy".  Little did he know that that's the phrase we use to give Peter permission to have his treat.  Peter thought the guy was offering him his good-smelling drink, so he'd put his paws on the guy's legs to get closer to it; the guy thought Peter was just looking for more 'loves'.  This cycle continued for several minutes.
The guy loved it, but I think Peter was a bit disappointed he didn't "get" anything out of it.  Ha!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 107: Fear Not

The other day I was trying on some shirts at Forever 21.  In the dressing room next to me was a mom and her 4-5 year-old daughter.  The daughter chattered away and the mom just kept "mm-hmm"ing while she changed.  Apparently, that wasn't enough attention so this little girl just started belting out Amazing Grace. She had a real gospel sound to her and I smiled while I listened.  Her mom tried shushing her, but every time she did she got louder and louder.  She had absolutely no inhibitions about praising the Lord in a public dressing room.  When she didn't quite know the words her mom would help her along and they eventually began to sing together.
If you've ever been in the dressing room of Forever 21, or any other store's dressing room, you'd know it's not exactly the easiest place to feel the spirit, but I certainly did then.  It was a wonderful teaching opportunity for this mother to discuss the gospel with her daughter.  It was a wonderful teaching tool for me to hear that no matter where you are or who may be listening, if an opportunity comes for you to share your testimony with someone (whether it be your child or a friend, etc) do it!  Don't be shy about it and follow the sweet feelings the spirit brings...even if it happens in a public dressing room! :)

Ha ha:
I took Peter for a walk tonight and ran into one of our neighbors out walking his great dane (aka, small horse).  Peter's not usually intimidated by dogs so he approached Prince (the great dane) and gave him a good sniff.  Well, I stood and visited with the owner for a few minutes and I was telling him how Peter is really good with other dogs and not really one to be intimidated by big dogs either.  As I'm saying this, I can feel the leash wrapping around my legs.  I look down to see that Peter has walked behind me and is hiding behind my legs but has his face poking between my ankles.  I sorta laugh and say that it appears he's "gone chicken".  The other owner replies, "It looks like he's defending you actually."
Yeah.  You go on thinking that.  I think we both know that's not the case.  Ha ha!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 106: Love is Spelled T-I-M-E

Have I mentioned lately just how much I love and APPRECIATE my husband?  It is not always easy for me to notice during these busy years of study, but our relationship means everything to him.  I needed some time with him today to just visit.  So we went for a little walk.  Well, our half hour walk turned into an hour plus conversation when we got home.  We had time to reflect on Us:  what our goals are, what we are both doing to be good people/companions, what we hope to accomplish individually and as a couple, and whatever else came up.  He sacrificed a lot of his study time to be with me.  I know that giving up study time was not exactly easy and that this will have put an extra burden on him, but knowing that he did it because he loves me is almost more than I can stand. :)  Thank you, Honey!  I love you so!
**Note to self:  Read this often but especially around exams. :)

Ha ha:
I have an 80-years-young female black friend who attends the same church as I do.  Her claim to fame is her "big mouth".  She knows it can get her in trouble, but it often just makes people laugh.  Today she shared a real gem.
The topic in Gospel Principles was "Faith in Jesus Christ".  The teacher asked her to share her story of faith when she joined the church.  She said that she's a people-watcher and for her, after observing the love and friendship of people at church, she knew she was in the right place.  She saw the love of Jesus Christ in the members.  "Everyone just be cons'ly lovin' on every one else.  There's so much love!  It's like a big love orgy up in here!"
Um....I don't know that that's the answer the teacher was looking for, but I'm sure the Lord had just as good a good laugh as the rest of us.  It was said in innocence after all.  Ha ha ha!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 105: Beauty and the Beast

While Clinton studied this afternoon, I took Peter to an unofficial dog park I was recently told about (grounds from the old insane asylum, kinda creepy, I know) .  We had a great time in the 80 degree weather.  Here are some pictures from today--

I was trying to have some quiet time today so I could speak with the Lord.  Every time I opened my mouth, my thoughts were interrupted by loud screams and voices from our neighbor's kids next door.  I was starting to lose my patience a little bit, so I thought I'd listen to a talk from General Conference to bring the Spirit back into the room.  I kept hearing the neighbors outside, but it didn't bother me as much.  I was enjoying the talk and the feeling of peace from its message.  Anyway, once the talk ended I noticed it was especially quiet.  My neighbors had gone back inside.
I'm so grateful for the inspiration to watch something that brought me peace and happiness.  I could have stewed and become upset about my neighbors, but listening to the talk distracted me long enough to avoid all of that.  What a great feeling!

Ha ha:
One of my friends has become interested in photography and got a group of us girls together for a "photo sesh".  We drove out to the country to one of my coworker's farm and had a blast!

Well, in order to have good lighting, we had to get up quite early on a Saturday.  So, last night as I was saying my prayers, I asked the Lord to let everything go smoothly as I was getting ready so I wasn't late and so I didn't end up looking like crapola.  Well, my makeup turned out great (one potential disaster averted), so I began treading lightly as I fixed my hair, but it too looked amazing.  I couldn't believe how well this was going.  As I decided to take one last looksie-do at my locks, I turned my back to my mirror but couldn't quite see.  I leaned back a little, but still couldn't see one side of my head, so I leaned back a little more and...lost my balance.  I totally fell over into my full length mirror and heard (and felt) a loud cracking sound.  I turned to see the perfect impression of my butt cracked (no pun intended) into my mirror.  I had to wake Clinton up so he could get the glass off of me before I ran out the door.  I didn't even notice until I bent over to put on my shoes that my thumb was bleeding.  Apparently that caught some of the shatter as well.  Oh, dear.

As grateful as I was to have my hair and makeup go so well, next time I think I'll specify to the Lord that He also keep me from danger. :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Day 104: Sometimes Cheap Is Good, Sometimes It's Not

As has become our typical date night, we ended up at the mall to "look around".  Well, I decided to head over to Payless to see if I could find any shoes.  I've been on the lookout for a pair of white sneakers I could wear with my jeans; the kind that didn't look like tennis shoes.  Anyway, each time I've gone they've been about $35!  However, tonight was my lucky night!  I found a pair for $11, plus I found some really cute purple wedges for $4.50!  I got two pairs of shoes for under $17!  Then I went into Forever 21 and found the cutest navy blue shirt for $5 and a lipgloss for $2!  It was a great night for deals!  I've been looking and waiting for sales on these items and today was payday!!  I'm gonna be adorable tomorrow!! :)

Ha ha:
Clinton and I went to Taco Bell for dinner.  As our meal progressed, Clinton was inspired to take pictures of us and insert them into the Fat Booth app.  We gathered that this is what we'll look like in 2 years if all we ate was Taco Bell...

And this is how we'll look in 2 years if all we ate was Taco Bell and were okay with it...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 103: There's a Rattle in My Prattle

Today absolutely flew by at work!  I was given an extra assignment (I actually scrapbooked some photos for one of our docs, if you can believe it) and it kept me occupied all the diddly-day long and I couldn't've been happier!  I also got to have lunch with a new friend and we really had a great time talking.  Today gave me the extra little boost I needed to make it through the rest of my work week. :)

Ha ha:
My sinuses are still a bit plugged from the last hangings-on of my cold.  One of my coworkers and one of the docs were standing by my desk when I tried to say something.  The words came out and so did the rattling sound of my sinuses.  Not sure why, but I thought it was a great opportunity to show them my Chewbacca impression.  So, there I was at my desk, utilizing the snot in my sinuses, to show my coworker and my boss just how cool I sound/look doing a Chewbacca impression.  When that wasn't enough, I decided to tell them about how I can still make that impression with or without the excess snot in my sinuses and how I used to be really good at it in high school.  But was that enough?  Nah.  I decided to show them that too, although it didn't go so well.  Come to think of it, in retrospect--none of this went well...for my reputation. :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 102: You Won't Be-leaf Your Eyes

We have been having WONDERFUL weather these last few days and I've been trying to get out and enjoy as much of it as I can before winter sets in (shudder).  Wisconsin truly has the best fall colors I've ever seen.  Deciduous trees are plentiful here and fall is their time to shine!
I had a thought the other day about fall leaves:  I think it's interesting that leaves are most amazing as they're dying.  We "ooh" and "ahh" at the process of their decay.  Who would ever think that something dying could be so beautiful?  This all made me reflect on life on earth; we come here to grow and gain experience before we die.  The growing part has it's beauties and uglies, but ultimately it makes us stronger and hopefully, more beautiful (inside and out) before we meet our Maker.  I don't know, maybe I'm rambling, but I think this idea has some merit.  It gives me hope to think that one day, if I stick it out and try my best to do what's right, despite my trials, I'll one day be as beautiful and bright as a...dying tree?  Um...I think I need to rework this idea (or not write it out past my bedtime), but hopefully you get my drift. :)

Ha ha:
Clinton and I noticed this street a while ago and I finally got a picture of it today.  Don't know about you, but f I were this saint, I think I'd have my name changed...
Don't get it?  Read it out loud.  Ha!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Day 101: Overflowing with Gratitude

I was working on the calendar for the physicians' schedules at work.  It's my responsibility to keep 7+ schedules completely accurate or all hell breaks me.  I was proofing some appointments and thought I was just about done.  I got a feeling to check one more thing and sure enough, one of the docs calendars was missing his night on call.  Yikes!  That's a pretty big one to have on there.  I'm so grateful I paid attention to that prompting!!

Ha ha:
Have I mentioned I love the show, "Raising Hope"?  It seems that every time it's been on lately I become completely oblivious to time passing and something embarrassing happens.  Well, tonight, during a commercial break, I got up to start the sink running to soak my dishes.  I heard my show come back on and kept the sink running.

I'm sure you know where this is going.

Anyway, I hear it running still at the next commercial break and run into my kitchen to see the water is just coming over the brim.  I turn off the sink.  Sticking my arm into the water to pull out the plug, let alone a dish, sets the water fully over the brim and onto my floor (which is now very clean I may add :)  I eventually get some dishes out without too much of a spill and complete my washing...after my show ended.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 100: Whistle While You Work

Holy Crap!  It's been 100 days!

It's really amazing what one person can accomplish when they put their mind (and their body and their time) to it.  After listening to several talks in General Conference reference "spending our time wisely", I decided to spend my time this evening a little differently.  When I got home from work I started on dinner right away so I didn't lose "free" time later in the evening.  We ate and watched a rerun of 30 Rock.  I got up as soon as it was over and took Peter for a walk.  The air was cool and crisp and it felt WONDERFUL to be outside!  Anyway, as soon as I got home one of my new favorite shows, The Sing Off, was on.  (If you haven't seen this show, WATCH IT!  It's amazing!!)  It's two hours long, so to avoid getting a couch-butt, I got up during every commercial break and cleaned.  I got my bathroom clean, three loads of laundry done and returned some emails to boot!  Go me!
Now, as I reflect on my day I feel good about what I've done.  I'm especially grateful that I was able to do these things tonight so I don't have to worry about them on the weekend!

Ha ha:
As I mentioned above, I watched The Sing Off tonight.  It was two hours of singing bliss.  There is one group on there from BYU Provo called, Vocal Point.  They were amazing!  They did this rendition of Frank Sinatra's "The Way You Look Tonight".  I kid you not, I was giggling like a school girl and clapping my hands after every review by the judges.  I couldn't stop smiling and giggling.  I ran upstairs during the commercial break to clean the bathroom and Clinton asked why I was clapping and giggling.  I was gushing over the song, telling him how much I loved it.  He said, "Oh."  He must have thought that with all the giggling and hand clapping going on, I was watching something much more Ryan Reynolds, or Robert Pattinson-esque.  Swoon! (sigh)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 99: Looking At Things In A Different Light

Well, it was another day filled with wonderfully inspiring and thought-provoking talks and messages from General Conference.  I have truly been spiritually fed over these last two days and I wish the feeling could stay with me always.
I feel inspired to be more involved in service, genealogy work and overall, wiser use of my time.  I feel encouraged to live my life happily--knowing that God is aware of me and my desires.  The things that matter to me matter to the Lord because He loves me.
Elder Quentin L. Cook, from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, gave a wonderful talk about overcoming trials, tragedies and tribulation (click here to watch the video).  He spoke right to my soul when he said these words:
"There are many kinds of challenges; some give us necessary experiences.  Adverse results in this mortal life are not evidence of lack of faith, or of imperfection in our Father in Heaven's overall plan.  The Refiner's Fire is real and qualities of character and righteousness that are forged in the furnace of affliction perfect and purify us and prepare us to meet God."
I felt the spirit many times today whisper to my spirit that the messages I heard today were true.  I know God lives and that He loves me.  I know that doing things the Lord's way will make me happier than doing things my way.  I know that I can receive guidance and comfort as I turn to the Lord in prayer.  He knows who I am and even more, knows who I can become, if I will be but trust Him.

Ha ha:
Clinton reminded me of something that he loves to laugh about from the beginning years of our marriage.  We had just bought cell phones for the first time and were enjoying the convenience they introduced into our lives.  One afternoon I left the house, got into the driver's seat and buckled before realizing I had forgotten something inside.  I guess I was feeling especially lazy and had the brilliant idea to use my cell phone as my legs.  I called Clinton and asked if he could bring me what I had forgotten.
He:  Can't you just come back in and get it?
Me:  I can't.
He:  Why not?
Me:  ...I'm kinda in a hurry and don't want to deal with the seat belt.
He:  (laughing)  The seat belt's automatic!  You just don't want to get out of the car and get it.
Me:  (not laughing)  No.  Forget it.
I went inside and he was laughing at my terrible excuse but I refused to admit to it...
Today was the first time he brought it up and I laughed with him.  I guess after 8 years I can finally admit I was just being lazy...although, that seat belt was annoying! :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 98: Two Things I Watched Today

I had the pleasure of watching General Conference today from my church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints).  In it, one of the speakers, Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, encouraged each member of the church to be bold in declaring their beliefs.  He encouraged members to do three things:
1. Be bold in our declaration of Jesus Christ.
2. Be righteous examples of the believers to others.
3. Speak up about the church, who we are and what we stand for.
So, even though there is no way to sufficiently express my feelings in words on a screen, I'm taking that counsel to heart and will now share my thoughts with the first of these today and the other two in the days goes.
In a world that is filled with confusion and heartache, there is One who can bring us peace, heal our pains and our souls and lead us to everlasting life:  Jesus Christ.  I have not seen Him, but I have felt his influence in my life.  He has healed my broken heart, comforted me when I've been afraid and has been the source of exceeding joy too many times to deny.  He came to earth and was born of Mary in a humble stable.  His life was not one of earthly riches, but of meek circumstances and bitter betrayals.  He lived a perfect life and chose to be the Savior of Mankind.  He felt all of our hurts, pains and sins in the Garden of Gethsemane and paid for our souls with his blood.  In a way I don't understand, He mercifully satisfied the demands of justice, paying the price for each and every human being, by giving up His life.  After three days He was resurrected, paving the way for each of us to be resurrected someday.  His life was a life of miracles, sacrifice, service, preaching, forgiving and loving.  I love Him so much and hope to one day kneel at His feet and thank Him for all He has done for me.

Ha ha:
I got on my computer to look up some troubleshooting for my sewing machine (bottom stitch on reverse is loopy...any ideas?).  My homepage happens to be Facebook (dangerous, I know) and I saw a friend had posted a ghost video.  Apparently this was a film shoot taken for a car commercial and a ghost aura appears just out of the trees.  Slightly intrigued, but already getting the spooks just thinking about it, I click on the play button anyway.

A scream of absolute TERROR ripped from my throat, my hands flew up and covered my eyes and I started shaking.  I shook from being scared and I shook from laughing at myself.  Clinton turned to me to ask what the heck had happened so I told him.  He said, "Oh, that fake commercial?  That thing's been on the internet for years!"  I can't believe I fell for it.
I watched it about 30 minutes ago and am still getting over the shakes.