Sunday, April 6, 2014

Day 60: I'm Grateful for General Conference Weekend and Shampoo

"Choose to be grateful no matter what." My favorite take-home quote from General Conference and surprise, surprise it was said by President Uchtdorf. I swear, that man could inspire me any day.
He spoke about the difference of being grateful for our blessings and being grateful even when things aren't going the way we hoped they would be. He referenced Job from the Old Testament who, even when everything he had was taken from him, praised God and thanked him for his life. He said that a true "Attitude of Gratitude" is faith and trust in God. Faith and trust that He knows and loves us and will bless us with those things we need (be they trials or asked-for blessings). Choosing to be grateful no matter what opens our minds and hearts to peace and understanding.
I loved this quick little quote because it is pertinent. There is much in my life to be grateful for and there have been many trials in my life that, looking back, I can see as a blessing though I certainly didn't see them as such at the time.
"Choose to be grateful no matter what."
I think this will be my new mantra.

You know you need to wash your hair when...
You slide your sunglasses off the top of your head and the lenses are all greasy. Ehh. :/
In my defense, it's General Conference weekend and I knew I didn't have to go anywhere so I gave my face the day off and my hair the whole weekend off. Don't worry, I'll wash it tonight.

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