Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 366: Bragging and Gagging

If you'll indulge me, I'd like to take a moment to BRAG ABOUT and CONGRATULATE my sweetheart, Clinton. Monday was his LAST EXAM and LAST DAY of 3rd year medical school!!! That boy has worked so hard, he's studied and worked a crazy amount of hours and has stayed so happy through it all. He has made good on his promise to make me laugh everyday and I love him all the more for keeping his promise even when times were tough. Congratulations Clinton! You amaze me! One more year, baby!!

 Ha ha:
The other night I was sitting in the living room folding laundry at about 1030pm. It was nice and cool out, so I decided to open up the window. After a little while, I heard this low "huh huh huh" sound outside my window. Right as I turned my head to see what the sound was coming from, I saw a white face right up against my window.
"AHHHHH!!!! Holy crap, Jenn! You scared the hell outta me!"
She: (laughing) I've never heard you swear before. (laughing) I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. We were just driving by and I thought I'd say hello."
Me: Oh, man. You really scared me.
She: Girl, your face was so funny. It was perfect. It was like this (reenacts my completely frightened face).
Me and She: (laughing)
Though I was super scared, it seriously was one of the funniest things I've experienced in a while. Fair warning, Jenn, I will be coming for you.

Day 365: Just Picture It, One Year and Counting

Ok, it's official: This is my 365th aha/ha ha posting!! I can't believe that I've made it, I've posted a blessing and something humorous every single day for the last year! Whoa!! I was reminiscing with Clinton the other day about how this day was soon approaching and it hit me...I now have a complete year's worth of memories and happenings from our lives. What a great treasure!
We have been so blessed this last year! I am so grateful for all of "reminders" from the Lord to record bits and pieces from each day. There were many times when I couldn't think of anything to write on a particular day, but when I'd begin to write something would come to mind.
 I also feel like my ability to laugh at life has increased. I think that if I weren't looking for something funny to record every day, I could have very easily become upset or irritated by those things instead of just seeing them as funny. Recording the events of our lives has been a blessing this last year and I hope to continue for a long time to come!

 Ha ha:
Clinton was doodling during Sacrament meeting on Sunday so I asked him to draw a picture of me.
I asked him why my eyes were crossed and he said, "Cause you're crazy." So, I decided it was my turn to draw one of him.
He didn't think it was that funny, but I did. :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 364: #1 and #2

Two great things happened to me on Saturday...
1.  Went to ALDI to get some fruit and found my favorite cheese crackers too (I've only been able to find them at Walgreens) for $.50 less than usual!  I bought two bags.
2.  I got a real, bonafide NAP--2 amazing hours!  Best part?  I fell asleep reading a novel.  There ain't nothin' like a novel nap!

Ha ha:
I must first preface this by saying that Clinton and I do not (ahem) fart in front of each other.  If one of us needs to "relieve ourselves" then, we will go into the other room or the bathroom if possible.  Some readers may be thinking, They don't fart in front of each other?  Surely they must not truly love each other if they don't feel comfortable farting in front of the other. However, we feel this is on the contrary.  Both of us think farting is gross and would rather keep that part of our unpleasantries to ourself.  With that said, we realize we both do it and if we happen to catch the other one in the act, we give them a royal teasing.  Now, onto my story.
Last night I was in the bathroom (going #1) and I left the door open.  Clinton passed by and asked what I was doing.  I told him I really had to pee.  Right as I said it, a little bit of...air...came out.  I hoped he hadn't heard it and tried to just finish my business.  A couple seconds later he comes back around the corner and with a smug look on his face says, "Had to pee, huh?  Sounds more like you need to pooh."
I couldn't help but laugh.  Ha ha!

Day 363: Like Clockwork

I'd like to send a special "shout out" to my mother-in-law.  Not only is she a wonderful mother-in-law--thoughtful, funny, warm--(sadly, not everyone can say they have a good MIL) but she is wonderfully generous too!  There's a certain over-the-counter medication that really helps my menstrual cramps that she sends me on a regular basis.  Let's just say that I had an extra special occurrence Friday morning that made me think of her. :)  Thanks, Mum!  I would have been in a world of hurt without you.  Love ya!

Ha ha:
I told Clinton about this lady at work who, every time she uses the bathroom, releases rather noisy gas/poops.  "I'm not kidding," I said, "it's every single time.  If she went 20 minutes ago and comes back, it's as if she never let it out the first time."
"You know what I call those?" he asked.  "Repoot offenders."

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 362: Making Things Come Out Properly

Went to my friend Chelsey's house tonight to enjoy a little VDGNO (Vampire Diaries Girl's Night Out).  She's due with her first baby today and is really ready for him to come.  When I got there I asked how she was doing.  She said, "Aren't you the baby whisperer?  Can you make him come out?"  I asked if she rubs her Achilles' tendon/heel as that is thought to induce labor.  She said she hadn't tried it so I rubbed her poor little swollen ankle for 2 VD episodes.  She had a couple contractions, but nothing major.  My hope is that we maybe got something started, but even if we didn't, I'm so glad I could help provide her some relief for a little while. :)  Good luck, Chels.  He'll come soon enough!!

Ha ha:
Dr. Forgetful came up to me this morning and we had the following conversation:
Me:  Yes, sir?
He:  Um...I made a poo-poo this morning...
Me:  (cringe)  Uh, why are you telling me this? (laughing)  That's pretty personal stuff.
He:  No, not literally.  Well, literally, but I made uh, uh...?
Me:  Faux pas?
He:  Yes!  That's it.  Oh, man.
After laughing about this ALL DAY, it dawned on me later this evening that I think the phrase he meant to use from the beginning was that he'd made a "boo-boo", not a "poo-poo".  Oh, too funny!!

Day 361: When Sleepy Met Grumpy

I did not sleep more than 2 hours Tuesday night.  It was really hot that night, I had a lot on my mind and Peter kept walking all over me (he was hot too).  I finally got out of bed at 2am to take a cool shower and was able to fall asleep around 3:30am after I'd read for a while.  Needless to say, I was a bit of a zombie at work yesterday.  Fortunately my day was pretty busy touring another faculty candidate around and I was able to stay awake (thanks also to the free Diet Coke I enjoyed while waiting for the candidate during an interview at the Cancer Center).  As soon as the day ended, I got out of there and actually ran into Clinton at the front of the school and got a ride home!

Ha ha:
When I'm overly tired I tend to become a bit emotional.  On my way home from taking Peter to the park (yes, I'm a sucker for his happiness and mustered enough energy to throw a ball for him for about 15 minutes), I got scolded by this lady on her cell phone.  I was trying to cross the intersection and drivers here don't stop for pedestrians.  Anyway, I couldn't see and this SUV pulls up beside me and blocks my view that much more.  I've got Peter pulling on me, traffic coming both ways and an SUV making it hard for me to make a commitment to cross the street.  After about 5 seconds of this, the lady rolls down her window and shouts (in front of her child), "Hey!  Are you gonna cross the street or not?  You're back and forth."
Befuddled, I replied, "Uh, I'm sorry.  I've got a dog here."  Embarrassed that I'd been spoken to so rudely, I prayed I'd be safe and crossed the road.
When I came inside and told Clinton, I totally started crying about it.  Granted, the lady was a total WITCH, but who cries over something like that?!  Ha ha!  I was exhausted; so much so that as soon as I finished telling him my sob story, I got ready for and into 845pm. :)

Day 360: Six Weeks of Labor

Clinton finished his LAST OVERNIGHT CALL (during med school, that is) on Tuesday!!!!  These last six weeks of OB/Gyn have sure taken their toll on his sleep pattern and free time.  He's been studying during what little "free time" he has and can't wait to be done.  On more than one occasion he's come up to me and said something along the lines of, "Ugh.  You women are a bacteria-ridden time bomb just waiting to blow up.  I don't know how you function."  Ha!
He's just got his written exam left on Monday and he'll be DONE with 3rd year!

Ha ha:
Here's a picture of Clinton enjoying his last OB/Gyn lecture (the one he only attended so he wouldn't have to work at the hospital that day, plus there was a free lunch).
(pic snapped by one of his classmates)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I offered to cut the sister missionaries' hair on Monday after work, but partway through the day they texted me to tell me they had another appointment at 6 and needed to now come earlier.  Now I had to not only hurry to be ready for their cuts, but I now had to get all that ready AND wipe down my bathroom in about 5 minutes.
As I was rushing to get home, I passed by the sisters (unnoticed) packing up from using the computers at the school library.  It felt like that famous scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  You know, when he's desperately trying to beat his family home so they don't discover he skipped school and played hookie?
I sped walked so fast (especially for being in a dress)!  I pulled out all of my supplies, ran upstairs to quickly wipe down the bathroom and heard their voices outside.  Hurry up, Dani!  They pushed my neighbor's doorbell first.  Yes!  You've got an extra 15 seconds!  I quickly finished in the bathroom and started to run down the stairs.  The mirror!!  I heard their voices at my door.  Tap-tap-tap, they knocked.  I grabbed my mirror and was down the stairs in 2 seconds.
"Hello Sisters!  How lovely to see you."  Huff, huff, huff.
Was it all worth it?  Yes.  Because right after they walked in one of the sisters said, "Mind if I use your bathroom?"

Ha ha:
Another story from my youth...
As mentioned before, I grew up in a neighborhood with very few children my age.  I was always the "older" kid and felt like I was babysitting whenever I played with the other kids, and that's because I usually was.  After a while, I kinda got sick of it
One day, the neighbor kids came by and asked if they could jump on our trampoline.  Knowing this would be a supervisory-sacrifice on my part, and hoping to sway them, I said, "You can jump on my trampoline, if you (pointing to the outside cat's food bowl) eat some cat food."
The middle child, a boy, said, "OK.", downed some kibble and bounded happily into the backyard.
The oldest, a girl, hesitated for a moment until she heard her brother bouncing away in the back.  She reached into the bowl, chomped a few pieces and then off she went.
The youngest, a girl, looked at me with sad eyes and said, "I don't want to eat cat food."
Me:  Well, then you don't get to jump.
She:  That's not fair.
Me:  Sorry.  Just eat one piece and you can go.
She:  (eyeing the food bowl) One piece?
Me:  Yep.
She:  (reaches into the bowl, grabs a piece and puts it in her mouth) CRUNCH!  Mm-mmm!  This is good!
Me:  (disgust)
She:  (reaches for more food)
Me:  Stop!  Enough.  Just go jump already.  (shudder)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 358: I Love You, A Bushel and a Peck

Yesterday, for all those of you who have been living under a rock, was Father's Day--a day set aside to think about appreciate our fathers.  Well, I've been meaning to find just-the-right card to send my dad but just kept forgetting before I eventually ran out of time. :(  I still wanted to send him something special and kept racking my brain to see what I could come up with.
Well, yesterday afternoon I was walking back inside from taking Petey potty and happened to turn and see a cardinal land in our backyard.  This is the first cardinal I've seen this season and it's the one thing (well, cardinals and us) my dad said he'd like to see when they come visit us in August.  I quickly ran inside, grabbed my phone and ran back out to snap a quick picture.  My first shot was no good, but the second one was perfect!  That pretty little bird turned profile right as I snapped the shot, creating the perfect little photo.  I sent it and a little message to my dad as his Father's Day greeting.  He thought it was great. :)

Ha ha:
There is a lot of extended family in town (back home) for my brother's graduation from dental school and when my family gets together, there is a lot of laughter!  I called to talk with my dad and kept hearing bursts of laughter in the background.  I asked what was going on and he said they were playing a game.  A few minutes later, my sister came on the phone and told me what was going on.
Apparently, my cousins found a game they could play on their drive up to Oregon.  The game is: list as many movie titles that could describe a bowel movement.  Clinton and I thought of some and sent them to everyone via text so we could play along too.  Here a select poo, pew few that our group came up with.
Splash; Adventures with Pooh; Something Wicked this Way Comes; Labrynth; The Ring; Big Business; She's Having a Baby; A River Runs Through It; Big; Scoop; A Funny thing Happened on the Way to the Forum; Catch and Release; Free Willy; Blue Streak; Hope Floats; The Unsinkable Molly Brown; Risky Business; Rocky; Hot Shots; Monty Python; Dante's Peak; Desperado; Chocolat; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; The Sound of Music; Music Man; Lean on Me; Home Alone; Mr. Deeds; Backdraft; Stand and Deliver; Operation Dumbo Drop; Gone with the Wind; The Dirty Dozen; Dirty Rotten Scoundrels; Better Off Dead; Look Who's Coming for Dinner; Throw Mama Off the Train; The Goonies; Breaking Dawn; Eclipse; Titanic; Tangled; Cool Runnings; The Firm; There Will Be Blood; Total Recall; Angela's Ashes; Overboard; Disturbia; Grease; Rear Window; Transformers; and It Can Happen to You.
Great game...that is, if you have the maturity of a 12-year-old boy.  "Bottom Line":  This game was GREAT for our family! :)

Day 357: Out Came the Sun and Dried Up All the Rain

Saturday.  The weather was...confusing.  The sun was shining, then it rained; the sun shone again, then it stormed while the sun was still shining and then it just got hot and humid.  Needless to say, I managed to be catching the rain instead of the sun.
When I drove to the grocery store the sun was out and it was nice and warm.  When I came out of the store it was raining and I got wet loading my groceries into my car, though not too bad.  Then it poured my whole drive to the next place and continued while I ran inside.  When I came back out it was pouring harder than before and I was drenched.  I got home, unloaded my groceries (in the rain) and on my last trip noticed it had stopped raining and the sun was back out. :/
So, it was at this point that I got a text from my friend, Kim, inviting me to hang out at her pool.  The weather was great, so I squeezed into my suit, lathered myself in sunscreen (yay for fair skin!) and headed over.  The moment I got out of the car, the clouds covered the sun and it started to sprinkle.  Then it stopped and we enjoyed a little bit of sun, in between breaks in the clouds.  Well, then it all out poured some of the biggest rain drops I've ever seen.  Fortunately we'd been able to enjoy the sun enough to be content to return to our homes.  The second I got home, the rain stopped and the sun came back out. :/  Whatever.  We had a great time together regardless. :)

Ha ha:
Kim called her boyfriend to come down from their apartment so he could document our fun afternoon together.  When he arrived, we thanked him for doing this for us and he said, "It's no problem."  I don't remember who said it, but one of the girls said, "Psh, of course it's no problem; you're living every man's dream right now taking pictures of girls in their swim suits!" Ha!
(totally candid shot and it's one of my favorites!)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 356: Five More Minutes

You know those mornings when your alarm goes off, you snooze it, go back to sleep, snooze it again and then loose track of how many times you snooze it before waking up in a panic thinking you're running late only to discover that you somehow still have five minutes before you have to get up?
Well, that was me this morning and those extra five minutes were the best part of my day!

Ha ha:
As I was walking home from work today I passed by a car with Florida license plates.
Am I the only one who thinks they should have thought a little longer about the placement of those oranges?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 355: Sweet Surprises

During our GNO on Tuesday, my friends and I decided to make a lunch date to go get Gigi's Cupcakes today.  However I had another appointment come up, and didn't want to skip out of work twice in one day, so I told my friends to go without me this time and that I'd be ready next time.
Right around 1 or so, I heard the office door open and before I could look up to see who it was, a boxed up Gigi's Cupcake was set down on the desk in front of me.  I looked up and saw Mel (and her baby Sadie), Chels and Jenna--all smiling at me.  They told me they were sad I couldn't come but didn't want me to miss out so they brought the cupcake (and surprise visit) to me!
I feel so very loved...and satisfied!!!
Gigi's Lemon Dream Supreme

Ha ha:
I jumped up to give them all hugs and to thank them for thinking of me.  One of them leaned in and said, "I expect to see this later on your blog."  I laughed and told her I would FOR SURE be posting about it, however I don't think she realized I was also referring to her comment.  Surprise!
Too funny!

Day 354: Clinton in Action

Right as I was leaving work yesterday I got a call from Clinton.  Turns out he was on the floor below me and called to meet up (commence "aww"ing).  Anyway, we made a quick run for dinner cause he was going to be at the school all night studying.
On our way back from the restaurant (if that's what you'd call Taco Bell), we came across an accident involving a downed-scooterist and an SUV.
It all happened so fast, Clinton parked the car in the middle of the road, jumped out and ran right over to the victim.  I pulled out my phone and called 9-1-1 and then got out to redirect traffic.  It turns out that the scooterist ran into the back of the SUV and will be OK, but he was still hurt.  Clinton was there by the victim's side the whole time, making sure he kept his helmet on to avoid any potential head/neck injuries and helping him stay still/calm while he made sure he was OK.
I had my back to it all while I was redirecting traffic, but each time I turned around to see how everything was going, I couldn't help but be filled with so much gratitude and pride for my sweetheart.  He was so calm and unafraid (at least he appeared to be on the outside), and I caught a little glimpse of what he'll be like when he's as an actual doctor: caring, genuine, determined, gentle, calming and oh-so smart.  Though the whole situation was so surreal, I couldn't help but feel gratitude.  This poor man was surrounded by caring/skilled professionals, the accident took place just off of the medical campus so help arrived swiftly, I was able to help keep everyone safe from traffic and Clinton got to do what he loves people feel better.

Ha ha:
During times of stress (typically around exam time) Clinton has night terrors.  I kid you not, my mom asked me last week when Clinton's next exam was to see if he'd had his night terror yet.  I had told her that his exam was a couple weeks off so it could be any day.  Well, it's happened.
When I came home from work today he asked if I noticed him jump out of bed last night.  I told him that all seemed familiar cause I barely slept as it was, but needed him to recap.  He said that he opened his eyes and noticed a giant "stick-like" bug crawling up his chest.  He flung his arms out to "get it off of him" and then jumped to the end of the bed to look down at "it" on the floor.  He noticed his bag across the room and swore it was the bug so he leapt off the bed and ran out of the room.
At this point in his story, I stopped him and thanked him for leaving me alone in the room with "the bug" to fend for myself.
Anyway, he said when he got into the bathroom and flipped on the light he suddenly woke up and realized he had been hallucinating.  He finished by saying that even though he knew it had all been a dream, it was still pretty creepy to crawl back into bed.
Oh my.  I think in our almost-nine-years of marriage, Clinton's probably had about 20 of these terrors.  Looking forward to the rest of forever, Dear. :)

Day 353: G.N.Ohhh Gross

Had a GNO at my place on Tuesday!  Jenna, Chelsey, Mel, Kayla and Jess came--bringing with them cookies and doughnuts to go along with the popcorn I'd made.  No activity was planned, we just sat around, visited and ate (a favorite past-time of mine:))  I love these girls to pieces and am so thankful to have them in my life!  Thanks for coming girls!

Ha ha:
I was sitting on the floor petting Peter while my friends and I were visiting.  We were busy talking and I didn't even notice that Peter had started licking my feet.  One of my friends looked at me in horror, her eyes the size of saucers, and said, "What is going on?  Why is he licking your feet?  That's disgusting!"
I looked at her a bit sheepishly and said, "It's actually kinda relaxing."  Then turning to my other friend who also has a dog I asked, "Isn't it?"  She of course agreed.
My friend couldn't believe it and remained firm in her opinion that it's gross.  So I said, "Aww, it's not that bad; my feet are totally clean."  Then I leaned down to Peter's face and while touching my nose I said to him, "Now give Mommy kisses."  My friend about went into labor (she's 9 months pregnant)!  I pulled back before he leaned in all the way and just started busting up laughing.  Ha ha!
Seriously though, it is kinda gross, but having your own dog lick your feet really is soothing. :)

Day 352: Don't Walk...Run!

Went for another run on Monday with a new app on my phone that tells me when to do my walk/run intervals.  At first, I thought it made me more tired than if I just ran the whole thing, but by the end I had lots of energy left!  My body's adjusting well to running again and I really hope to keep it up!

Ha ha:
Clinton and I drove by a group of young girls working a lemonade stand the other day and it reminded me of the time I tried to make money as the neighborhood clown.
Picture me, about 8-10 years old (yes, I was rather adorable).  Now picture me in a clown suit, frizzy wig and all, and all made up in clown make-up to boot.  I don't know what possessed me, but I got the idea that I would sell balloon animals from my parent's driveway (on a side street with very little traffic or children), make a load of cash, and at the same time make everyone feel as if they'd just visited the circus.
I should probably clarify here that I had no idea how to make a balloon animal of any sort.  I didn't even know how to make a sword, but my brother did and he had the supplies so off to "entertain" I went.
I went out on the driveway in my clown attire, set up my little table with a pack of rubber balloons and the bicycle pump, and got to work.  I popped about 5 balloons trying to discover how much air was "too much air" and waited for my customers to come running.
I blew up some balloons, tied some together (nothing fancy as you might imagine) and tried to make anything...and by that I mean that I tried to make SOMETHING.  I stunk.
It had probably been about 15 minutes by this point and the sun was scorching.  I looked up and down the street to see if anyone was coming, but no one was out.  All of a sudden, it was as if I was having an out of body experience and I could see how ridiculous this all must have looked.  What the heck was I doing dressed in a clown suit, desperately attempting to make balloon animals to sell in a childless neighborhood??  I quickly deserted my table before anyone had the chance to see my foolery and ran inside to ditch the clown gear.
A grabbed a popsicle from the freezer, plopped down on the couch and before I knew it, Quantum Leap was on and life was as good as new again.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Day 351: How Wondrous but Not So Great

I was asked to sub as the pianist in RS on Sunday and I said "Yes" before I realized the difficulty of one of the songs.  Well, I practiced and practiced and practiced.  I probably played it 75 times in 3 days.  At any rate, Sunday came and everything went much better than I could have hoped (or how I thought it would turn out after those first few tries).  My nerves were calm and I was able to do my best!  Though, sometimes our best isn't always that great. :)

Ha ha:
The first song I played was the easier of the two so I had the whole class to get nervous for the closing hymn (#274, "How Wondrous and Great"--3 sharps!).  The time came.
I walked up to the bench.  Said a silent prayer.  Placed my hesitant fingers on those keys so white (and black) and began to play.
The first verse went without a hitch!  I couldn't believe it!  My heart raced a little as I realized I only had to play one more time through and I'd be DONE (that, and I was super excited that I'd done well so far)!
Finally, the second/last verse.  I said another little prayer and began to play.
1st stanza--well played!
2nd stanza--amazing!  (You're doing it Dani!)
3rd stanza--flawless!  (You are on the home stretch!)
It was down to the last stanza.  My fingers flew across the keys; we were one they and I.  I could see that I was approaching the very last measure.  It's okay to be confident now, you're just almost...and that's when it happened.  My fingers seized and forgot their purpose, randomly striking two nearby notes (the wrong ones).  The very last two notes of the song were waaay off.
I managed to snort out a quick, "Sorry" before hanging my head and laughing silently throughout the entirety of the closing prayer.
Oh well.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 350: Pseudo Funny

One of my friends was recently diagnosed with Pseudotumor cerebri and has really been out for the count.  She had a lumbar puncture and a blood patch on her spine and has been experiencing severe headaches as well as stiffness in her back.  She can't get up, bend over or lift and she has 3 kids under the age of 4.  Poor thing!
My friend Chels and I decided to pay her a quick little visit on Saturday to see how things were going and ended up staying for about 3 hours.  We helped bathe and feed the kids, changed the sheets, put away dishes and then just visited.  It was hard to see her so incapacitated, but it felt so good to help!  She's continuing to improve--thank goodness--but if you'd like to keep her and her little family in your prayers it would be much appreciated!

Ha ha:
Earlier in the day, Clinton and I went to McDonald's for some ice cream cones.  When we pulled into the parking lot we were talking about future plans of how we'd like things to go when we eventually end up in Canada.  Anyway, Clinton apparently had McDonald's on the brain because he said, "Yah, when we move to McDonald's...I mean Canada."  Naturally, I started laughing and teasing him for his blunder.
He didn't think it was as funny.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 349: Run Away

I have decided to take up running again.  Who knows how long I'll keep it up, but I thought, If I'm gonna do this right, I should talk with someone who really knows their stuff.  So, naturally I decided to call my brother who is an amazing athlete (at least a twice-over triathlete and has done 4 marathons).  Anyway, I gave him a call and we chatted for a little while.  He gave me some tips to try and a website or two to look at for further direction.  It wasn't a long phone call by any means, but it was really nice to just visit with him for a bit.  He said if I do the Chicago marathon before we move that he'll come out and run it with me. :)  I'll do my best Derek!

Ha ha:
Clinton and I drove by a building that reminded us of some people we used to know who--shall we say--were known for being less than entertaining.  Clinton sarcastically said, "Oh, don't you remember so-and-so?  Being with them was always such a gas!"
It seemed to me that he hadn't quite finished his thought so I quickly replied, "Chamber."

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 348: The Things That Keep Us Moving

Ran for the first time in about a year.  I don't know why, but just felt like running.  I made it about 2/3 of a mile before I had to stop and walk for a spell.  All and all, I managed to keep a just-over-10-minute-mile and covered 2.84 miles in 29 minutes (and that's while carrying a conversation with my mom at the same time! be honest, talking with her kept me motivated/distracted to push through the pain of being out of shape)!

Ha ha:
I was playing hymns on the piano, enjoying the feel of the keys on my fingers and the spirit of the music...that is until I heard "BANG BANG", "AHHH", "BANG BANG", "I'M DYING" - the soundtrack of Wolfenstein, a real shoot 'em up computer game that Clinton can't seem to get enough of lately.  Somehow the hymn, "There is Sunshine in My Soul", just didn't have the same affect on me today.
I think one of us needs to wear ear plugs next time.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 347: iLike What I See

Since the evenings have been so beautiful these last few days I've decided to take advantage of them and have been taking Peter for some long walks.  Today while I was rounding a long bend, I just took an extra moment to breathe in deeply the fresh air; I took in the beautifully cut grass and enjoyed the colors of the setting sun; and I thought to myself, My, what a beautiful world!
Though these aren't from today, I've been taking pictures of some the cute bunnies that roam these parts and thought I'd share.  I hate the "presents" they leave in my yard (Peter disagrees) but they sure are cute to look at.

Ha ha:
I came home to find Clinton chatting with a friend on FB.  When I asked him who it was, this is how our conversation went.
Me:  Who are you talking to?
He:  (silence)
Me:  I mean, with whom are you speaking?
He:  No one.
Me:  Yes you are.  I can hear your phone bleeping with each message.
He:  That's not my phone.
Me:  Fine, your iPod.
He:  I don't have an iPod.
Me:  Fine, your iPad.
He:  I don't have an iPad, Danielle.
Me:  Yes you do.
He:  No, I have an iPad 2.  It's time you get it straight.
(sigh)  I swear, I can NEVER just get a straight and simple answer outta that kid!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 346: Life's Important Questions

I was listening to General Conference while I was out walking Peter tonight.  I came across one of the talks given by our prophet, President Thomas S. Monson, titled "The Race of Life".  He discussed the importance of focusing on the questions:  "Who am I?", "Why am I here?" and "Where am I going?".  Here is a small excerpt that made me think to appreciate the more important things in life.

"Everywhere people are in a hurry. Jet-powered aircraft speed their precious human cargo across broad continents and vast oceans so that business meetings might be attended, obligations met, vacations enjoyed, or families visited. Roadways everywhere—including freeways, thruways, and motorways—carry millions of automobiles, occupied by more millions of people, in a seemingly endless stream and for a multitude of reasons as we rush about the business of each day.

In this fast-paced life, do we ever pause for moments of meditation—even thoughts of timeless truths?

When compared to eternal verities, most of the questions and concerns of daily living are really rather trivial. What should we have for dinner? What color should we paint the living room? Should we sign Johnny up for soccer? These questions and countless others like them lose their significance when times of crisis arise, when loved ones are hurt or injured, when sickness enters the house of good health, when life’s candle dims and darkness threatens. Our thoughts become focused, and we are easily able to determine what is really important and what is merely trivial.

Such moments of clarity come to all of us at one time or another, although not always through so dramatic a circumstance. We see clearly what it is that really matters in our lives and how we should be living.
Said the Savior:
“Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:
“But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:
“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

Ha ha:
Is it bad that I only exercise so I can have more dessert?

Day 345: Absolutely Smitten

Okay, so this happened on Sunday but this will count as "Monday's post".
At the very end of the winter before last I bought a wonderful pair of mittens (usually quite expensive, for about $40) and they worked beautifully to keep my little hands warm and dry during the bitter Wisconsin winter.  Well, at the beginning of this last winter I lost one of my mittens somewhere between the door of the church and my car.  Each week I looked at the Lost and Found to see if my mitten had been turned in, but sadly it never was.  I became resolved to the fact that I would be one mitten short until I could afford another pair.
Well, this past Sunday I noticed that the Lost and Found items had been spread out on about 4 of those really long, white church tables.  I knew I would only be disappointed if I looked, but for some reason I decided to take a gander.  One of my friend's little boy was perusing as well, quietly looking through the loot to see if anything looked good to him.  I lifted a pile here, shoved a pile there before moving to the next.  And then, out of the corner of my eye I spotted--what looked like--my black mitten.  I took a quick breath and slowly lifted the pile I was holding until...eureka!  My mitten!  I screamed, "My mitten!  My mitten!  I've found my mitten!"  My friend's little boy looked up at me, startled, so I quickly apologized for shouting, thanked him for sharing his testimony during Sacrament meeting and ran out of the room waiving my mitten in the air.
After MONTHS of checking, I finally had found my mitten!  I realize that summer's just beginning, but I am so happy to have my wonderfully toasty and oh-so-missed mitten back!  Together at last!

Ha ha:
After the above occurred, I ran out into the hallway and announced to my friends that I had finally found my mitten!  They said that the look on my face was that of pure joy.  Ha ha!
As I literally skipped my way out of the building, I ran across my friend whose little boy I'd frightened earlier and apologized.  She said, "Oh, don't worry about it.  He told me he thought it was cute."  Ha ha!
I guess there's nothing quite like finding something you've been searching for for so long...and apparently it brings smiles to others as well.

Day 344: Antagonyms (look it up)

I had the opportunity to fast on Sunday...something I did really well last year, but have struggled to do this year.  Anyway, I have been praying and fasting for some answers to my prayers and although I don't know that I have the answers I seek, one of my friends got up to bear her testimony in Relief Society and said something that really touched me.  She said that she was privileged to be able to fast again (hasn't been able to due to health complications) and she has felt such peace knowing that the answers to her prayers would come because of the power of fasting.
She didn't say that all of her answers flowed through her right as she started her fast, but that they would eventually come nonetheless.  I guess I just needed a reminder to be patient and trust that things will all make sense down the line.

Ha ha:
As I was driving Clinton to his EARLY morning call on Saturday it made me feel like going on a road trip.  The sun was just rising and the roads were pretty empty - creating a "road-trip" feel in the air.
Me:  Oh, doesn't driving this early just make you want to go on a road trip?
He:  No.  It makes me want to go back home and go to bed.
Well, we can't agree on everything, right? :)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 343: Scrapes and Schmoozes

Grateful for good friends and ward members.  I had a bit of an accident with the back passenger door of our car and the frame of our garage on Saturday, and was beside myself with guilt, frustration and just plain feeling stupid.  Clinton was on call and I didn't know what to do.  Here are my thank yous.
1.  My next door neighbor, Zack.  He came out and helped me move my car safely back into the garage and tried to make me feel better by telling me about the time that something similar happened to him.
2.  My home teacher, Tyce.  He researched how to get the garage paint off my car and then came over and got it off.  He also gave me some ideas of where to go to get the paint I'd scraped off of my car repaired.
3.  My friend, Mel.  She came right over when I called her crying.  She gave me a hug and then started putting away my groceries.  She then sat with me while I called some repair shops and made sure I was okay.  And then, she drove me to Gigi's Cupcakes to get some cupcakes.
4.  My friend, Antonio.  He used to work in the pit crew for Nascar and offered to do the repairs on my car for free.
Thank you everyone for being so kind to this poor little do-do bird.

Ha ha:
Nothing makes you forget your sorrows like dessert, am I right?
Yah, that's a chocolate chip cookie cupcake with cookie dough frosting and a cookie topper.  
It's basically unbelievable!

Day 342: Feeling Pissed (Don't Worry Mom, It's a Pun)

I recently acquired my grandma's wedding ring.  It is absolutely beautiful but when I tried it on it was a bit too big.  Long story short, I took it to Zales to get sized and the lady who "helped"me didn't know what she was talking about, tried to upsell me into buying rhodium plating (an extra $40) and mistyped the size I needed.  At first, I agreed to the extra $40 for "redipping" my ring, and then as soon as I said it I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach and said, "I change my mind.  Please just resize the ring."  Fortunately, I didn't buy the extra rhodium plating and I caught the error in ring size.
When I went to pick up my ring I noticed it was exceptionally shiny.  I asked the salesclerk (different person than "assisted" me originally) if the ring had been rhodium plated.  He said, "Yep.  It's standard procedure for all re-sized rings."
I couldn't believe it!  I would have been out 40 bucks and totally duped!  I'm so thankful I paid attention to that sinking feeling.  Now, I get to proudly wear my grandma's beautiful ring each day.  My always-giving grandma seems to still be blessing me financially, even beyond the grave.  Thanks, Grandma!

Ha ha:
It took Clinton a bit of coaxing to read scriptures on Friday night; he had to be to work really early the next day and just wanted to go to sleep.  At any rate, I got him to read, but I don't know that there was much "enlightenment" had for either of us.  Here's how it went...
He:  1 Sam 25:22
So and more also do God unto the enemies of David, if I leave of all that pertain to him by the morning light aany that pisseth against the wall.
2 Kings 9:9
For the whole house of aAhab shall perish: and I will cut off from Ahab him that pisseth against the wall, and him that is shut up and left in Israel:
Me:  Alright.  I get it already.
He:  1 Kings 14:10
Therefore, behold, I will bring evil upon the house ofaJeroboam, and will cut off from Jeroboam him that pisseth against the wall, and him that is shut up and left in Israel, and will btake away the remnant of the house of cJeroboam, as a man taketh away dung, till it be all gone.
I'll spare you the other 3 scriptures he shared, but I'll assume you have caught the pattern of his readings.  Needless to say, he'd chuckle after each accented "pisseth".  To be honest, I was quite surprised; Clinton can't even say "ass" when it's referring to a donkey in the scriptures.  Ha!