Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Day 104: Ketching Some Rays

The weather was beee-utiful today so Petey and I got out to enjoy it for a bit. I even took off my sweater and walked around in short sleeves! I LOVE WARM WEATHER!!!!

Clinton was rinsing out an old ketchup bottle to put in the recycling and this is how the conversation went.
He: I remember trying to make a water bottle out of an old ketchup bottle when I was a kid.
Me: Ew, why?
He: The water tasted a lot like ketchup.
Me: I bet it did. Why did you do that?
He: I didn't have a lot of toys back then.
Me: A water bottle isn't really a toy.
He: All I had was my water bottle, some sticks...and a Nintendo.
Me: Uh, a Nintendo is a pretty big toy.
He: Yah, well, I still had to be pretty creative.

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