Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 36: Summarize vs. Summer-Eyes

So, I have come to a close of my week-long logging about focusing more on the Atonement and the covenants I made when I was baptized.  I prayed this morning that as I went to take the Sacrament I would be able to reflect on my week and really internalize my thoughts and feelings about what I've experienced this last week.  I think this is probably the most prepared I've ever been for partaking of the Sacrament.  I feel like I have begun to build a stronger relationship with my Savior and that, if I continue to draw closer to him,  I could feel more comfortable in his presence (I still have a LONG way to go, but it's a process, right?).  I feel like I am beginning to know him and understand what is expected of me...although, at this point I still have so much to learn.  I felt like I had a goal to find something that related to my covenants and that goal motivated me to make good choices each day.  I felt like I had a purpose.
I think that I would like to continue this record keeping because I like feeling this way.  I like knowing that each day I can learn from my experiences.  I still make mistakes, but I feel like I can handle them better, or even overcome them someday if I try to stay close to the Lord and do the things I've committed to do.
My love for Jesus has grown so much in seven days and I can only imagine how much more it can grow if I keep this up!!

Ha ha:
Clinton found a necklace he'd bought me a couple Christmases ago that ended up under the couch.  Here's our conversation:
He:  Hey, look what I just found under the couch.  You hid it there.
Me:  No, it was probably there because I was wearing it but took it off at some point.
He:  No, you came down early one morning, threw it under the couch and said a silent prayer that no one would ever find it.  Well guess what?  I found it.
(we both started laughing)
Moments later, we were headed out the door to a friend's house for dinner.  I was standing in the garage and Clinton was coming across the driveway to get in the car.  In the 16 feet or so that it took him to get from our back door to the garage he had this goofy grin on his face as he was squinting at me in the sunlight.  I was returning his goofy grin.  The second he stepped into the shade of the garage (and could open his eyes all the way) his goofy grin turned into a questioning scowl and I promptly busted up laughing.  Where does he come up with this stuff? 
As we got into the car and I was still laughing, he turned to me and said, "You think I'm hilarious.  I bring such joy to your day."  I told him that was all true.  He responded, "You think I'm great."  I responded by laughing, but the truth is, I totally do!

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