Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 26: Speechless

I had a lot to get done today.  Right after work my friend and I picked up Peter from my house and drove him out to the groomers.  We had some errands to run and then met our husbands for dinner.  My time was running short to get to the grocery store and it was closing in 10 minutes.  I REALLY needed to get some groceries so I said a quick little prayer that it would stay open long enough for me to get inside.  The store closes at 8pm and I pushed my cart through the doors at 7:59pm.  I felt bad that I was such a last-minute customer, but I literally got ALL of my shopping done in about 10 minutes.  What a relief!
Next, I had time to kill while I waited for Petey to finish so I decided to go next door to Dollar Tree.  As I was looking around I found a few little nick-knacks and then my phone rang.  It was my mom and we got to chat.  It was so nice to have someone to talk to while I was stuck waiting.  What a pleasant surprise!
The groomers beeped through and as I was leaving the store to get Peter I saw the MOST AMAZING sunset ever!  The sky was neon orange along the horizon and faded into a pink, which faded into a purple which faded into a blue.  I couldn't believe it!  What a beautiful sight!
I picked Peter up from the groomers and he had the BEST cut he's ever had.  I didn't have to have them fix anything at all!  What a handsome boy!
Anyway, my aha today was filled with lots of little aha's and I'm grateful I could notice them all!

Ha ha: 
So, I was accidentally forwarded an email from someone who works at the college.  I wrote her back so she was aware she had sent this email to other people by accident.  I never heard back from her, but this was one of the attachments.
Walmart Photo
I have three thoughts...
  • Maybe I'm just not "up with the trends", but I don't think a giant pair of boxers count as a pair of halter shorts.  
  • Nor do I think that just because your boobs stretch far enough to fit into your pants, that that makes it okay to do in public...or in private for that matter.
  • One of my favorite quotes of all time is so very applicable here..."I'm so out of shape, my chest is in my drawers."  I never new that could happen for real.  Leave it to Walmart.

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  1. Oh man that is so gross! I want to see a pic of Peter's new hair cut!