Saturday, July 30, 2011

Day 35: Puppies and Painting with Jesus

1.  I went to bed last night not feeling very well and woke up still not feeling well, but I had signed up to help with an Habitat for Humanity project.  I wanted to go and help and was blessed with good enough strength and energy to be outside in 92 degree weather and paint for four hours!  It felt so good to help someone who needed it. 
Needless to say though, as soon as I got home, I promptly laid on the floor in front of the air conditioner for about an hour before crawling into bed and taking a two-hour nap!
2.  Clinton was on call today and all I really wanted was for him to be home with me.  His call usually lasts till about 8pm, but I kept saying a little prayer that, if it was at all possible, he would be able to come home earlier.  I got a call at about 5pm saying he was saying goodbye to his patients and coming home!  It was so nice to be able to spend some time with him tonight...even if I was sick on the couch!
3.  While at Habitat for Humanity today, I had a special opportunity to think about mankind.  I was thinking that we so often judge another person without really knowing anything about them.  We think that we know all the answers, but we don't really. 
This got me thinking about the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  He is the only person who literally has felt and can understand what each and every person (good or bad) has or will go through in this life.  He has suffered and paid the price of His life for all of mankind.  His love is so great that He would do this.  If He knows the motivation behind each person's actions and still reaches out to them in love, shouldn't we do the same? 
All week, I've been writing about trying to remember the covenants I've made and make them a bigger part of my day.  I've had and recorded my opportunities to Keep His Commandments and Always Remember Him, but I hadn't really had an experience to Take His Name Upon Me.  It's kinda been a part of my prayers that I would be able to.  I feel like I had that chance today:  I helped someone who needed it and I did it out of love.  Even when it got really hot outside and I wanted to rest, my thoughts were about getting the work done.  I feel like if the Savior was standing beside me, he'd have been holding a paintbrush and bucket too...and that's pretty cool.

Ha ha:
So, I posted cute kitty videos yesterday, I thought it only fair to post cute puppy videos too.
Puppy Can't Get Up (I don't think I could have just watched, I'd have just scooped it up and given it a squeeze).
Puppy Finally Makes It! (Phew, finally!)
And last, but certainly not is a video of my own pup moments after getting a new toy.

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