Saturday, July 16, 2011

Day 21: Now You See It

When we were at WalMart earlier today I had one or two things I needed to get.  When I passed by the contact aisle I thought You should get some more solution.  I figured I still had plenty left and could wait till next time and same some money on this trip.  However, I thought it again, put it in my cart and bought it.  When I got home and took out my contact tonight I realized I was just about out!
What a great little blessing!  I'm grateful to be able to "look" back and "see" it! ;)

Ha ha:
I realize this may not sit well with some readers out there, but I thought this was funny.  Today whilst strolling through the mall, I turned to say something to Clinton and noticed an old man, in an electric wheelchair, wheeling himself into The Walking Company.  Ironic, no?

I asked Clinton if he could share one moment from his day where he recognized the Lord's hand in his life and he said, "When we drove and didn't crash."  I said, "No, I mean, something specific that in looking back you could really see His hand."  He responded, "Yah.  Like when you drove that bit today and we didn't crash."  Ha. Ha.

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