Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 34: The Sweetest Things

1.  Yesterday at work, as I was on my way to complete an errand, one of the doctor's stopped me and asked me to make a change on the calendar.  I told him, "no problem" and then completely forgot about it as I left to run my errand.
Today, while I was working on a different change for the calendars, I realized I had not made the requested changes from yesterday.  I quickly made the changes, notified those it affected and came across as well prepared and organized (which, I usually am!).
If I hadn't had that other change come up today, I would have forgotten about the one from yesterday!  I felt VERY blessed that the Lord would help me spot something I would have otherwise missed on my own.
2.  Clinton had a patient (who he is not even the provider for) ask Clinton's attending physician (supervisor) if he would let Clinton come to a procedure with him.  The family said they would feel more comfortable if he could be there.  They really love Clinton and made a point to share that with his attending!  Way to go, Honey!

Ha ha:
Clinton showed me these videos and I feel I must share them with you.  If you like cats, or even if you don't, you'll think these are adorable!
Narcolepsy Kitty
Mommy Cat and Baby Kitty
Falling Asleep Kitten
We're suckers for cute animal videos!  Hope you enjoyed!

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