Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 32: Life Lessons

Question 4: List 10 things you would tell your 16-year-old self, if you could.
1. Finish college! There will be complications to finishing, but stick with cosmetology at Mt. Hood despite the fact that the teachers there stink--you'll be trained wherever you end up working.  You won't have another opportunity for quite a while.
2. You won't be able to have children when you want to.  You'll go through lots of painful moments.  Don't let other people's fertility hurt you, be happy for them and know that there will be lots of growth and happiness in your life as well.  Don't lose your faith over this.  Enjoy the childless time you and Clinton will have together.  Use the atonement early on and the whole experience will be much easier to bear.  You'll get through it and you'll be stronger for it.
3. Stop eating so much junk food.  Calories in, calories out.  Work now to become healthy and fit so you can enjoy the benefits of feeling good about your body when you're young.
4. Never stop being who you are and doing what makes you happy.  Laugh loud all the time and don't worry about what others think about it.  Hey, you're being happy, if they don't like it, they can shove it!
5. Date lots and have fun learning what you want in your future husband.  None of those boys will probably meet your expectations, but the experience will teach you that life is unpredictable.  Be bold and be sure to tell those around you how you feel.  Don't hold back.
6. You are a perfectionist but need to accept that you can't control everything.  A crooked picture doesn't have to be straightened, your body does not have to be freakishly tiny to be attractive, your eyes don't have to match to make you beautiful.  Accept that perfection is a mindset, and an unhealthy one at that.  Do your best and know that that is good enough.
7. Floss your teeth more regularly.  Cavities can form in between your teeth if you don't floss often enough.  You know how much you hate going to the dentist, so avoid this and floss regularly.
8. Be patient.  Be patient with your parents, your friends, other drivers, long lines, trials in life, and most importantly--yourself.  Life is not a race.  Enjoy the journey even when it's hard.
9. Moisturize your face every single day or you'll get wrinkles by the age of 18.  They won't go away once they're there.
10. You will marry someone who will love you even when you're moody (which will be often).  He will never give up on you and will often remind you how much your relationship means to him.  He will be the happiest and funniest person you know.  There will be times when life is hard and you'll be frustrated, learn to not sweat the small stuff and laugh together often.  Your marriage will be a partnership that will carry you through everything.  Marriage takes a lot of patience and hard work, but it will be those hard times that bring you closer than you ever thought possible.

Ha ha:
I bought a shirt for $1.97 at Old Navy the other day.  It's a cute white t-shirt with some little flower cut outs across the center of the chest.  As I was getting ready for bed, I took off my pants and was about to take off my shirt but realized I wanted to show my awesome deal to Clinton first.  I walked into the room and said "Hey, do you like my new shirt?  Isn't it cute?"
He: Yah, it goes really great with your underwear.
Oh, I laughed about that for a while.

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