Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 26: Replicas Found In & Out of the Milwaukee Public Museum

If you ever visit Milwaukee, you must make the trip to the Milwaukee Public Museum.  It is seriously the coolest museum I've ever been to.  While Clinton was working one day, I took my parents and knew they'd just love it...I was right.
There's this amazing "exhibit" called Streets of Old Milwaukee.  No detail is left to the imagination.  Even the ceiling looks like a night sky.  The streets are cobble stone.  The shops and houses are so real. My parents truly loved it there as much as I.  We were at the museum for about four hours.  I'd say a good 2 hours of it was spent in this exhibit.  We looked around in the other exhibits, again all amazing.  The panoramas are just cool.  But I knew there was one place they needed to see and I knew my dad would love it.
The Butterfly Garden

My family has a nicknamed my dad "the animal whisperer".  It doesn't matter the type of animal, be it friend or foe, it is a friend to him.  I don't think I've ever seen him kill a spider, but I can't tell you how many times I've heard him go to the kitchen, get a cup from the cupboard, walk back into the room he came from and then walk back out with some sort of bug inside the cup, and then open the front door with a softly spoken, "there you go little guy", as he sets the bug free.  We've recuperated many hurt animals because of my dad's big heart (including a pigeon and a hawk).  So, with this history I knew he'd love this special garden.
We all struggled to get just one butterfly to land on dad however?
Ha ha:
After the museum was over it was time to pick Clinton up from work.  Since we were halfway there, we decided to head over to Golden Corral for some buffet food.  They don't have Golden Corral in Oregon so we knew this was a must during their visit.  Problem was, there was a man dressed exactly like my dad there (same gray hair too).  My mom, Clinton and I, each on separate occasions during our meal, made the same mistake of confusing this other man for Dad.  We'd get up to get something, come back to the table and share the encounter we'd just had.  Too funny.

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