Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day 17: We Can Do Hard Things

I liked this and thought I'd share.  It's from The Friend magazine, May 2012.

Ha ha:
There's a maintenance guy at work that is not only creepy, but he's also a fair bit dopey.  Tuesday he came into the kitchen while I was in the middle of washing a dish (aka, I couldn't just high-tail it outta there).  He said "hello" and so did I.
He:  I'm just getting a couple'a sodas.
Me:  Go right ahead.
He:  (puts his money in, pushes the button, turns to me and starts talking small talk)
Me:  (replies, watches him not take out the first soda and push the button for his second soda--realizing it's going to jam)
He:  (reaches in to get his sodas)  Uh-oh.
Me:  Are they stuck?
He:  Yep.   I guess I shouldn't'a did that.  (he then proceeds to stick his arm entirely into the machine and digs around in there as if he were birthing a calf--surprisingly he gets them out)
Me:  At least you've got a refreshing drink to enjoy after all your hard work!

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