Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 3: A Little Ray of Sunshine in an Otherwise Crappy Day

Right when I felt like throwing in the towel (see below), I got a text from my brother.  His text prompted a phone call and I got to visit with him and my sister-in-law for well over an hour.  After how things went for me yesterday, I really needed that phone call and I'm so thankful we spent the majority of it making each other laugh.  Thanks Anton and Jen!

Ha ha:
Yesterday S-U-C-K-E-D!!  I almost feel like it got progressively worse just to make me laugh about it a little bit.
First thing when I got to work, I received a rejection email for a job I was sure I was going to get.  Crap!  Right after that I, of course, started tearing up and had to leave my desk.  I tried to contact ANYONE for comfort, but no one answered their phone.  So I found an empty room and cried.  Sad!  When I got home from work I saw that the boots I'd ordered online had finally arrived--finally, something good about the day.  When I tried to put them on, my foot wouldn't even fit in the opening.  Fail!
I decided right then and there that I'd had enough, so I put on my walking shoes, got Peter on the leash and went for a long, stress-reducing walk.
What a crap-chutte of a day! Ha!

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