Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 21: Holy Places

Had the chance to go to the temple with my 81-year-young friend, Marji.  It's a 90-minute drive so we had lots of time to chat.
Firstly, the temple was a nice and peaceful experience.  This was Marji's 3rd time going, so it was especially nice to go with someone who is so very excited to be there.  I loved being there.
Secondly, I really enjoyed visiting with her.  She is extremely outspoken and is always making me laugh, but this time our conversations were more spiritual in nature.  I really felt like I was talking with an old friend (no pun intended).  Thank you Marji for sharing your words of wisdom.
Here is one of my favorite quotes from her as we traveled back home:

  • Why you gotta be spending your time worrying about stuff?  Don't you know that's God's job?  Let go and just trust that He knows what's best.  He ain't gonna let you fall when you's doing what's right.

Ha ha:
Marji and I stopped for lunch at this restaurant I've passed every time I go to the temple, but have never been able to go to: The Point Pancake House.  Lemme tell you, I'm sure the other patrons began to feel a little nervous with how much Mmm-mmm-ing and moaning was coming from our table.  The food was fantastic (yes, I ordered pancakes with a side of peanut butter)!  I'll definitely be stopping there every temple trip from now on!

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