Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I drove the car to work today because I brought a big crockpot full of baked potatoes for my coworker's going-away party and didn't want to carry it all the way from home.  I was already running behind and by the time I got to work the parking lot was almost full.  Half the lot was blocked off by orange construction cones (or pylons as my family to the North calls them).  There was no room for me to turn around so I had to weasel my little compact car through the cones, turn around in the blocked off portion of the lot and then drive back through the cones before finding a spot.
It was an absolute miracle that I didn't run into or rub against those things.  I was totally shocked (and thoroughly impressed) that I passed through them so easily!  I felt like a stunt driver!

Ha ha:
I caught both Clinton and myself off-guard this evening when I was trying to remember what those lick-stick-thingys that you dip in the sugar powder were called.  I kept trying to say Fun Dips, but for some reason it was more troublesome than I thought possible.  Here's the list I went through before I finally gave up and Clinton provided me the right answer between bursts of laughter...
Lip Dips
Lick Sticks
Dip Sticks
Lick Dicks
Yep, that's when we both lost it.

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