Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 27: Chicago Trip, August 2012

Course, no trip to Milwaukee would be complete without a trip down to Chicago.  Our first stop was to Due's Pizza for some amazing deep dish.  We all totally cleared our plates and some even went back for seconds.  So delish!!!
Next stop:  Navy Pier.  I've been here several times now, but I always enjoy it...especially when I get to be there with people I love.
 On the Ferris Wheel...ain't they cute?
 Dad and I on the swings.  Both of us felt a bit queasy afterward, but it was worth it. :)

While on the Pier, we bought some Garrett's Popcorn, some giant snow cones, played a game of miniature golf (Dad won of course, Mom came in 2nd, me 3rd and Clinton LAST!), and enjoyed the stained glass exhibit.  I knew it would be a favorite, especially since my dad used to work at a lead glass company and he could truly appreciate the artistic talent put into the display.
 After the Pier, we headed over to Millennium Park
 I like this skyline, cute parents
Ha ha:
My parents were especially amazed by two things from Chicago: the amazing road rage of Chicago drivers (you wouldn't believe the honking and number of close calls there) and the cicadas heard on our drive home.  We all thought we were driving through construction, but after about 20 minutes of it we figured it had to be the bugs, and it was!  They were so loud we had to roll up our windows to hear ourselves talk!  Crazy!

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